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Your Bodily Transformation Mindset: The Aspect of Bodybuilding That Is Most Responsible for Lackluster Muscle Building and Fat Loss Results

  Mar 12th, 2012

Bodybuilding Transformation MindsetIn this posting I want to discuss what I believe to be the differentiating factor that separates those who successfully get a ripped and muscular physique from those that fail to make any kind of noticeable improvements to their body – mindset.


Your attitude, or mindset, is probably the aspect that you would think is least important to your overall bodybuilding success. With all of the emphasis that is typically placed on training splits, training frequency and nutrition, having the kind of attitude that is required for dramatic physical improvements is often overlooked as an afterthought.


I am here to tell you after years of experience and a number of personal transformations that no other element is more important to your ability to successfully transform your body than your mindset!


If you are not entirely committed to improving your appearance, I can guarantee that you won’t get very far.


Don’t believe me?


All you have to do is look around your gym at the 90% of those who are wasting their monthly membership fees to continue looking the same week after week, month after month, and year after year.


These people are taking a half-hearted approach to training and nutrition – and they have the unflattering bodies to prove it!


You have to know what results you desire to achieve and work hard day in and day out at reaching your goals.


elements of successI realize that this probably sounds obvious to most people, but the truth is that only an extremely small percentage of those out there who wish they could transform their bodies actually make that dream a reality. The vast majority of those who continue to be unhappy with their physical appearance do so for the simple reason that they are mentally weak and lacking in their commitment to doing what it takes to get results.


Understand that I am not minimizing the sacrifices required to build an impressive body…


After all, it isn’t easy to follow a structured nutrition plan and strict training regimen for months on end. I know because I have failed to reach my muscle building or fat loss goals on many occasions simply because I skipped too many workouts and cheated on my diet too many times.


While I can certainly sympathize with those that failed to improve their body in the desired amount of time, I never let my short-term failures deter me from reaching my ultimate goal of getting a ripped and muscular physique.


If you are feeling like you are ready to do something about your physical appearance, there is no better time than right now to commit (or re-commit) yourself to getting the body you have always wanted, and doing what it takes to get a lean, ripped and chiseled physique.


This leads me to the next point that will explain why committing to your goals is only half the battle...


You need to have access to the right nutrition and training plan that will enable you to get measurable results each week on your way to getting your ideal physique.


Unfortunately, there are far too many so-called experts online pushing flat out ineffective instructions on unsuspecting people who want nothing more than to receive some simple instructions that will help them transform their bodies and improve their lives.


I was in this same position a few years ago. All I wanted was an easy to follow program that would enable me to be able to get measurable results each week, along with some support in case I had any questions.


These kinds of programs are extremely rare online. I know because I looked long and hard.


That is why I decided to design a simple program, just like the one I used to get ripped, to help people get a body that they can be proud of. I am almost finished writing out my program in a book that will give you all of the instruction you will ever need to build muscle, burn fat and get ripped.


Update: My book is now available. Click here to learn more.



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