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You Don’t Need Supplements to Get Ripped: Stop Wasting Your Money, Relying on Supplements to Transform Your Body

  May 31st, 2012

You Don't Need Supplements to Get Ripped

Are you spending your money on supplements? Let me re-phrase that…


Are you wasting your money on supplements?


Before you get all bent out of shape and start cursing me for saying something so extreme, I want you to know that there are a select few supplements that I don’t completely despise.


More on this a little later…


At one point in time I was using anywhere from 3-6 supplements in a given month. To give you an idea of the kind of supplement fiend I was, here’s a quick list of the supplements I’ve used:


• Whey Protein Powder • BCAAs • Glutamine • Creatine • Nitric Oxide
• Growth Poppers • Andro • Tribulus Terrestris • Xenadrine • Hydroxycut


I’m sure if I thought a little longer I’d come up with a few more. But I hope you can tell that I’m no stranger to supplements or their deceptive nature.


Supplements Are Not the “Missing Link”

I wouldn’t be able to begin to count how many times I thought to myself that the missing ingredient for finally being able to get ripped and muscular was the newest supplement in the glass case at GNC being sold at $100+ for a one month supply.


So I’d spend my money, see very little difference, and then move on to the next product.


This vicious cycle left my bank account thousands of dollars lighter, killed my confidence in my ability to improve my physique and compromised my health through the ingesting of mostly untested supplements.


The reason I was killing myself in the gym and seeing very little return on my efforts had nothing to do with the supplements missing from my cabinets. It was because I wasn’t feeding my body in a manner that was consistent with the results I hoped to achieve.


I also wasn’t regularly monitoring my results to truly know if what I was doing was working or not. So I just continued following the same ineffective routine, wondering all along if it was doing any good.


While the mirror is the ultimate judge of the effectiveness of any training and nutrition plan, it can take several weeks to achieve visually significant improvements. For this reason having a date with your tape measure on a weekly basis is always a good idea.


The point I’m trying to make is that if you aren’t getting the results you’re looking for, it is because you aren’t training and feeding your body correctly for the results you hope to achieve and you aren’t doing anything to change it!


No supplement can replace, or compare to, the results of combining proper nutrition with the right training plan.


So, if you’ve been taking supplements for more than a month or two and aren’t seeing the gains you’d hoped to see, I challenge you to ditch the supplements, be more cognisant of the way you’re feeding your body and track your progress.


If you’re not sure where to start, my book provides a systematic approach for building the ideal physique by building muscle and shedding fat simultaneously. Click here to check it out.


Supplements Worth Considering

I mentioned earlier that I don’t despise all supplements and I want to quickly mention a few that should be considered by anyone concerned with following a fit and healthy lifestyle.



I don’t really consider multivitamins a supplement, but I guess it could be argued that it fits the description. Active individuals participating in intense weight training need higher volumes of vitamins and minerals than those following a sedentary lifestyle.


A multivitamin is an easy, convenient way to ensure your body isn’t lacking these essential elements and hindering your ability to perform in the weight room and quickly recover from your training sessions.


Whey Protein Powder

After training is a great time to drink a whey protein shake because your amino acids will be depleted and you want to ingest a fast digesting protein so you can quickly replenish your amino acids and allow your body to get to work repairing and rebuilding your muscle tissue.


Eating complete proteins like chicken, beef, eggs, etc. are also perfectly acceptable post-workout protein options. However, be aware that these proteins will digest more slowly.


So if you’re going to eat solid proteins and bypass the whey protein shake after training, be sure to eat as soon as possible after training.


Actually, eating as soon as possible after training, regardless of what you’re using for protein, should always be the goal.


Another reason to consider a whey protein powder is the fact that having some whey protein handy can be extremely convenient for times when you don’t have the time to prepare a meal and need a quick shot of complete protein.


Again, whey protein powder is not a necessity. Eating natural protein sources are perfectly acceptable. I have gone several months without a single whey protein shake and still gotten incredible results.


By the way, all whey protein powders aren’t created equally. I recommend buying either the BioTrust or Iso-Smooth brands. To learn more about the quality differences in whey protein powders, check out my article on whey protein supplements.



I haven’t used creatine for years, but I have no issues with those who choose to take it. Creatine is the most widely studied supplement on the market and has no known negative side effects for healthy individuals.


The main benefit of creatine is that it increases the volume of the muscle cells and allows for greater glycogen storing. This is, theoretically, a benefit for muscular endurance and explosive movements, but I haven’t personally noticed any difference when using creatine, which is why I don’t use it anymore.


Greens Supplement

A greens supplement is a 100% natural powder made from various fruits and vegetables. I wasn’t sure if I should even include this, because the impact most people can expect in terms of building muscle or reducing body fat will be negligible.


Nevertheless, I have recently started using a greens supplement and do so for the benefits of immune system efficiency, the nutritional benefits and overall well-being.


If you’re like me, you don’t eat nearly enough vegetables. Using a greens supplement is a great insurance policy to ensure that your body isn’t lacking in the vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes, vegetables provide.


Stop Relying on Supplements

If you want to use any of the supplements above, that is up to you. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that these, or any other supplements, can replace proper training and nutrition implements.


Instead of relying on supplements, start relying on feeding your body for results and keep supplements in their rightful place as a minimal factor in your ability to improve your physique.


New supplements that promise to get you jacked will continue to be pushed. Don’t fall for the gimmicks!


Do you want to get jacked?


Eat sufficient amounts of complete proteins, strategically time your carbohydrates, regularly perform some kind of muscle building cardio, train each muscle group 1-2 times per week, monitor your results and make modifications when needed.


These are the secrets to getting jacked. No pill or powder will ever change that!




1 Response
  1. Scott Allen says:

    I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic about supplements. You really kind of have to take them on faith — you’re not typically going to have a substantially noticeable difference taking them vs. not taking them.

    Not true with Moomiyo (aka shilajit, mumijo). I take it pre-workout and it’s a-ma-zing. Taking it, I can do about 25% more weight for 25% more reps, and zero recovery issues — no aches & pains afterward, and I can do the same muscles the next day.

    It made an even bigger difference for me in cardio. When I first started taking cardio classes (boxing/kickboxing), I could only make it through about 10 minutes of class before I felt like I was about to have a heat stroke. My trainer told me to check my pulse, and it was hitting 180 beats per minute… way too high for cardio. I started taking 5-minute cool-downs whenever I needed, so I could continue working out and get more than just 10 minutes of cardio. I worked my way up to making it through about 40 minutes of class with three breaks, so about 30 minutes of actual workout. I’d finish out the hour with some weight training. I was making progress.

    The first time I took moomiyo and did cardio, I barely broke a sweat during the warm-up. I made it through the entire hour, with only the same breaks as everyone else in the class. Combine that with the fact that I was working out at higher intensity too, and I nearly doubled my cardio workout.

    Highly recommended.

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