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The #1 Results Killer: Your Failure is Certain Unless You Rid Yourself of This Immediately

  Jun 20th, 2013

#1 Reason Why You Aren't Getting ResultsThere’s an epidemic that’s enslaved nearly every fitness enthusiast for the past 15 years, and the internet is the main culprit. Yes, the advent of the internet has proved to be beneficial in many ways.


If you have a question about virtually any subject, an answer or opinion is never more than a Google search away.


This is a great tool when looking for the expected lifespan of a cheetah (I have no idea why I chose that example, but it’s 12-14 years in the wild and up to 17 years in captivity, in case you were wondering).


The information online pertaining to muscle gain and fat loss, on the other hand, is mostly based on subjective conjecture and user experience and is not always so beneficial.


I’m not saying this necessarily makes the information wrong. However, it leaves room for much interpretation as to which training and nutritional strategies are best when successful trainers alike hold to varying philosophies regarding the best way to achieve similar goals.


This has led to the epidemic I alluded to in my opening sentence, which has been aptly coined as “paralysis by over-analysis”.


What I mean is that people have a tendency to become so enamored with searching for information – or trying to find the absolute best way to reach their goals – that they either fail to take action or fail to adhere to any philosophy long enough to truly test its effectiveness or reap any substantial benefit from it.


I recently read a quote that can be paraphrased as follows:


“I don’t give a damn what some study says works, when a guy who looks like I want to look tells me to do something, I listen. I sure as heck don’t question him.”


This is spot on! If you want to know how to succeed in reaching your goals, this is how you do it: You find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve and you do exactly what they tell you to do.


You don’t try to hodge podge together a few select pieces of their advice with other instructions you read on some blog or in a fitness magazine. That is a recipe for guaranteed failure.


You have to understand that significant physical improvements require an approach where training and nutrition are congruent with each other. Changing either can quickly turn them against one another, at worst, or degrade their effectiveness, at best.


And, for the love of Pete, don’t take a plan and start nit-picking it and asking questions like:

“How can I expect to lose fat while eating so many carbs?”


“Why am I only working my abs twice every week? Is this really enough ab training to get a six pack?”


#1 Reason Why You Aren't Getting Results - Carbs at Night“I read that steady state cardio isn’t effective at burning fat, so why are you telling me to do it?”


“Why am I eating so much protein when the body can’t handle more than 40g at a time.”


“I thought eating carbs at night will make me fat?


“Is 3 sets enough to make my muscles grow?”


“This seems like too much lifting. I worry that I’m going to become over-trained.”


These are all questions I’ve fielded from clients. And every one of them was asked before they’d even been following their program for a full week!


It’s tempting at times to ask them, “How about you wait and see how effective what I’m telling you to do is before you begin to question it?”


But I don’t. Largely because I can sympathize with their questions one hundred percent. I used to over think and over analyze everything, too.


I’d start to follow a program and, after reading some seemingly contradictory information that felt like it made sense, I’d start to question what I was doing. Within a few weeks I’d be on to something else and after months of jumping from program to program I’d have little to show for it (except for a couple hundred dollars wasted).


It wasn’t until I consistently followed a single approach for a few months on end that my results started to come.


You Don’t Need to Become a Fitness Expert!

To put it rather bluntly, unless you aspire to become a fitness professional, there’s little benefit for you to consume yourself with extensive research and building an expansive knowledge base for yourself. You have better things to do with your time, right?


Let someone who’s already spent years researching, learning and testing save you the time and frustration so you can focus on the things that are truly important to you. I live, sleep, eat and breathe this stuff. I absolutely love it!


I could read books/articles and study research on improving physical appearance and performance all day every day and it would never get old. In fact, that’s pretty much what I do. I guess what I’m saying is I have a passion for it.


The person who just wants to improve their appearance and health (the vast majority of people) doesn’t need to immerse themselves in the field of fitness. They have their own passions they ought to be pursuing and trying to become a fitness expert will only prove to be counterproductive to those passions.


People simply need a proven plan of attack from someone they can trust that will produce the results they desire. After that, it’s up to them to follow it with utmost consistency. That’s it.


To be perfectly frank, they truly needn’t even concern themselves with understanding why the plan works. They only need to know THAT it works.


I believe it was Vince Gironda who said:


“You should eat what you need to eat to in order to get the results you’re after.”


What he’s saying here is that the only criteria you ought to concern yourself with is whether or not what you’re doing is producing the desired result on your body. That’s it.


Of course, if you’re worried that something you’ve been told to do could be a potential health risk for you, ask your doctor. Your trainer should have already told you to do that anyway.


But don’t go scouring the internet to find every trainer and article you can that criticizes the approach you’ve been given.


If you look hard and long enough, you’re bound to find them. Then, instead of believing in the plan you’ve been given, you’ll start to over-think things, doubt will creep in, you won’t be fully committed, and failure will become inevitable for you.


Do yourself a favor and stop confusing the situation by over-thinking and over-analyzing everything. Believe me when I tell you it will do nothing by stymie your progress.


Find someone that has done to their body what you envision for your own, listen to their advice, don’t question it, commit yourself to their instruction and don’t quit until you’ve scaled to the top of the mountain of success.


P.S. – I’ve transformed my physique from fat to ripped and I know exactly what it will take for you to do the same thing. So, if that is your goal, I’ve got you covered here.



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