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Taking Action: The All-Important First Step for Lasting Change

  Jan 31st, 2013

I Want to Get RippedIt’s hard to believe (even for me), but this is what I looked like way back in 2005 when I was weighing in at a fat 235lbs and carrying around a “beer belly” to boot.


I would ultimately pack on nearly ten additional pounds of fat over the next year before finally waking up to the fact that I was unhappy with my appearance, my self confidence was in the gutter and I was digging myself an early grave.


Once I decided to make a change, I didn’t do what most people do and set some kind of vague, non-specific goal that carries little accountability with it.


You know the kind of goals I’m talking about:


  • I’m going to start exercising and eating better



  • I need to start watching what I eat


  • I’m going to try to lose a few pounds


Goals like these are lame and are made by people that are only half-serious, at best.


Can you imagine a CEO telling their shareholders that the business plan for the upcoming year, which the success of the company completely hinged upon, was to start working a little harder?


Your goals don’t have to be complex, but they need to be specific and measurable.


Actually, my goals were quite simple: get back down to a weight of 180lbs and have six pack abs.


These goals were simple to write on paper, anyway.


This was a complete stretch for me at the time. I had been steeped in gorging myself on food and abstaining from any kind of regular or regimented exercise for several years.


Taking Action, Even When It’s Not Perfect

Take Action - No Fear of FailureI didn’t know the best way to lose fat. I certainly didn’t know how to get ripped or replace my protruding gut with a set of sexy, six pack abs.


But, I didn’t let that keep me from taking action and doing something. A few things were obvious. It was time for me to:


  • Start monitoring and limiting my calories


  • Make regular exercise a part of my life


  • Monitor my weight and hold myself accountable for weekly losses


  • Stop eating pizza and hot wings, and washing it down with six or more beers, three or four nights a week


I didn’t stop with simply declaring my goal. I took the time to develop a realistic action plan to achieve it.


This isn’t to say that this simple 4-point plan was perfect. In fact, it was far from it!


However, it was infinitely better than doing nothing and continuing down the dangerous path of lacking self-confidence and exponentially increasing my risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.


It also allowed me to get my results moving in the right direction while I acclimated to my new lifestyle.


Learning From Failure

It wouldn’t be until almost two years later, after a number of failures and frustrations, that I finally achieved my goal of losing more than 60 pounds of fat and having ripped, six pack abs.


By the way, all of my failures were extremely valuable. Every time I reached a plateau it provided an opportunity for me to research, experiment and learn.


I purchased more books and programs than I care to try and count. I also wasted thousands on supplements.


Every investment I made taught me a little more about what I needed to do (or didn’t need to do) to continue losing fat and building muscle.


The truth is, the nearly 2 years I spent going from fat to ripped could have been accomplished in a mere six to eight months with the knowledge I have now.


So, if you’re in the position I was in seven years ago, you don’t have to waste all the time and money I did on educating yourself and tinkering around with different ideas to figure out what works.


I’ve put together a complete guide for you that will allow you to get the same results I did in just a fraction of the time.


Besides, the average person who wants to lose fat, build muscle and get ripped doesn’t have the time or patience to figure out how to do it for themselves. And unless they’re planning on becoming a trainer or coaching others, it really isn’t necessary anyway.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of coming across a system that told me exactly how to eat and train to build muscle, while shedding body fat, to get ripped.


I’m not complaining, though. All of my learning, experimentation and struggles (and eventual success) has placed me in a unique position to instruct and inspire others to take control of their situation and build an inwardly healthy body with an outward appearance they can be proud of.


Taking Action is the All-Important First Step

Take ActionI could have let my lack of knowledge become an excuse for not taking action, but I didn’t.


I put together a plan (albeit a primitive one) and started taking action on the plan I developed.


If you continue pondering your desires and never acting on them, I can guarantee your situation is never going to improve. How could it?


Do you expect your body to transform itself? Wouldn’t that be nice!


Too bad that’s not reality. Real, lasting change takes action. That’s just the way it is.


“Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.” ~ Vaclav Havel



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