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The Truth About Targeting Your Fat Loss Efforts By Honing in On Specific Areas of Unsightly Body Fat

  Apr 18th, 2012

Target Pudgy Belly With Fat LossWe all have areas on our body where fat likes to hang around longer, and in greater amounts, than anywhere else. The most common areas of stubborn fat storage include the stomach, lower back (love handles) and thighs.


It’s natural to have the desire to target these areas with our training under the pretense that frequently training these areas will melt the fat off of them more efficiently.


But is that really what happens?


If you have ever tried doing countless sit-ups or crunches to get rid of abdominal fat, you already know that target training the abs does very little in the way of reducing stomach fat.


And you can expect the same kind of unnoticeable results when targeting any pockets of stubborn fat on the body…


Frequently training specific areas on your body is an ineffective strategy for targeted fat loss.


I’m going to explain why this is the case and how you can go about getting rid of areas of excessive fat that are plaguing your body.


Muscles are Trained, Not Fat

The reason target training is ineffective at inducing area-specific fat loss is that your training isn’t doing anything to the fat. It is only stimulating the muscles.


While you may be better developing the targeted muscles, you aren’t doing much for furthering the fat loss in that specific area. Fat loss happens to the body as a whole and we just don’t have the ability to direct where fat loss occurs.


This is why it is impossible to target specific areas on our body when burning fat. I realize this isn’t what you want to hear, but it is the cold hard truth.


Nevertheless, there are certain measures that can be taken to get rid of areas of excessive fat storage on the body…


Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

Instead of putting yourself through the fruitless efforts of trying to target the shedding of fat from specific areas on your body, the right way to start melting off those areas is by lowering your overall body fat percentage.


The good news is the areas with the most substantial amounts of fat will naturally absorb the greatest amounts of fat loss while you reduce your body fat. The bad news is the areas you need to target most will be the last to go.


However, if you’re diligent about continually reducing your body fat week after week, you’ll see noticeable improvements to your areas of stubborn fat storages. As long as you have pockets of undesirable body fat plaguing your body, you will need to continue to drop body fat.


Once your body fat is low enough, the fat will have disappeared from your “problem areas”, without your having to waste time trying to target them with little or no results for all of your efforts.


Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that targeted fat loss is possible. It isn’t!


Targeted muscle development on the other hand is completely possible and can actually help to improve areas that are more “flabby” than others…


Filling Your Flab with Muscle

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot turn fat into muscle. The processes of fat loss and muscle building happen independently of one another, although similar methods can be employed to attack each.


Fat loss consists of shrinking the body’s fat cells, while muscle building takes place through the creation of new muscle cells. Muscle cells can also experience changes in volume (known as hypertrophy), but that is a topic for another day.


The bottom line… Fat cells can’t turn into muscle cells or vice versa.


Even so, the building of muscle mass can be an effective way to target certain unsightly areas that appear flabby. Two common places that develop a flabby appearance, and can benefit from targeted muscle gains, are the thighs and back of the arms (known as flabby arm syndrome).


While flabby looking body parts can certainly be attributed to excessive body fat, they’re almost always due to a lack of muscle mass as well. If one of your target areas is one that is particularly flabby, this is an indication that it could use some filling out and you’ll want to spend some time building and strengthening that muscle group.


For instance, if you have flabby thighs, start doing 5 sets of squats, consisting of 5-6 reps per set, 3 times a week. If your problem is having flabby arms, start training your biceps and triceps 2 or 3 times a week with barbell curls and tricep pushdowns (also with 5 sets consisting of 5-6 reps for each lift).


Be sure to use a level of resistance that allows you to reach muscle failure by your 6th rep on each set. If you can do more than 6 reps, add more weight.


Regardless of the area we’re talking about, if you have an area on your body that appears flabby, you need to attack it with fat loss – by continually lowering your body fat percentage – and by adding more muscle to fill it out.


In some cases simply filling out your body with additional muscle mass will do wonders for firming up your body and getting rid of any “flabby” areas.


The Bottom Line

Regardless of whether we’re talking about developing the ideal male physique or the perfect female body, it will require a low level of body fat and well-developed muscles. This requires consistently feeding and training the body in a way that is conducive to both fat loss and muscular development.


Most people don’t understand training and nutrition well enough to induce both of these results simultaneously. If this describes you, don’t worry…


My book, Ripped Out, details an exact blueprint for reducing body fat and building muscle simultaneously. I also offer lifetime email coaching with every purchase of Ripped Out to ensure there are no questions regarding how to build muscle and shed body fat to get the perfect body.


Stop wasting your time trying to target problem areas of fat storage on your body because you can’t target fat loss. Instead, reduce your overall body fat percentage and build some muscle to fill out the areas that need it.


Even if they’re the last to go, those unsightly areas of excess fat will eventually disappear and leave you with a physique you can be completely proud of!



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