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Toning Workouts for Women – The Truth

  Jul 2nd, 2011
Toning workouts for women usually consist of exercises that are performed with a low amount of resistance for a high number of reps.

Believe it or not, getting a tight and toned figure has very little to do with the level of resistance you are using or the number of repetitions you perform while weight training.

The reason for this is that getting toned is mostly a function of having low body fat levels. Building muscle will play a small role as well, but the only way to get toned is to lower your body fat level to the point where your muscle definition is easily seen.

So you see, the most effective toning workouts for women are not those that consist of high repetition resistance training. They are those that focus on building some muscle, but mostly focus on burning off the fat that is covering the definition of your muscles.

Examples of Toning Workouts for Women

Toning Workouts For Women The best toning workouts for women will be those that include a relatively small amount of resistance training immediately followed by 30 minutes of fat burning cardio.

You always want to complete your weight training before doing cardio. This helps to increase the muscle building effectiveness of your weight training by making sure that you have the energy needed for the quick explosive movements of your lifts.

Performing fat burning cardio after you train with weights also increases the amount of fat you will shed while completing your cardio workout.

The reason for this is that a large portion of your body’s sugar reserves will have been used up while weight training which will force your body to turn to burning off excess fat to fuel your cardio workout – which is exactly what we want it to do!

For the best fat burning results from your cardio workouts, you need to maintain an optimum fat burning heart rate for most of the duration of your cardio workout.

To find your specific heart rate zone for optimum fat burning, you will want to check out my fat burning heart rate posting.

For the fastest muscle toning results, you will want to weight train and do cardio 5 days per week. If you can’t fit 5 workouts into your weekly schedule, 4 workouts per week will still get you nice and toned – your results will just be slightly slower.

Stop falling for the lie that getting toned revolves around the way you train with weights. Weight training should be used to build muscle – not burn fat.

While building muscle is helpful in getting toned, getting lean with a low level of body fat is by far the most important factor in getting a tight and toned body and should be the focus of all toning workouts for women.

Nutrition for Getting Toned

This posting has mostly been used to explain how to get toned by providing easy to follow instructions on performing toning workouts for women.

As you would probably have guessed, in order to get the best fat burning results from your toning workouts, you will need to follow an effective fat loss nutrition plan as well.

I have provided detailed instructions on feeding your body for fat loss on the following posting:

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss

Combining toning workouts for women with a fat loss nutrition plan is the only way to quickly lower body fat to get a trim, tight, toned and sexy physique.


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