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Why Women Need to Build Muscle to Achieve Their Goal of Having a Sexy Feminine Physique

  May 8th, 2012

Why Women Need to Build Muscle

Building muscle mass is often perceived to be relegated solely to the likes of male bodybuilders and the small percentage of women bodybuilders who want to build unattractive and manly amounts of muscle.


This preconception leads many well-intentioned women to believe that muscle building isn’t worth pursuing, so they instead center the entire focus of their efforts on fat loss and neglect building additional muscle mass altogether.


When talking with and coaching women I always dread the initial consultation because I know at some point my explanation of the importance of building muscle is going to be met with resistance.


It is at this point in the conversation when I usually want to bang my head into a wall out of frustration because I’m told any one of the following things:


• I don’t want to bulk up and build huge muscles


• I am more worried about toning my muscles than building bigger muscles


• Muscle building is for men, not women


This is when, after patiently listening to these ridiculous concerns, I gather myself and calmly refute these objections, which I will also do throughout the remainder of this article. But, before I hit them with a much needed shot of truth, I like to ask them to reiterate their goals.

There are some who will say they just want to reach a specific weight, but most will admit they want to be lean, toned and sexy. Whether they want to believe it or not, this will require building certain amounts of muscle mass to achieve.


I have had women disregard my advice after hearing me prescribe the building of additional muscle mass as a means of sculpting their body into the ideal female physique. Ironically, these are always the women that still look the same – or worse – a few months later (go figure).


If you’re a woman in need of a physical makeover, but are put off by the idea of packing on some much-needed muscle, let me put your mind at ease by dispelling your objections…


For Women Who Don’t Want to Bulk Up

I’ll start by asking a poignant question: What makes you think you’re going to bulk up so fast?


So many women act like if they start training with weights that are actually somewhat difficult to move that they’re all of the sudden going to balloon up into some muscular and rippled freak. Let me put things in perspective for you…


It takes most men several years of consistent training to add 10-15 pounds of muscle mass to their bodies (if they’re lucky). Not to mention that their genetic makeup and hormonal profile is exponentially more conducive to muscle growth than any female using natural muscle building methods.


Training for muscle gains isn’t going to cause you to build a physique like Hulk Hogan. But, it will help to fill out your body, boost your metabolism, enhance your ability to burn fat and enable you to build a fit and sexy feminine physique.


For Those Just Looking to Tone Up

There’s nothing wrong with having the goal of toning up your body. After all, sexy feminine physiques require being lean and defined.


What’s important to note, however, is that building muscle and toning aren’t opposing goals, but actually complement one another extremely well.


Oh, and get it out of your head that toning has anything to do with the amount of weight you’re using or the number of reps you’re performing to complete a set. Having toned and well-defined muscles is merely a function of having little fat covering your muscles, nothing else.


That being said, having a low level of muscle mass makes it much more difficult to achieve a toned look because you’ll have to burn off that much more fat before your muscles are finally visible.


So, the most effective way to get a lean and toned figure is to attack this goal by simultaneously building muscle and shedding fat. This will enable you to most efficiently restructure your body’s composition by burning fat and building an amount of muscle that will fill out your body and be visible and defined without your having to get down to a sickly body weight.


Still Not Convinced?

Up to this point, I feel like I’ve been fairly straightforward with explaining why women should be concerned with building muscle mass. But, in case there’s any confusion, allow me to drive the point home little further…


Muscle building is for women who:


• Are concerned with optimally enhancing their level of fitness and physical abilities


• Don’t simply want to be skinny, but desire to be lean while also being able to fill out a pair of jeans


• Want to build the ideal female body


• Understand that men are more attracted to fit physiques than skinny ones


• Are looking to get the most noticeable results for their efforts


Muscle building is not for women who:


• Go to the gym with the sole purpose of socializing and walking at a leisurely pace on the treadmill for an hour


• Think what the scale says is more important than what they see in the mirror


• Are content with being flabby even after losing a considerable amount of weight and getting “skinny”


Got it? Good.


Building Muscle is Important for Everyone

As you can hopefully tell, I’m being extremely blunt because I want you to understand that building muscle is an essential aspect of building an impressive physique for both men and women alike. I get tired of hearing completely unfounded reasons why women feel they shouldn’t be concerned with building muscle.


If you’re happy with a lagging metabolism, loose skin, not being able to find clothes that hug your curves (because you don’t have any), not being as attractive as you could be to the opposite sex and lacking in strength and energy, then by all means continue to convince yourself that muscle building isn’t for you.


On the other hand, if you’re a woman who’s ready to quit with the excuses and start building a body you can be proud of, it’s time to give proper attention to building additional amounts of muscle – even if you’ll also be working on shedding unwanted body fat.


One does not have to be sacrificed for the sake of the other and the two should always be used in tandem by anyone who desires the fastest bodily re-composition possible.


Now, go lift some heavy weights, trade out your boring elliptical workouts for some muscle building cardio, and start packing on some lean and sexy muscle mass!



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