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What to Do When You’re Too Busy to Exercise and Eat Healthy

  Jul 16th, 2013

Too Busy to ExerciseDo you feel like you’re too busy to exercise, eat healthy and improve your physique? Join the club!


Seriously, hectic schedules are pretty much the norm these days. And, unfortunately, exercise and healthy eating tend to take a backseat to things of lesser long-term importance.


Oftentimes, though, fitness gets placed on the back-burner as a result of the ideal situation being unachievable and is then justified through the thinking that anything less than ideal would lead to failure.


This line of thinking is flawed. After all, any bit of exercise and healthy eating is infinitely better than none at all.


Also, many times there are incredibly effective means of achieving your goals by implementing methods of doing so that are more conducive to your lifestyle.


For example, I received an email this morning from a man who works for an airline as part of the cabin crew. His hectic work schedule and constant travel has led to a great deal of frustration and has caused him to begin doubting whether attaining a high level of fitness will ever be in the cards for him.


As many people struggle with similar concerns in this day and age, I thought it would be helpful to share his question, along with my response. If you struggle with feeling like you’re too busy to exercise and eat healthy, I believe you’ll find this to be extremely helpful.


If, after reading his question (and my answer below), you have any questions about integrating exercise and healthy eating into your busy lifestyle, please feel free to submit your questions for me in the comment box at the end of the article.



Hi Craig, I am writing to you hoping that you might have some time to respond to my email. I often read your, and to be quite frank, other author’s newsletters around the topic about how to become muscular, lose fat and keep fit.


What I have often noticed is that there is nothing about how to implement their advice in people’s everyday life, similar to mine. I am a guy of 44 years and I work for an airline company as cabin crew.


You’re probably familiar with our lifestyle in general, but I would like to learn more about how to implement your (Round the Clock Fat Loss) program in a lifestyle that I share with many others. We are challenged by not having access to decent food, lack of sleep, jet lag, lack of energy which leads to less motivation, irregular working hours, etc. – I think you get the picture.


I have read a lot about fitness, dieting, motivation and so on but I feel that there is a lack of focus on my “situation”. I acknowledge and possibly agree with the fact that, with my job I will probably never be able to achieve the same results in the same time as if I had a 9 to 5 job.


I think, however, that you might have a few tips on how to customize your program into a lifestyle that I and many others are a part of, and which hopefully can help us in the long run.


I must admit that I’m pretty motivated to start exercising again. But, while my motivation is in my head as part of my chronic guilty conscience, I am not able to do anything but think about it. It brings me nowhere, right? So I hope that you can possibly provide some feedback that will allow me to positively impact my fitness in spite of my less than ideal lifestyle.


My Answer:

I see how your situation is unique and understand how eating well can be a struggle. Nevertheless, where there’s a will there’s a way, and I think I can provide some advice that would be helpful to you.


First, meal planning and preparing your foods ahead of time is going to be essential for you. I realize that airports in general have little in the way of healthy and nutritious food options, so you’ll need to take control and transport your own foods. I’m not familiar with the rules surrounding this, but I’d have to believe that bringing a small cooler or thermal bag with your own foods would be acceptable.


Bring some fruits, pre-cooked proteins (steak, chicken breast, cottage cheese, eggs or fish), protein powder (for times when you’re too rushed to eat a proper meal), veggies and some carbs like rice and potatoes. And be sure to portion your foods in a manner that is consistent with your caloric needs to lose fat, as I outline for you in Round the Clock Fat Loss.


I realize this will not be the most convenient for you, but you have to take measures to plan ahead or you’ll be doomed to eating poorly. There’s just no way around it.


Then there’s the obvious problem of getting in your workouts when you feel like you’re too busy to exercise…

Exercise while traveling is a common stigma that many businessmen and businesswomen deal with. If you’re concerned with building muscle as fast as possible, a gym with barbells and adequate weight plates is essential. However, losing fat and developing your muscles through progressive overload doesn’t actually require any equipment and can be done from the comfort of your own home (or hotel room).


Too Busy to Exercise - HWRAdmittedly, I’m not an expert in body weight training programming. However, Craig Ballantyne is, and he has an excellent product that will provide you with all of the exercises you’ll need to train your entire body from your home or hotel room without any equipment.


His workouts are also relatively short in nature – without compromising your results – which I am sure someone with your hectic schedule can appreciate.


Anyway, Craig’s program is called Home Workout Revolution and I highly recommend it. You can click here to learn more about Craig’s Home Workout Revolution product.


I have recommended this program to a number of busy professionals and have received nothing but positive feedback.


I hope this helps. Try not to get frustrated by your situation. It may be more difficult for you to achieve your goals, but it can still be very realistic with the proper modifications. For your lifestyle, you’re going to need to place an emphasis on having your own healthy foods on hand and doing quick, but effective, body-weight workouts.


Also, try to resist the urge to fool yourself into thinking this won’t do much for you because it’s a little different than what most people do. You’re situation is different than most people’s so you have to do things a little differently.


But, you absolutely can achieve a high level of personal fitness and get (and maintain) an impressive physique with this combination.


Let me know if you have any further questions as I’m here to help.


Do you feel like you’re too busy to exercise and eat healthy?

Let me know your struggles below and I’ll be happy to provide you with the advice and direction you need to successfully achieve your goals.



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