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Stupid Mistakes We All Make That Stymie Our Transformation Results – Part 1

  Dec 26th, 2012

Stupid Fitness Mistakes - FailWith the new year rapidly approaching, I suggest you enjoy your gym not being chock full of people while it lasts.


As of January 2nd, gyms across the country will be packed with newbies and those recommitting to their fitness, making it take twice as long for you to do the same amount of work and adding a stressful dimension to your time that’s supposed to induce the opposite effect on your stress levels.


Fortunately for you, by March, ninety percent of those who were crowding the gym in January will have slid back into their sedentary lifestyles. Unfortunately, for them, however, 2014 will be here before they know it and they’ll have made little or no improvement to their health, appearance and self confidence.


A certain portion of those that will fit this description twelve months from now will do so because they simply lacked the willpower and the desire to follow through on the commitments they made to improve their situation.


The remaining pool will be littered with those who made any number of myriad common mistakes that killed their chances of reaching their goals and led them to deciding there was a better way to invest their time and energy.


I know all too well how this feels. Since picking up my first barbell as a teenager over 15 years ago, I’ve made a ton of mistakes and wasted years busting my back with little to show for it.


My being stubborn as an ass is probably the only reason I kept at it long enough to actually figure out all the stupid mistakes I was making.


Despite what my wife says, my being stubborn isn’t always a bad thing. 😉

After celebrating Christmas with my family yesterday, I sat down on the couch and put together a list of all the stupid mistakes people make that keep them from getting the results they desire. In about ten minutes I came up with more than a dozen and the list is sure to continue to grow.


In order to help you avoid making these same mistakes, and stunting your results, I’m going to dedicate a series of upcoming articles to exposing these mistakes and explaining why they’re so detrimental to your progress.


I’m going to kick things off today with two that I’ll bet you can easily identify with…


Stupid Fitness Mistakes Watching What You Eat (Whatever That Means)

Somebody saying they’re watching what they eat is about as non-committal as a celebrity marriage.


Watching what you eat can carry a wide variety of meanings: eating low fat foods, cutting out soda, limiting carbs, timing carbs, abstaining from sweets, etc.


Goals lacking specificity never end well and watching what you’re eating leaves the door open to any number of endless compromises.


For example, restricting soda from your diet isn’t going to make much of a difference if you replace those calories with something similar, like a couple of huge glasses of chocolate milk.


Your nutritional strategy needs to be specific, well-defined and all-encompassing.


Give yourself a certain number of calories each day and stick to it. Make a list of ALL foods that are off limits and keep them out of the house.


I realize this takes a greater degree of discipline, but do you really think you’re going to make any kind of significant progress with a plan as vague as watching what you’re eating?


Sadly, there’s a plethora of well-intentioned men and women who’ve made this mistake, with more being added to the list on a daily basis. Don’t be one of them!


The Extreme Diet Temptation

On the opposite end of the nonchalant dieting spectrum is the temptation we all face to take our nutrition to the extreme.


Extreme dieting is usually associated with fat loss diets, but those looking to add muscle mass often succumb to the same temptation, eating an exorbitant number of calories and ultimately causing them to put on more fat than muscle.


That being said, in my experience, it isn’t all that difficult to keep up with an extreme bulking diet where you get to eat whatever you want whenever you want to in order to guarantee you’re maintaining an excess in calories.


When it comes to extreme caloric restrictions, however, sustainability is always a concern. Don’t believe me? Try restricting your calories to 800 a day.


You may make it through a day or two before it catches up with you, but you’ll quickly become ravenously hungry, your energy levels will plummet, you will loathe the thought of physically exerting yourself and no amount of fat-reducing results will be able to keep you from cheating, which will blast open the door of compromise.


Once you cheat on the commitment you’ve made to yourself, it will make it that much easier to do it again. This is why having the proper perspective on cheat meals is essential.


Regardless of your perspective, though, no diet plan that’s impossible to follow for longer than a couple days at a time is worth considering.


Drastic results take time to accumulate and realistic lifestyle changes that can be sustained for months at a time are the only way to achieve them.


I get how tempting it can be to do whatever you can to accelerate your results. After all, who wants to wait any longer than they have to to finally have their ideal body?


I know I don’t. By the way, I’m certainly not immune to this temptation.


I too have resorted to extreme nutrition plans in the past, but I can also tell you that they’ve never delivered the intended results. Never!


Save yourself the disappointment by instead adopting a moderate, sustainable approach that consistently produces measurable results until your goals have been achieved.


Stupid Fitness Mistakes - Stay Tuned for Part 2Stay Tuned for Part 2…

I hope you’ve found today’s article helpful and encouraging.


In the coming days I’ll be exposing at least a dozen more of the moronic mistakes we all make when attempting to transform our physiques.


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Stay tuned for part 2…


Update: Click here to read part 2 of this article series



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