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Stupid Mistakes We All Make That Stymie Our Transformation Results – Part 5

  Jan 5th, 2013

Not Giving In To HungerToday’s mistake, like those I discussed in the first four parts of this series (part one, part two, part three and part four), is one that most everyone can identify with.


It’s also one that carries a lot of misunderstanding with it. But, after reading today’s article, I promise you’ll have a much clearer understanding of how to deal with this inconvenient topic.


One of the strongest feelings we have as humans is that of hunger. As such, it has tremendous influence over us and can be quite difficult to control.


If you’ve ever been following a restricted calorie diet to lose body fat, and have given in to the urge to eat some pizza or a double cheeseburger, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


When we get hungry we want to eat.


Pretty straightforward, right?


Not when you have unsightly, excess body fat you’re trying to get rid of!


While it’s a perfectly natural response to want to eat when you’re hungry, losing fat requires a certain amount of control over your hunger if you’re not going to give in to temptation, eat a hefty portion of unhealthy food and compromise your results.


Learn to Deal With Your Hunger

“Learn to deal with hunger. It will not cause your immediate death. Learn to control all of your desires and you will gain more control over your life.” – Jason Ferruggia (50 Renegade Nutrition Rules)


If you’ve never followed a fat loss diet plan, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re going to experience a certain level of hunger when getting started. Sorry, but that’s the inconvenient truth and it wouldn’t be fair for me to lie to you and tell you otherwise.


But, you can rest assured you’re not the first to deal with feeling hungry, and if you can learn to resist your hunger in short spurts, it will soon get easier.


There are people out there who fast for a full 24 or 48 hours at a time and deal just fine. Sure, it took them a while to train their bodies to handle the feelings of hunger that go along with going without food for such extended periods of time.


But, if they can go a full day or two without eating, surely you can make it a couple of hours.


Because the nutrition plan you’re likely to be following won’t be nearly as extreme, you should be able to get any feelings of hunger under control in a matter of a week or two, at most.


Decreased Nutrition of Any Amount Can Cause Hunger

Temptation To Give In To HungerFor some reason, people have the impression that hunger is evil and it’s something they should never have to feel or deal with. They reach for the chips, grab the keys and head through a local drive-thru, or order some Chinese food at the first inkling of feeling hungry.


If you want to develop a case of diabetes, place yourself at an exponentially increased risk of cancer, and be rolling around Wal-Mart in a motorized cart in your fifties, succumbing to your appetite’s every whim is one of the best ways to get there.


At least promise me you won’t be rocking a mullet…


As I’ve already made clear above, you’re going to feel hungry when eating to lose fat because losing fat requires a caloric deficit – plain and simple.


It doesn’t matter if your body was accustomed to eating 3,000 calories or 6,000 calories.


When you begin feeding your body less than it’s used to being fed, it’s going to react to it and you’re going to feel a certain degree of hunger.


The greater the change you make to your “normal” level of nutrition, the more intense your feelings of hunger will be. So, don’t start off with an extreme change to the amount of nutrition you allow yourself to eat each day.


Scale back your calories, do it in modest increments, and follow a few simple nutritional rules for living lean and healthy. If you weigh 300lbs, and are used to eating 7,000 calories a day, don’t try to go following some 2,000 calorie a day diet.


Start with something more realistic like 5,000, give it a week or two, allow your body to adjust to your new caloric allowance, and then reduce it a little further. This will give your body time to adapt and your hunger won’t be nearly as intense or difficult to deal with.


It’s Only Hunger

Don’t let hunger be an excuse for giving up on your diet plan. It’s only a feeling and it’s one that you will learn to control if you fight it long enough.


As long as you’re not doing something moronic, like eating less than 1,000 calories per day, your hunger is simply the natural reaction to your body receiving less nourishment than it’s adapted to receiving.


I’m not some super-freak who’s immune to feeling hungry. Anytime I decide to get serious and rip-it-up I have to spend a week or two training my body to deal with my new nutritional allowance just like everybody else.


When those feelings of hunger come up, though, I remind myself of my goals, remember that it’s only temporary and that it will get better after a few short days.


For those of you who’ve never transformed your body to any significant degree, it may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when dealing with feelings of hunger.


If this describes you, I’m going to do you a favor and close this article with a saying I came up with – and often use – to remind myself to stay on track when I’m tempted to give in to my hunger. It may be a little cheesy, but it works for me and It’ll probably serve as a motivational reminder for you as well:


“Nothing tastes as good as ripped feels.” – Craig Leonard


And you can take that to the bank!



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