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Do You Have What It Takes to Get Ripped?

  Feb 26th, 2013

What it Takes to Get Ripped 2I have to admit that I’ve misled you in the past. I’ve misled you with sweeping statements declaring that absolutely anyone can get ripped.


Physiologically speaking, getting ripped is within the grasp of just about any man or woman who’s willing to commit to doing what it takes to lean out – and chisel out – their body. Psychologically speaking, however, very few have what it takes to dedicate themselves to a lofty goal like getting ripped for long enough to see it through to tasting success.


If you’re going to get ripped it will have to be a priority. Haphazard commitments won’t do.


Depending on how much fat and/or how little muscle mass you’re starting with, getting ripped can be a journey that will take you months to arrive at your destination. Consider my latest transformation:


What It Takes to Get Ripped - Craig Leonard Fat to Ripped Transformation


It took me 6 months of dedication to drop 43 pounds of fat, build pounds of shredded muscle mass and get ripped (I realize the actual time span was 8 months, but I took 2 months off from my usual training and nutrition implements from May to July to maintain my results before hitting the final stretch).


Getting Past the First Month

While it certainly wasn’t an easy task to transform the composition of my body to such a degree, the first three or four weeks were the hardest. This is the time-frame that separates the men from the boys.


Those who are serious about transforming their physiques will press on and endure through that first month as their body adjusts to their new training and nutrition habits. After that, their new lifestyle will have gained a foothold on their daily routine and it will require less thought and effort to continue on.


And for those of you who think 6 months is too long to achieve what I achieved… I could’ve gotten ripped much faster – around 3 months – if I was only worried about losing fat and building definition.


I’ve used those kind of plans and the end result is nothing like what can be achieved with the approach I’ve developed for simultaneously torching body fat while building shredded muscle mass. Extreme fat loss implements will quickly lean you out, but you’ll lose muscle mass in the process and won’t be left with any kind of size and muscular development.


Why work that hard for less than ideal results?


Trust me. The extra time it takes to build pounds of additional muscle mass while cutting your unwanted body fat is time well invested.


Cycling – The Dreaded Alternative

If you follow an extreme fat loss plan, after lowering your body fat, you’ll almost certainly be left wanting to build muscle. Since most individuals either don’t understand how to add muscle mass without getting fat, lack the patience to do so, or both, they end up adding more fat than muscle and have to start the process of leaning out all over again.


This kind of cycling between cutting and bulking is a nightmare that yields little net change on your physique cycle after cycle.


Attacking the fat loss and muscle gaining elements simultaneously will allow you to bypass that frustration by transforming your composition with greater efficiency and prove valuable for maintaining your results for the long-term.


But, all of this talk of strategy doesn’t mean squat if you lack the desire and vision to apply it anyway. If you’re someone who thinks it would be nice to get ripped, you might as well give up on that dream, because it isn’t going to happen for you.


At least not until you experience an extreme shift in your mindset. Getting ripped cannot be a pipe dream.


What It Takes to Get RippedDesire Breeds Results

Getting ripped has to be a desire that drives you; drives you to wake up an extra half hour early for a quick round of cardio, drives you to drag yourself to the gym to train (even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing), and drives you to make a batch of chicken and broccoli when your friends are pressuring you to head out to a happy hour instead.


You’ll notice I’ve given zero mention of having the right training and nutrition plan in place. That’s because everyone who follows me already has access to the most effective combination of training and feeding the body to build muscle, burn fat and get ripped.


So, at this point, knowing what to do is a non-issue.


Besides, what good is knowing how to get ripped if you aren’t willing to apply that knowledge anyway?


Those who want it badly enough will find a way to make it happen, because they have what it takes.


What does it take to get ripped? It takes desire. If you have the sincere desire to build your ideal, ripped physique, you have all you need within you to succeed.


Well what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started!



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