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The Iron Guru – Vince Gironda’s Training and Diet Routines That Were Used to Build Some of the Most Impressive Natural Physiques Ever Seen

  Oct 17th, 2011
As someone who is committed to bodybuilding without the use of dangerous anabolic steroids, I find it motivating, encouraging and educational to frequently read about other natural bodybuilders who have built impressive physiques without using steroids. While messing around on the internet a while back I came across an old photo of a man named Vince Gironda that had a significant impact on me.

The photo, which appeared to have been taken in the mid 1900’s, showed Vince standing above a pool with one of the most ripped and sculpted physiques I have ever seen on a natural bodybuilder. After seeing this picture I started searching for all of the information I could find about Vince Gironda to see if I could learn what he did to build such an impressive physique.

After all, the best way to achieve the results that others have achieved is to learn what they did and emulate their methods as closely as possible. So, I set out to learn all that I could about Vince Gironda and the methods he used to get big and ripped.

In case you are curious, here is the picture that piqued my interest in Vince Gironda, also known as The Iron Guru:

Vince Gironda - The Iron Guru As you can see, Vince’s incredibly developed muscles with protruding veins are impressive to say the least – especially for the time in which Vince lived!

You can see why I was so eager to learn more about Vince and how he was able to build such an impressive physique. I started searching for information about Vince Gironda’s training and nutrition techniques online. I found a few websites that provided some interesting facts about Vince, but nothing that satisfied my desire to know the exact ideas that enabled Vince to look like he did in the photo above (although, some of the facts that I learned about Vince were very interesting).

Here are a few of the interesting tid-bits of information that I learned about Vince Gironda:

• Trained numerous Hollywood stars from the 1950’s through the 1980’s, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone

• Vince’s training techniques led to his gym producing more top physiques in the 1960’s (before steroids) than any other gym in the world earning him the nickname, “The Iron Guru”

• Vince absolutely despised steroids and considered any bodybuilder who used them to be a cheater

• Vince’s training methods used absolutely zero machines and focused on the use of free weights, compound lifts and body weight exercises

• Vince is credited with creating the revolutionary 8×8 training plan

Vince Gironda – Legend and Myth

After finding just about all of the free information I could find online, I was still mostly unsatisfied and decided to purchase a book on Vince Gironda’s bodybuilding strategies. I asked a guy that runs a prominent blog that I frequently read if he had any suggestions on which Vince Gironda book to purchase and he recommended the Vince Gironda ebook, “Vince Gironda – Legend and Myth”.

I purchased the book and started reading it right away. The book is about 350 pages in length so it took me about a week to finish, but I had a lot of trouble putting it down during that week.

The book goes into the details of Vince Gironda workout plans, diets and his training secrets in detail, which is everything that I was looking for. The book also talks a lot about Vince’s fiery, no-nonsense personality that he was well known for.

Vince was the type of person that either you did what he told you to do, or he would completely cut you off. The guy was extremely arrogant and hard-headed. But, when you consistently get the types of results that Vince’s programs produced, very few people dared to argue with the concepts he was teaching.

Vince Gironda Egg Diet

I always read about, or see videos, of old-school bodybuilders drinking raw eggs to build muscle, but I didn’t really believe that anyone actually drank eggs on a daily basis. Well, the book explains that Vince would drink up to six raw eggs, mixed with cream or half and half, pretty much on a daily basis. Actually, like several other of Vince’s nutrition techniques that are explained in the book, Vince swore by the muscle building value of eggs and wouldn’t hear a word from anyone who would disagree with him on the muscle building effectiveness of eggs.

Also, Vince would never advocate using a blender to mix eggs as he claimed that using a blender to mix eggs would break the fat down to the point where it was unusable by the body. This was just one of Vince’s many nutrition tricks that seemed to be a big reason for his success.

Here are a couple other of Vince’s nutrition tricks explained in the book:

• 3 Day Detoxification Plan
• European Weight Gain Strategy to Rapidly Gain Mass

Vince Gironda Training Secrets

As the book explains, Vince had several different training plans that he used and prescribed for others over the years. Regardless of which training plan Vince would discuss, he would always come back to the importance of proper form, the best exercises for developing each muscle group, the need to build all 4 sides of the muscle and the importance of resting often.

Arnold Schwarzenneger in Vince's ShirtVince’s training ideas were definitely different in many ways to most others I have been exposed to, but the truth is that they worked – and Vince knew it. These techniques are exactly what guys like Arnold were using back in the day to get huge and jacked!

Vince Gironda’s Ten Commandments of Bodybuilding

While I am thinking about Vince’s seemingly outlandish training ideas that were freakishly effective, I wanted to share Vince’s “Ten Commandments of Bodybuilding” that I found when searching for information on Vince online. The following commandments touch on several of Vince’s ideas that are discussed in “Vince Gironda – Legend and Myth”, but there are certainly many more.

1. Never mix protein, fat, and carbohydrates at the same meal. They do not digest in the same medium.

2. Cut out all food and diet drinks containing salt or sodium nitrates. Sodium retains excess water in the tissues and subcutaneous fat.

3. Stay away from or eliminate refined sugar.

4. Do not drink water during workouts or with meals. Water is a weight-gaining substance.

5. Fats are desirable and, combined with protein, help emulsify body fat and provide energy.

6. Half and half cream contains almost no carbohydrates and provides much desired bodybuilding nutrition. Throw away skim milk and homogenized milk.

7. Eggs are the best source of inexpensive protein. Use fertile eggs when possible.

8. Carbohydrates mixed with protein turn to fat. Carbohydrates only turn to fat. Start counting grams of carbohydrates. Forget counting calories.

9. Stress or hyperactivity will not allow you to digest food properly, destroying muscle tissue. Eat slowly and put energy into your life.

10. Cigarette smoking will cause restriction of the capillary system you are trying to build, making muscle gains difficult. *

I told you that some of Vince’s ideas were a little different. It is important to keep these commandments in context as Vince was saying these things 60 years ago. We now know that limiting carbohydrates is an effective way to shed fat, but that was not something that the average person knew back then. Vince was truly ahead of his time.

Vince Gironda - Legend and MythVince Gironda “The Iron Guru” – Legend & Myth

I could honestly write another 10,000 words on the interesting insights that I learned from “Vince Gironda – Legend and Myth”. The truth is that this book was more interesting than any other bodybuilding book I have ever read and contained tons of useful information, cover to cover, from one of the most trustworthy bodybuilding experts the world has ever seen.

If you would like to learn more about Vince Gironda, or to find out how to get your own copy of “Vince Gironda – Legend and Myth”, here is a link for your convenience:

Vince Gironda – The Bodybuilding Secrets of The Iron Guru


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