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Our Increasing Lack of Activity is Killing Us – We Need to Stop Sitting and Stop Dying!

  Dec 29th, 2011

During my lunch break at work today I was clicking around a few of my favorite fitness blogs and ended up seeing a large image portraying the impact that excessive sitting is having on people today.


We all know that inactivity is never the ideal situation, from a health perspective, but I had no idea how tangible the negative effects of sitting truly are.


Some people can’t help but sitting in a chair all day because their job demands it. However, what such people do after they leave their work could very well mean the difference between a long life and an early death.


If you sit all day at your job, or tend to be a couch potato at home, this may provide you with a little extra motivation for you to get active and commit to some kind of physical activity each and every day. Your life depends on it!

Sitting is Killing You


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