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Why the Proper Perspective on Cheat Meals is Essential to Your Success

  Oct 3rd, 2012

Cheat Meals - Buffalo Chicken PizzaIt’s easy to get fat. Eating processed foods, sucking down carbs in excess all day, cutting out intense physical activity and eating whatever you want whenever you want will do it every time.


The scenario described above is responsible for why so many are unhappy with their physiques and is what I’ve determined to dedicate my life to prevent. 


While I can be dogmatic about my assertions surrounding the way we all ought to eat when living a lean and healthy lifestyle is a priority, the truth is you’re not going to eat perfect all the time.


I certainly don’t. And I don’t intend to give the impression that is the case.


Actually, as I’m writing this I just took a quick break to order a buffalo chicken pizza.


Cheat Meals Are NOT an Excuse to Give Up

What I don’t do, however, is let a cheat meal (or cheat day) be an excuse to throw my nutritional convictions to the wind and eat like crap for weeks or months on end. And you shouldn’t either!


Have you ever eaten a meal that was completely against your healthy lifestyle or fitness goals and then used it as a lame excuse to continue eating junk?


You say something like, “I’ll get back to my diet on Monday.” Then Monday turns into Friday, Friday turns into next month, and before you know it you’ve packed on twenty pounds of fat and hate what you’ve done to your body.


You’re going to eat outside of your plan. That’s just the way it is.


This doesn’t mean that you don’t have what it takes to reach your goals – just that you’re human. You can still transform the composition of your body while eating a couple of cheat meals throughout the week.


In fact, certain individuals may even benefit from periodic cheat meals.


An “off meal” is nothing but a bump on the road, so don’t dwell on it. Your ability to get and maintain an impressive physique isn’t going to hinge on whether you can perfectly adhere to your diet.


It will hinge on your ability to keep things in perspective and immediately get back to eating right and feeding your body for success.


In other words, enjoy a nice cheat meal now and then. Just don’t make it a habit.


If you want to eat a few slices of pizza, have at it. A couple of not so healthy eating choices each week isn’t going to kill you, but they should be the exception and not the rule.


Cheat Meals - 90-10My 90/10 Rule

While it’s true that the ideal scenario is to “eat right” one hundred percent of the time, and should be your goal if you want to maximize your results, this isn’t realistic for most (including myself).


I like to run on the 90/10 rule and usually prescribe others to do the same. This rule simply means that you eat in a manner that’s conducive to your goals for 90% of your meals each week and have the liberty to eat what you want the other 10% of the time.


This is adequate to induce measurable results on a weekly basis, while still allowing for a few meals per week to eat some foods that would otherwise be off limits. This is more realistic for the average person.


An average person is who I am and that’s exactly who I’m dedicated to helping.


This is why I allow for cheat meals in Round the Clock Fat Loss and Ripped Out, and is one of the aspects that make each of them so effective at producing their intended results.


Don’t beat yourself up thinking you might as well take an extended hiatus from your diet the next time you enjoy some pizza, BBQ cheeseburgers or your favorite dessert.


Enjoy your brief time off your diet, remember your short and long-term goals and get right back on track, starting with your very next meal.


Your ability to live lean, muscular and ripped will not ultimately be defined by whether or not you eat perfectly all the time, but by how well you keep your perspective and bounce right back whenever you do decide to enjoy the occasional cheat meal.



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