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Ziploc Steamer Bags: Quick, Convenient, Healthy Meals Made Easy

  Aug 13th, 2012

Ziploc Steamer BagsOne of the biggest qualms people have about eating healthy is the amount of time required to prepare their various meals throughout the day.


My time is valuable to me as well. As such, I’m always looking for faster and more efficient ways to do things, including preparing my meals each week.


While on my weekly grocery run a few weeks ago the Ziploc Steamer Bags caught my eye.


I had been spending a considerable amount of time pre-cooking veggies to use as sides for my low carb meals.


I figured these steamer bags would give me an easy way to whip up a low carb side by throwing some veggies in a bag, and tossing them in the microwave for a few minutes to cook.


After picking up the steamer bags to place in my cart I soon noticed another enticing feature: the ability to cook meat, fish and poultry from the raw or frozen state.


I quickly put two and two together and realized that I could actually prepare an entire meal inside one of these Ziploc Steamer Bags by combining any one of my favorite complete proteins and low carb sides.


I personally don’t mind spending a little extra time in the kitchen cooking meals when I’m planning on being at home anyway. My biggest problem is the time I have to spend at home preparing healthy meals to eat while I’m at work throughout the day.


I almost always cook food in bulk, which helps. But we all have times when things don’t quite go as planned and can’t get around to thawing out and grilling a dozen chicken breasts.


I don’t have to worry about that anymore because Ziploc Steamer Bags have given me a quick and easy solution for cooking up a variety of healthy meal options on the go.


Here are just a few of the food combinations I’ve cooked using the Ziploc Steamer Bags:


  • Tilapia and broccoli


  • Chicken breast with green & yellow peppers


  • Pork loin, green beans and carrots


  • Beef tips, broccoli and cauliflower


The options of food combinations you can cook in these steamer bags are virtually endless.


Something to keep in mind is that unless you don’t mind your food tasting somewhat bland and flavorless, you’ll want to take a minute to season the foods before steaming them in the microwave.


If you can afford the additional calories, drizzling olive oil over the ingredients will give them a boost in flavor as well.


Cooking Frozen Food in Ziploc Steamer Bags

I was a little skeptical of how the food would taste when cooked from frozen. But other than not being able to pre-season the food (because the seasoning won’t stick to frozen meat), and having to microwave the food for an extra couple of minutes, I’ve noticed very little difference.


When using Ziploc Steamer Bags to cook frozen food I just season everything after it’s cooked, which isn’t a big deal.


Here are some photos of my preparing and cooking a meal consisting of pork loin and broccoli using Ziploc Steamer Bags:


Ziploc Steamer Bags for Healthy Meals


 The total prep time was about 9 minutes and here are the steps:


  • Season your protein (I used salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper)


  • Place all of the ingredients in the Ziploc Steamer Bag


  • Drizzle the contents with olive oil (optional)


  • Seal the bag and microwave for the duration recommended on the bag (the meal above required five and a half minutes of heating)


  • Remove from the microwave and open the seal to allow the food to cool for 1-2 minutes (be careful or the steam will burn you)


  • Once cooled, tilt the bag over a sink or trash can to drain any excess fluid, pour the food on a plate, add additional seasoning as desired, and enjoy


It doesn’t get much quicker or easier than that!


Eating Healthy Made Easier

Unless you’re okay with being fat & out of shape and sending yourself into cardiac arrest at an early age, you’re going to have to get used to cooking your own meals. The sooner you accept that the better off you’ll be.


I realize how this can seem like a daunting task, but like anything else, it gets easier – especially as you figure out smarter ways to get things done.


Every morning I spend 5 or 10 minutes packing two Ziploc Steamer Bags with different combinations of complete proteins and low carb veggies to give me a couple of quick, convenient, healthy meals to eat throughout the day while at work.


It has been well said that nutrition accounts for more than half of a person’s ability to improve their physique. In other words, without the right dietary implementations significant physical transformations are impossible.


As I hope is obvious by now, Ziploc Steamer Bags have my endorsement as being a great tool for making the process of eating for results less cumbersome, ultimately increasing your chances of achieving your goal physique.




2 Responses
  1. Rose Thompto says:

    Great Post!!! I will be getting me some Ziploc Steamer bags now! 🙂

  2. Craig Leonard says:

    Thanks Rose!

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