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Why You’re Not Building Muscle, Burning Fat and Improving Your Body

  Jun 23rd, 2012

Why You Aren't Building MuscleThere are plenty of things that prevent people from achieving the results they desire from their time at the gym each week. This article is for those that are sitting there scratching their heads wondering, “Why am I not building muscle, burning fat, or seeing any results after weeks of lifting weights?”


There’s probably a list of reasons you aren’t getting anywhere: you’re eating like crap, not using progressive overload, training too often, not training enough, using mostly isolation lifts, etc.


Or maybe you’ve only ever been half-committed to your muscle building or fat loss goals.


All of these things will factor into your ability to improve your physique (especially your diet), but in my time working in this industry I’ve noticed a common thing among those who seem to have good intentions regarding their desire to build a better body, but never seem to get anywhere.


I’m going to break down for you the most likely causes of your frustrations so you can start making some progress.


Consistency is the Key to Results

I don’t care what you want to achieve in life. If it’s worth achieving it will require consistency. Building muscle and burning fat is no different!


People somehow have the belief that “watching what they eat” 3 or 4 days a week and going to the gym on the weekends and leaving with a dry shirt are going to enable them to change the composition of their body.


I realize that I have an extreme personality, and when I want to achieve something I dedicate myself to do whatever it takes to achieve it. However, there are aspects of this “Type A” personality trait that all people with a desire to improve their physique can benefit from.


When I realize a change is needed in my life I don’t make it haphazardly.


For instance, when I decided several years ago that it was time to lose the 60 pounds of fat I had added to my body from poor dietary choices and lack of exercise I didn’t make some halfhearted attempt to do it.


I restructured my life. Training at the gym every morning became part of my schedule and eating healthy foods and monitoring my caloric intake was a part of every decision I made regarding my diet: what to buy at the grocery store, where to go out to eat, how to portion my meals, etc.


If I had just committed to “trying to eat better” (as I hear far too many people put it), I would have gotten nowhere.


Don’t get me wrong. Slight improvements are better than nothing, but slight improvements lead to backsliding.


Lifestyle changes become permanent!


The problem people have is usually just a lack of effort. I don’t know if they’re afraid of change or what.


But, if they gave their fitness half the attention they give to far less important things they’d be trim, fit and ripped.


If you want to improve your physique by building muscle, shedding fat, or both, you need to be consistent in doing what needs to be done to induce the results you’re after. In other words, nutrition and training need to be given the priority in your life they deserve.


Stop Over Analyzing Muscle BuildingThe Problem of Over-Analyzing

Another thing I see people doing that drives me crazy is over-analyzing the diet and training plans they’ve chosen to follow.


These are the people that never stick to a system for more than a week or two because every time they read something different and new they’re quick to jump off of what they were doing and give it a try.


Here’s a better idea… Find a program that works and stick with it!


If you’ve read any number of fitness blogs and websites you’ve noticed that there’s a wide range of opinions relating to the best strategies for building muscle and/or burning fat. I realize how this can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.


The truth is that there are different ways to achieve the same results.


For instance, my system for getting ripped isn’t the only one out there and what other programs prescribe for getting ripped may be quite different than what I prescribe. This doesn’t mean that either system is deficient – it means that they utilize different strategies to induce the same end result – that’s it.


So please don’t email me saying that some other popular fitness blogger or program told you to do something differently than I did.


Because there are a number of different strategies for building muscle and cutting fat, those of us in the fitness industry aren’t ever going to agree 100% of the time and we will continue to have our own preferences regarding what works best.


The issue at hand isn’t the differences in opinion, but what people do with those opinions. If you start a program, dedicate yourself to it and give it time to work!


Don’t go reading ten different bodybuilding blogs and trying to implement everything you read. Stop over-analyzing things and commit yourself to the program you’ve decided to follow.


If after 4-6 weeks you still aren’t happy with it, then by all means, go find another plan.


But give what you’re doing time to work first.


Building Muscle and Shedding Fat is About Staying the Course

If you’ve wondered why you aren’t building muscle or losing fat, but have been inconsistent in your approach, it’s time to dedicate yourself to a change in lifestyle that’s consistent with the results you hope to achieve.


Find a plan that works, be consistent, stay the course, don’t give up, and don’t make excuses. Do these things and you’ll see results.



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