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3 Unsung Superheroes in the Quest for Body Transformation Success

  Dec 12th, 2012

Unsung Body Transformation Heroes - Marvel SuperheroesExercise and nutrition are always hogging the bulk of the praise given by those who’ve transformed their bodies.


These two elements are obviously important, but even if you have the most effective combination of training and nutrition at your disposal, it won’t do anything to improve your physique if the ever-imperative secondary ingredients are missing.


These aspects I’m referring to as “secondary ingredients” are often the unsung heroes in a person’s transformation success. They almost always go unnoticed, but are a common thread that inextricably binds each and every person who’s ever made dramatic improvements to their physique.


If you’ve ever followed a training and/or nutrition program with little or no success, I can almost guarantee you that one or more of these secondary ingredients were absent, dooming you to certain failure before you ever even started.


I’m going to do you a huge favor today and give you the 3 unsung heroes that are absolutely essential to your success toward improving your body to any noticeable degree.


Unsung Superhero #1: Taking Action

What it Takes to Improve Your Body - Arnold Schwarzenegger QuoteI had to start with this one, even at the risk of sounding like the superhero,”Captain Obvious”. It’s unbelievable how many go through life day in and day out being disgusted by their physical appearance yet never do anything about it.


Even worse, consider the millions who actually invest their hard-earned money on products and programs that collect dust while their physical appearance, health, and quality of life continue to deteriorate.


“Vision without action is a daydream.” – Japanese Proverb


Stop waiting for the perfect time to come along. Stop telling yourself that tomorrow is the day that you’ll finally make the changes you desire for your life.


There is no better time than right now to improve your life and the perfect time will never be here. I know because I’ve been waiting for it my entire life.


You can’t let your circumstances keep you from achieving what you want to achieve in life. The excuses will always be there and the only way to overcome them is by taking action.


Even if you have absolutely no clue where to start, just do something!


Start jogging in the mornings. Begin the process of cutting out processed foods from your diet. Get yourself a notebook and start monitoring your calories.


You’re not going to be perfect, but action that’s less than perfect is still infinitely more effective than no action at all.


Besides, how will you ever learn if you aren’t doing? Do you think Arnold had a perfect understanding of nutrition, weight lifting kinetics, and periodization schemes when he started lifting as a teenager?


Of course not!


He took action, made a ton of mistakes, continued learning from those mistakes, and allowed his failures to teach him something along the way.


This process enabled him to achieve an almost unparalleled level of success that’s made Arnold a poster child of the American Dream.


And it all started because he didn’t allow his circumstances or fear of failure keep him from taking action.


Keep Your Eye on the Goal for Transformation SuccessUnsung Superhero #2: Goal Setting

“Action without vision is a nightmare.” – Japanese Proverb


Taking action is great, but you have to identify the purpose (or goal) of that action if it’s going to take you anywhere.


Your goal is what motivates you to take action, but it’s also what drives you to continue pursuing your vision, even after repeated failures and disappointments along your journey toward the ultimate destination.


You must constantly remind yourself of why you’re taking action, visualizing what you hope to attain from all of your efforts.


As an example, let’s consider the goal of getting ripped


I don’t care what anyone says, getting ripped takes a high level of nutritional discipline. I’ve gone from fat to ripped twice now (here and here), so I know what I’m talking about.


When I was faced with the decision of conveniently ordering a pepperoni pizza – instead of taking twenty minutes out of my evening to grill up a salmon filet and side of veggies – it wasn’t the love of fish that kept me from ordering that cheesy slice of heaven.


No, it was the vision I had of the change I desired for my body that held me accountable.


As scintillating and convenient as a delivered pizza sounded, I knew that it would prevent me from attaining my goal of shedding the fat that was wreaking havoc on my muscle definition and hiding my six pack under layers of excess stomach fat.


Remember your goal, constantly visualize what you’re working towards and continue to pursue it with reckless abandonment.


Unsung Superhero #3: Commitment to Consistency

Sorry, I don’t have a Japanese Proverb to go with this one.Success is the Sum of Small Efforts Repeated


Success in any walk of life doesn’t come by way of sporadic action and halfhearted commitments. It comes through consistent action.


Tom Brady didn’t become the NFL’s best quarterback by practicing a day or two every week and skipping practice sessions whenever he didn’t feel like pulling himself off the couch.


Like everyone else, he has days when physically exerting himself is the last thing he cares to think about. But, Super Bowls don’t win themselves, and the drive to win another keeps him going day in and day out.


Tom Brady - Passion Consistency ResultsBrady’s so committed to his goal of winning another championship that he even restructured his contract so that he’s actually making less than a million dollars in 2012 so the team could afford to surround him with the talent they need to win.


If you’re going to transform your physique, it will take a similar level of passion.


A passion that motivates you toward daily physical activity, adhering to your nutrition plan and the acceptance of personal sacrifice, with the understanding that this is what’s required of you if you’re going to realize your goal.


Part time commitments aren’t going to cut it when the goal is developing an impressive physique.


This kind of transformation comes only with a full-time, day in, day out grind that will test how bad you truly want to change, but the end result will be worth every personal sacrifice.


If you have aspirations to improve your body, these 3 unsung superheroes will have to be in place.


Identify your goal(s), take action and do it consistently. There is no other way.



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