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Weight Lifting Intensity: Training with An Intensity That Matches Your Desire to Get Ripped

  Jan 3rd, 2012

Today I want to talk weight lifting intensity…


A while back I shared my frustration with the lack of effort people were exhibiting while weight training at my local gym (you can read the posting here).


I feel like I did an adequate job of explaining why I was so perturbed at the gym that day, but I feel like there is still much more to be said about one of the most important aspects of training for inducing significant physical transformation.


After all, we are all training with the hopes of inducing some sort of positive change to our physique, right?


Stop Sweating the Details of Weight Training

I think the problem that most lifters encounter is one of information overload. They are so enamored with all of the petty details of lifting that they fail to pay attention to the elements that really matter – like training with as much intensity as they can muster!


Instead of worrying about changing up your lifts every week, making sure you are using the perfect training split that you read about in the latest issue of your favorite muscle magazine, worrying about whether you need to be taking more supplements, or any other relatively unimportant issue, you should instead be concerned with simply training with a savage level of intensity that can’t help but make your body be transformed.


I realize that it is easy to get sucked into the facade of training with the same sort of purpose and intensity as everyone else at your gym. I also understand that it can be a little uncomfortable training with a kind of reckless abandon that will cause those around you to turn their heads and wonder why you are hitting it like a madman.


But, you can’t let your fear of what others might think of you hold you back from reaching your full potential.


The day I ignored all of those inhibitions that were holding me back was the day I started getting results. My strength quickly increased, my body fat levels dropped, my cardiovascular conditioning improved and my self confidence skyrocketed.


Dare to Be Different

You see, all of those years spent training like everyone else at my gym did one thing – provided me with the same lackluster and unsatisfactory results as everyone else at my gym was getting.


A truth in life that everyone needs to come to terms with sooner or later is that if you aren’t willing to do any more than the next guy, you can’t expect to be any more successful. If the most successful people in the world have one thing in common, it is their willingness to be different, while not being afraid to fail.


What does this have to do with training? Everything!


If you want to get the kind of results from your training that will make you stand out from the rest of the pack, you must be willing to train in a way that the “average Joes” aren’t. The average gym-goer doesn’t want to stand out; they don’t want to be noticed for their training efforts. They simply want to slip into the gym, spend an hour doing some light weight lifting (and maybe get in a little cardio) before heading home for the day.


Frustrating Workout ResultsThese are the people who, months later, are looking in the mirror and asking themselves why they look the same as they did 6 months ago and wondering what they need to be doing differently to start inducing positive results.


They instinctively turn to switching up their training regimen, or adding a few more useless, expensive supplements to their supplement cabinet.


Here’s an idea…


Stop fretting every little detail, going to the gym to socialize and getting stuck in your routine of doing 10 reps with the same weight each workout just to say you got your workouts in for the week. Instead, start training with a level of intensity that matches your desire to shed body fat, build muscle mass and get ripped.


And if you don’t have the desire to transform your physique…


Well, I have to ask… What are you doing at the gym anyway?



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