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  Nov 30th, 2012

Ripped Out Question and AnswerMany people are naturally sketchy about purchasing online fitness programs. And why shouldn’t they be?


There are a ton of imposters and ineffective programs out there that exist solely to extract money from the wallets of unsuspecting customers.


I don’t want to be that guy. No, I will not be that guy! My goal is to be completely transparent with my followers and potential clients so they know what they’re buying before they ever even think about reaching for their pocketbook.


In case you’re new to this site, my book, Ripped Out, details my complete system for getting ripped through a specific, synergistic combination of weight training and feeding the body in such a way that the composition of the body is transformed into the lean and muscular physique we all desire.


What Makes Ripped Out Different

My system is unique because it stems from years of my own personal research and experimentation. There were a number of failures along the way, but when I found something that worked I made sure to hold onto it, while continually tweaking things and measuring my results to make sure my system would be comprised of only the most effective strategies for transforming the body.


Ripped Out is Not Based on TheoryNothing I prescribe in Ripped Out is based on theory alone. It’s based 100% on my own results, and the results of my clients, so there’s absolutely zero doubt about its muscle building and fat shedding effectiveness.


I often receive emails from those who are considering purchasing my program, but are on the fence with a few questions they need answered first. Because so many such inquirers wind up purchasing Ripped Out after receiving my reply, I figured it would be a good idea to start posting my answers to their questions on the site.


After all, for every person that actually takes the time to email me I have to assume there to be a number of others with similar questions that decide not to reach out to me, for one reason or another.


Today I want to share with you the latest exchange I had with one such visitor. Here are his questions and my answers…


His Questions

Thank you for your website. I came across it after a Google search and I have a few questions about your nutrition/exercise program:


1. How long did it take you to get to 178lbs from 240lbs?


2. Is the nutrition piece based on intermittent fasting or 5-6 meals a day?


3. What is the workout component based on?  I am not interested in adding muscle size and therefore typically use heavier weights with 5-7 reps.


My Answers

Thank you for your questions about my system.


It took me about a year to drop those 62lbs of fat, but I was also experimenting and tweaking my program during that time (especially after losing the first 30lbs).


I recently used Ripped Out in its final state to drop over 40lbs and it took me about 8 months to do it. However, for 2 months out of the 8 I took a break from following my nutrition plan, so it was more like 6 months of actually using my system to lose those 40lbs.


Also, during the final month I switched out my diet plan for the Renegade Diet so I could write an honest review for several of my followers who had asked my opinion on it.


You can read about my latest 40lb transformation (and check out my transformation photos) in this article:


Getting Ripped Part 3


If you have a considerable amount of fat to lose, you can expect the fat to come off relatively fast at first, but it will grow slower as you get closer to being ripped. In other words, going from 20% body fat to 15% body fat will happen much faster than going from 15% to 10%.


That being said, I explain in my book exactly how to measure your losses in body fat and how to modify the program to make sure you’re continually losing fat until you have an impressive level of muscle definition that you’re satisfied with.


The Ripped Out Training and Nutrition Protocols

Ripped Out Question on Intermittent FastingMy prescribed nutrition plan is not based on intermittent fasting (IF). It’s based on carbohydrate timing with an emphasis on complete proteins, nutrient ratios and eating frequent meals.


My free Round the Clock Fat Loss system utilizes IF, but I have found that IF can lead to muscle atrophy in certain individuals, which is why I typically don’t prescribe it when muscle building/maintenance is a concern.


I realize there are people who swear by the muscle building/growth hormone benefits of IF, but I haven’t verified that in terms of real world results with myself, or my clients, so I don’t prescribe it.


I’ve also found that most people prefer eating smaller meals more often than having to go an extended period of time without food.


The weight training portion consists of mostly compound lifts in the 5-6 rep range and there is also a cardio component as well. There’s a lot of liberty with the cardio. I give you a few basic instructions to follow, but you’re free to use just about any form of cardio you prefer.


After you’ve been on the program for several weeks I have an automatic email that will be sent to you with instructions for switching up your weight training in such a way that it will induce additional hypertrophy.


Because you’ll be cutting fat, your muscle gains won’t be dramatic, but most people will experience a certain magnitude of additional muscle mass and muscular development while on my system. Again, don’t expect to pack on ten pounds of muscle. However, a small gain in muscle should be expected.


First and foremost, the emphasis of Ripped Out is on providing an exact blueprint for developing an extreme level of muscle definition.


I hope I’ve answered your questions. If there are any other questions I can answer to help you decide if my system is right for you, please don’t hesitate to ask as I’m here to help.


If you do decide to purchase my system, I look forward to working with you (and seeing your results)!



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