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Stupid Mistakes We All Make That Stymie Our Transformation Results – Part 3

  Dec 31st, 2012

Stupid Training Mistakes We All Make - Part 3Welcome to part 3 in this ongoing article series where I’ll continue to delve into the stupid mistakes we all make that preclude us from getting the results we bust our tails to get on a weekly basis.


I have an extreme “Type A” personality. My brain is always working, I can’t sit still, I love staying busy and I rarely slow down.


I also tend to take things to the extreme. There is no middle ground with me. It’s all or nothing.


This trait is beneficial in many respects. However, it has also resulted in a number of failures and disappointments over the years.


The mistake I’m going to cover today is one that I made on a continual basis during my first couple years weight training and it’s one that can be directly attributed to my “full steam ahead” personality.


Training Too Hard for Too Long

In part 1 of this series I expounded upon the temptation to use extreme diet implements and how doing so will lead to a host of problems and rarely (if ever) yields the desired result.


Unbeknownst to most, extreme methods aren’t solely relegated to nutritional strategies.


Another area where extreme implements tend to prevail with the hopes of accelerating results is that of weight training. It’s logical to think that lifting more often, performing more sets and performing more reps will lead to faster muscle gains.


It’s too bad this isn’t how it works, though.


High volume training plans are effective at packing on the muscle, but the body can only withstand such an intense workload for a short period of time before any number of problems begin to develop:


  • Central nervous system fatigue


  • Immune system deficiencies 


  • Tendon strains 


  • Lagging energy levels leading to no desire to train 


  • Slowed muscle building and fat loss results


Stupid Training Mistakes We All Make - Use Training PeriodizationThis paradox is why I always prescribe a short period of high volume training (usually 6-8 weeks), before scaling back and slowly ramping the workload back up.


For those who are new to this concept, it’s known as training periodization.


If you aren’t currently utilizing a periodization strategy, you’re hindering your results to a significant degree and I suggest getting on a periodized training plan as soon as possible.


My Ripped Out transformation system utilizes a highly effective periodized training strategy and you can get started using it right away by clicking here.


The Body’s Protective Mechanism

When the goal is to build muscle mass, we can never build it fast enough. We set unrealistic expectations and think that adding 3 pounds of muscle in a month is just too slow.


I realize that 3 pounds in a month may not sound like much, but that equates to 36lbs of lean muscle being added to your frame in one year. 36lbs of additional muscle mass will make an incredible difference to your physique.


Stupid Training Mistakes We All Make - Lindsay LohanThink about what 36 pounds of steak sitting on a table would look like. Now imagine that spread out across the surface of your body.


You’re crazy if you think that’s not an acceptable amount of muscle to put on in a year’s time!


It’s rarely considered in this light, but the fact that us drug-free lifters are limited to a few pounds of muscle gains per month is actually a good thing.


You see, if the body started pouring its resources into packing on muscle mass as fast as we’d like, we’d end up tearing ligaments and snapping tendons faster than a Lindsay Lohan relapse after a stint in rehab.


I’ll bet you never thought you’d see the likes of Lindsay Lohan on my blog. It’s shocking to me too, believe me.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The next time you’re tempted to follow some crazy Lee Priest two-a-day training routine you read about in Flex Magazine, remember that your steroid-free body will only be able to keep up for a short amount of time before it starts to break down.


Genetic freaks and steroid users don’t play by the same rules as us “average Joes” and trying to train like them is the quickest way to prove it.


Follow a realistic plan for building lean muscle mass, realize that natural muscle gains occur on an order of magnitude of 1-3 pounds per month, and understand that your body needs a break from high volume training in order to prevent injury and maximize your long-term growth.


If you can do this, you’ll be years ahead of where I was 15 years ago as a scrawny teenager looking to get jacked in a matter of a couple of months, only to wind up wallowing in disappointment when I’d only put on a measly 5 pounds after killing myself in the gym for nearly 3 months.



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