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The Best Diet to Lose Fat and Build Muscle All Comes Down to This

  Mar 24th, 2013

Best Diet for Fat LossI don’t know about you, but when I hear the word diet I tend to cringe inside. I hate that word.


I get that it’s ironic that I use it incessantly. Unfortunately, it kind of comes with the territory of helping others improve their bodies.


I hate the word “diet” because of the connotation it inherently carries with it of being some temporary eating strategy to induce a desired result on your body.


The truth: no diet should be this way.


Your diet, by definition, is nothing more than than the foods you choose to eat. I’ve underscored the word “choose” just to make sure you don’t miss the point that you are absolutely in control of what you eat.


Eating to change your body first requires a choice to change what you’re eating, a choice that will require discipline.


However, your changes in dietary choices, while they tend to be uncomfortable at first, should eventually become part of your lifestyle like sleeping, going to work and bathing (I hope).


Diet – Oft Misunderstood

Best Diet for Fat Loss - No DietingI told you I cringe at the word “diet”, but I really just cringe because so many people have a complete and utter misconception of the word. I almost find it laughable how often I’m asked why I’m on a diet.


People that know me – and know that I take my strength, health and level of fitness seriously – don’t generally take issue with my dietary choices anymore.


Those who are less familiar with my lifestyle, however, seem unable to help themselves from examining my intentions when I order a grilled chicken salad with oil and vinegar dressing.


“Why are you ordering a salad?” they’ll ask. Or I’ll hear something like, “It won’t kill you to eat a cheeseburger.”


Or probably the worst one: “You’re already so lean and in shape. You don’t need to be on a diet.”


I admit I’m sometimes tempted to reply with a remark like, “My healthy diet is why I’m lean and in shape, moron.” Most of the time I just shake it off and explain that the way I eat isn’t a diet in the sense that people commonly think of it.


It’s a lifestyle. I choose to eat nutritious foods because I care about my body. I care about its ability to function optimally in all facets. I care about my short and long-term health.


And, of course, I care about my physical appearance. This isn’t some vain obsession I have and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best.


We’ve all been given one body and we should be prudent in taking care of it the best we can (inside and out) and making it the best it can be while we’re here on this earth.


Indecision, Inaction and Finding the Diet for You

For me, eating whole, nutritious foods is simply what I desire to eat most of the time. I’m still a sucker for some pizza or fried chicken on occasion, but most of the time the thought of filling my gut with greasy processed foods makes me slightly nauseated.


Weaning my body off of years of eating junk took time. It didn’t happen overnight and it would have never happened if I would’ve done what most people do and waver over which diet they should follow – or which fitness professional to listen to – only to take zero action and continue eating inflammatory and disease-inducing foods.


If you’re confused about what the best diet to lose fat or build muscle is (depending on your goals), let me break it down for you…


The best diet for you is the one that best fits with your lifestyle. So, if you’re someone that likes to eat often, an intermittent fasting (IF) plan is probably not a good place for you to start.


You’ll want to start with a plan that allows you to eat frequent smaller meals throughout the day.


If you’re someone who’s really busy during the day and only has time for a quick snack or two, then an IF plan, like this one, would be more conducive for your particular lifestyle and schedule.


And if you’re not sure, experiment a little bit. Buy a couple of books, try a couple of programs and see what works best for you. You might spend a couple hundred bucks, but you probably blow more money on far less important things.


I know I do.


Sifting Through the “Diet Mess”

Best Diet for Fat Loss - ConfusionYou’ll find a wide range of opinions among fitness professionals regarding the nutritional implements they claim to be the best for you.


Most of the time our differences in opinion have nothing to do with our trying to be deceitful or lead you astray. We’re simply sharing what has worked the best for us (and our clients) based on our experiences.


And again, most of the time that boils down to the diet that works best with our lifestyle because that’s the one we’re going to be prone to stick with, and have the most success with, by extension.


While my schedule has gotten much busier lately, and I’ve begun experimenting with IF implements as a result, up to this point I’ve found eating frequently to be the best plan of attack for improving the composition of the body and have personally gotten the best results from following that strategy.


If I find an IF strategy that I believe works better, you better believe that I’ll let you know about it. But before you go jumping ship on your diet to what you think is the next best thing, remember this: the most important aspect of any diet is going to come down to your ability to follow it on a consistent basis.


Okay, I get that there are a few dishonest, “bad eggs” out there peddling diets that are ineffective and you’ll obviously want to avoid them. But these can usually be ferreted out with a little discernment and common sense.


Make sure they have the results to backup what they’re claiming (on their own body and/or on the bodies of others who’ve listened to them) and that you read their blogs or other published works to verify that they know their stuff.


It usually isn’t very hard to spot the posers. They’ll over-complicate things and try to astound you with big words, all the while making little or no sense.


Albert Einstein said it best:


“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”


When it comes to finding the best diet for fat loss, muscle building, or any other aspect of improving your body, find someone who’s been where you are, has found a solution that’s conducive to your lifestyle (as much as possible, anyway), can prove the solution works, and knows how to explain it in simple terms.


This is the diet that will be best for you.



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