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Free Daily Workout Plan For Women to Get a Toned, Tight and Sexy Body

  May 13th, 2011

Workout Plan for Women to Get Toned and FitThe best workout plans for women are those that focus on building toned muscles and reducing body fat to produce a trim and sexy physique.


I want to quickly say that, if you are a woman, the last thing you should be worried about is packing on too much muscle. Far too many women see the muscle-bound ladies in the various national bodybuilding competitions and steer away from focusing on building muscle for fear that they too will end uplooking unnaturally masculine.


Don’t worry! Women do not naturally build those high amounts of muscle. As long as you are not taking testosterone enhancing drugs, your muscle building efforts will yield a toned and tight figure – not an unattractive and manly one.


Cardio Workout Plans for Women

The majority of women who decide to start a workout program have made that decision out of the desire to burn off unwanted body fat.


For men or women, getting and maintaining a lean physique requires a commitment to consistent cardio workouts. I am not going to get into the details of performing cardio workouts in this posting, but I want you to understand how important cardiovascular exercise will be when it comes to shedding body fat and keeping it off.


Here is a link for you to learn everything you need to know about performing cardio to quickly shed fat:


Cardio For Weight Loss


Daily Workout Plans for Women

I have put together a set of daily workout plans for women that will tone and strengthen every muscle group in your body while providing sufficient cardio to burn off excess body fat.


Keep in mind that fat loss can only be achieved when exercise is combined with a fat loss diet plan. Here is a great diet plan that will enable you to shed pounds of fat week after week:


Carb Cycling For Weight Loss


Below you will find an incredibly effective weekly workout plan for women that, when combined with effective muscle training techniques and carb cycling for weight Loss, will yield fantastic results:


Weekly Workout Plans for Women

DayLift #1Lift #2Lift #3Lift #4Cardio Exercise
Monday Barbell Squats Dumbbell Split-Leg Lunges Preacher Curls Standing Curls with Curl Bar 30 Minutes on Elliptical Machine
Tuesday Lat Pull Downs Seated Rows Dead Lifts Abdominal Crunches 30 Minutes on Treadmill
Wednesday Close Grip Bench Press Tricep Push-Downs Calf Raises Hamstring Curls No Cardio
Thursday Pec Deck Bench Press Incline Bench Press Abdominal Crunches 30 Minutes on Treadmill
Friday Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises Barbell Military Press Lower Back Hyper Extensions Forearm Curls 30 Minutes on Elliptical Machine
Saturday No Weights 30 Minutes on Elliptical Machine
Sunday Rest Day


You should complete 3 sets of 5-8 reps for each lift making sure that you are training to failure for each set.


The only exception is the abdominal crunch exercise. Your sets of abdominal crunches should consist of as many full reps as you can complete until you can no longer bring your elbows to your knees.


The cardio exercise should be performed immediately after completing your last lift for the day. To most effectively use your cardio exercises to burn fat, you need to check out my fat burning heart rate posting.


Consistently following these workout plans for women will lead to an increase in muscle development and decrease in body fat resulting in the sexy, toned and trim physique that all women desire to have.



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