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Weekly Fat Loss Results – Settle for Nothing Less

  Jul 4th, 2012

Weekly Fat Loss ResultsAre weekly fat loss results really possible? Not only are they possible, but they should be expected!


Nothing is more discouraging than working out for a full week and then having nothing to show for it. This unfortunate scenario is one of the most common reasons people give for giving up on their fat loss pursuits.


On the other hand, when you’re continually able to measure the results of your efforts on a weekly basis, few things will keep you motivated and driven to reach your goals more than that.


Regardless of the program you’re following, you need to be taking weekly fat loss measurements to monitor your progress and ensure that what you’re doing is working.


After all, if it isn’t working, why would you want to continue doing it?


Measuring Your Weekly Fat Loss Results

Knowing that you should be monitoring your progress is great, but you’ll also need to determine exactly how you’re going to measure your progress. When the goal is to lose fat, most individuals fall into monitoring their weight by default.


Body weight is certainly an acceptable metric to use for monitoring your weekly fat loss results – especially if your goal is centered around reaching a certain weight – but remember that body weight is composed of much more than just body fat.


Water weight, lean mass (muscle), body fat, consumed solids and liquids, etc. all effect what you’re going to see on the scale. This is why I always recommend using the scale as a secondary metric for monitoring weekly fat loss.


A better method is to measure your stomach fat. This can be done with a set of calipers, but using a tape measure will work just fine as well.


Just wrap the tape measure around your stomach at belly button height and record the measurement. A week later do the same thing.


Because the stomach holds a large percentage of an individual’s body fat, it will naturally absorb a considerable amount of any loss in body fat. By the way, don’t fall for the idea that you can target your fat loss efforts because targeted fat loss isn’t possible.


If what you’re doing is inducing a loss in body fat, after 7 days you should see a decrease in your stomach measurement. If not, it’s time to change things up.


This doesn’t have to mean changing your plan of attack altogether. Although, sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered.


Many times not seeing weekly fat loss results is simply an indication that you need to adjust your nutritional allowance.


Changing Your Diet for Weekly Fat Loss Results

Calories for Weekly Fat Loss ResultsYou should always have a general idea of the number of calories you’re eating on a daily basis. Not only is this important for controlling your ability to maintain a caloric deficit, but this also allows for the opportunity to easily make modifications to your caloric allowance when needed.


For instance, if you were eating approximately 1,800 calories per day and didn’t measure a loss in body fat after a full week, you can simply drop your daily caloric allowance to 1,600 accordingly.


For someone with a considerable amount of fat to lose, loosely monitoring calories is usually sufficient. But as you get closer to your goal weight, or if you stop measuring results each week, you’ll need to hone in on your calorie tracking efforts.


And when it is time to adjust your nutrition you always want to make moderate adjustments…


When Weekly Fat Loss Results Stop, Modify Slowly

Far too often people make the mistake of implementing drastic changes to their diet or workout regimen when their weekly fat loss results stop or slow down.


I understand how this can be tempting. We all want results and it can be very easy to overreact when we aren’t seeing any.


When the results aren’t coming, people resort to making extreme caloric reductions as a way to guarantee that they’ll start losing fat. This can certainly work to induce fat loss, but it can be an unhealthy method of fat loss and can also cause you to give up on your fat loss goals altogether.


I know I said that few things are more motivating than seeing weekly fat loss results, but if you’re having to deal with feelings of excessive hunger all week, it’s going to make you much more likely to cheat on your diet and can even cause you to call it quits.


As motivating as results are, I can tell you from experience that feeling hungry all the time while dieting is no fun and only a small percentage of people will have the dedication to continually endure it.


So be patient, monitor your results, and make slight modifications when needed. If two or three weeks go by, and you still haven’t gotten any results, it’s probably time to switch things up.


Weekly Results Should Come Standard

I would argue that nothing is more important to an individual’s success towards transforming their body than being able to tangibly measure the results of what they’re doing.


If you want to start transforming your physique with weekly fat loss results you can measure every 7 days, my book, Ripped Out, will give you exact instructions on how to train and feed the body to make it happen.


Any fat loss program that doesn’t produce measurable weekly fat loss results isn’t worth considering – period!



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