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An Honest Tribulus Terrestris Review: Can Tribulus Terrestris Really Increase Testosterone Production?

  Jun 5th, 2011

This tribulus terrestris review is based on actual facts discovered by real scientific studies along with my own personal experience with using tribulus terrestris supplements. I am not someone who pushes supplements and I have no motive to pressure you into purchasing tribulus terrestris, or any other supplement for that matter.


My goal is to give you a truthful review of tribulus terrestris as there are already plenty of supplement pushers deceiving people online.


Claimed Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is claimed to increase testosterone levels, decrease estrogen and increase libido. Many experienced bodybuilders swear by this supplement claiming that it provides faster muscle gains, a decrease in body fat and an increased sex drive.


Because of the testimonials of its users, tribulus terrestris has been steadily growing in popularity for several years. However, the most comprehensive studies performed on tribulus terrestris to date have been less than convincing.


Let’s have a look at one such study.


Tribulus Terrestris Study

In 2007, a random placebo study of tribulus terrestris was performed with a group of 22 Australian rugby players to determine if tribulus terrestris indeed raised the testerone levels of its users.


The subjects were divided into two groups – one that received the placebo and one that received 450mg of tribulus terrestris each day for 5 weeks.


All subjects followed the same training regimen over the course of the 5 week study.


The study found that there was no measurable difference in testosterone in those that received a daily dose of tribulus terrestris, and those that received the placebo, concluding that tribulus terrestris did not provide the expected boost in testosterone levels.


My Experience with Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris SupplementDespite the less than flattering results in various studies, I decided to give tribulus terrestris a try to see if I noticed any difference in my bodily composition. I took over 4 times the daily amount that the rugby players in the placebo study received by ingesting 2000mg of tribulus terrestris each day.


The only differences that I experienced was a slightly increased sex drive and a decrease in body fat, and I cannot conclusively credit the tribulus terrestris for my fat loss as I was on a fat loss dieting cycle for 2 of the 4 weeks while taking tribulus terrestris.


My honest tribulus terrestris review is that it probably isn’t worth using, but if you are the type of person who likes to test things out for yourself, it won’t cost you very much to try tribulus terrestris for a month and see what you think.



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