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Do Yourself a Favor and Stay Fit While You’re Pregnant

  Apr 19th, 2012

Have a Fit Pregnancy As a man, pregnancy is something I obviously haven’t experienced personally. But, I have endured two pregnancies with my wife, along with a number of others pertaining to friends and family members.


Most of these pregnancies led to the mother using their pregnancy as an excuse to eat unhealthy foods in abundance, leading to the addition of numerous pounds of unnecessary weight gain.


Again, I know nothing of what it is like to have another human life solely dependent upon me for survival. Nevertheless, this has been my observation.


My heart breaks for such women after their time being pregnant is over and they struggle to get back their pre-pregnancy figure.


If you are pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant, I hope this article gives you the motivation you need to stay fit (or get fit) during pregnancy and avoid the disparaging feeling of having dozens of unnecessary additional pounds to lose when your pregnancy is over.


As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…


Pregnancy is Not an Excuse to Pound the Calories

As joyous as being pregnant is… Knowing that you’re going to gain a certain amount of weight regardless of what you do can still be a discouraging thought. This leads women to think that since they’re going to gain 20+ pounds anyway, they might as well enjoy themselves and eat whatever they want, whenever they want, throughout the duration of their pregnancy.


If you carry this line of reasoning through your pregnancy, you will regret it!


Most doctors are in agreement that pregnant women need no more than 300 additional calories every day at any time during their pregnancy. If you’re eating more than that, the excess calories are going to go unused and lead to gains in body fat.


Reminding yourself of this fact while you are pregnant can save you months of time taking off the weight after you’ve welcomed your new baby into the world, when it will be much more difficult to find the time and energy to exercise on a daily basis.


Remember, It Takes Time to Lose Fat

If you have ever lost a significant amount of weight, you know it doesn’t come easy. As someone who has lost 60 pounds of fat, I’m acutely aware of how difficult it is to shed every single pound of unwanted body fat.


Whenever I am tempted to stray from my healthy eating habits I remind myself of the hard work and discipline it took to lose all that fat and transform my body.


I see how it can be easy to use pregnancy as an excuse to gorge yourself on food. But you need to understand that every unnecessary additional pound of fat you put on while pregnant can take as long as a week or two to get rid of later on.


Maintaining this perspective will make you think twice before having that extra piece of cake, buying a candy bar from the vending machine at work, or spooning through a pint of ice cream, under the justification that you are eating for two.


You may be eating for two, but this doesn’t require eating twice as much!


Losing Body Fat While Pregnant is Possible

During a visit with the doctor for my wife’s last pregnancy I asked her doctor if losing fat was an option for pregnant women. His answer surprised me…


He said that losing fat is possible while pregnant and that he actually recommends it for women who are entering their pregnancies overweight. He said losing fat while pregnant is accomplished not by finishing your pregnancy at a lower weight than you started, but by mitigating your total weight gain, so after the baby weight is gone you will have less fat than when you conceived.


For example, since normal weight gain for a pregnancy is around 25lbs, if you want to lose 10lbs of fat while you are pregnant, you should shoot for a total weight gain of 15lbs. This will ultimately leave your body 10lbs leaner once your pregnancy ends.


If you’re carrying some extra weight going into your pregnancy, losing fat is possible, and recommended in most situations. Just be sure your doctor clears you before attempting to do so.


Losing the Weight After Pregnancy

After almost a year of being pregnant, and recovering from the rigors of childbirth, your body will need to be re-acclimated to intense physical activity. This can take several weeks, which places a high level of importance on your diet when trying to get rid of your pregnancy weight soon after it is over.


Post-pregnancy diet plans require extra care if you’re breastfeeding. Limiting your calories too excessively can hinder your body’s ability to produce milk. So before starting any diet plan you should meet with your doctor to receive their clearance first.


Once you’re cleared for physical activity your training needs to not only focus on fat burning cardiovascular workouts, but on weight training as well. Your body will have lost muscle mass during your pregnancy and subsequent recovery period. Therefore, your metabolism will be lagging and your body will appear “soft”.


The good news is your muscle levels will bounce back quickly, but you need to train them. The most effective way to quickly lose your pregnancy weight is by combining cardiovascular workouts to reduce your body fat with regular weight training to replenish your muscles and whip your metabolism back into shape.


My book, Ripped Out, details just such a program that would be perfect for any woman who needs to simultaneously lose their pregnancy weight and rebuild their muscles. In fact, if you follow the instructions in Ripped Out, you will develop a body that’ll make your pre-pregnancy body pale by comparison.


Don’t Let Your Pregnancy Be an Excuse for Not Staying Fit

Pregnancy causes significant changes to the body of a woman – there is simply no getting around it. But that needn’t be an excuse for putting on dozens of pounds of unnecessary body fat.


Taking care of your body while pregnant will make getting your figure back that much easier.


If you’re pregnant, the best advice I can give is to stay committed to your health and fitness as much as possible for the duration of your pregnancy.


If you don’t, I promise you’ll regret it when your pregnancy is over!



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