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Renegade Diet Review: My Experience Using Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Diet

  Sep 26th, 2012

Renegade Diet ReviewIf you’re looking for a sensationalist review of Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Diet, you aren’t going to find it here.


So, if that is what you’re seeking out, go ahead and do a quick Google search for “Renegade Diet” and click on a few of the results. Over-hyped reviews are what most others put out, but that isn’t what I’m about!


I will never sell out and misrepresent a product for the sake of earning a few commissions. Actually, my experience has been that people are smart enough to spot the phonies and some good ole fashion honesty is almost always better for business in the long run.


For the sake of honesty I want to let you know up front that any links in this article that link to The Renegade Diet are affiliate links which will earn me a small commission if you purchase through them.


I only promote products that I have personally used and will only recommend those I honestly believe will help my followers.


While I don’t agree with every aspect of The Renegade Diet (as you’ll see), my experiences using it have been positive overall and I’m perfectly comfortable recommending it to you as a quality nutritional protocol.


If you have any questions about The Renegade Diet that will help you decide whether or not it’s right for you, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this article (or email me at


How I Got My Copy of the Renegade Diet

Most other reviews of online fitness programs start with a boring intro about how they were initially skeptical, but then some aspect of the program or the fact that it came with a money back guarantee made them change their mind.


I would never bore you with such stupid, boring, insignificant details!


The story of how I received my copy of The Renegade Diet is unique, otherwise I probably wouldn’t bother sharing it.


Jason Ferruggia is one of a select few strength and fitness coaches that I follow and I’ve followed him for almost two years now, mostly through his blog at


In order to stay on top of my game I’m always doing what I can to learn new things and expand my training and nutritional knowledge.


Back in April, Jason hosted a strength and conditioning workshop in New Jersey. Seeing this as an opportunity to learn a thing or two, I signed up as soon as I was able to convince my wife that this was the perfect time for a vacation to New York. 😉


It was a little nerve-racking trekking up there without knowing anyone else that would be at the 2-day workshop, but I wasn’t going to let that keep me away.


Renegade Diet Review - Jason Ferruggia and Craig LeonardThe first day of the workshop began with Jason handing out hard-copies of The Renegade Diet to everyone in attendance.


The photo to the right of Jason and I was taken after a full day of training hard and I was beat! I’m not sure why I look balder than usual…


It must be the lighting. 🙂


Anyway, it was cool to meet Jay and expand my horizons.


I started reading The Renegade Diet in my hotel room that night and finished it during my flight back to St. Louis the next day.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and thought Jason did a great job of writing in both an entertaining and informative manner (which he usually does), but it would be several weeks before I would actually put his instructions to use.


Getting Started with the Renegade Diet

I’m an optimistic person, so before I get into anything negative, I want to first point out an aspect of Jason’s book that I found particularly helpful. I actually found it so useful that I decided to use it in my Round the Clock Fat Loss program.


At the end of every chapter Jason provides a quick start checklist that itemizes the important action items to be taken away from each chapter. At the end of the book there’s also a complete checklist that summarizes the instructions provided throughout the book’s various chapters.


These checklists saved me lots of time when getting started. Instead of having to re-read entire chapters I could simply reference the checklists, which was quick and convenient.


There’s also a grocery list provided. This made planning the foods I would need to buy a cinch. I simply went through and highlighted the foods that I wanted to eat and then added them to my grocery list for the week.


That’s enough of a five thousand foot view. On to my experiences actually using The Renegade Diet…


The Morning Fast Paradox

Intermittent fasting is a strategy prescribed in The Renegade Diet, but it isn’t utilized in the traditional sense of not eating for a full twenty four hours or more.


Jason’s strategy involves skipping breakfast. Simple enough, right?


I was using the instructions in Renegade Diet as a means of cutting a few final pounds to get below 10% body fat, so I wasn’t eating a considerable number of calories.


Since I was cutting fat anyway, skipping breakfast wasn’t a big deal and I believe this was definitely beneficial for accelerating my fat loss results – especially since I was doing cardio in the morning. You can see my fat loss transformation photos from using The Renegade Diet here.


This strategy doesn’t seem to make as much sense when it comes to adding muscle. Since the majority of calories are eaten at night (before bed) with The Renegade Diet, it can be difficult to squeeze in two or three thousand clean calories within the 3-4 hour window of “over-eating” that Jason allows.


For those that plan on using The Renegade Diet to build muscle, I’d recommend adding a high protein, low carb breakfast to the mix to help increase your protein intake, spread it out more evenly throughout the day, and make it easier to get your calories in for the day.


I have been doing this as a muscle building experiment for the past few weeks and the results have been good so far. I’ve added about four pounds of muscle with little or no fat accumulation.


Renegade Diet Review - Paleo ProtocolsThe Renegade Diet Paleo Protocol

I’m not sure if Jason ever specifically says his diet is paleo-centric, but the theme is definitely there. Paleo diets can be best explained as exclusively eating natural, unprocessed foods.


Meats, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables are all acceptable. Although, there are stipulations on when you should eat these things and which ones are acceptable, depending on which meal of the day you’re eating.


I can’t honestly say I have anything against this type of diet since I’m intentional about eating natural foods as often as possible and always recommend others to do the same (see rule #3 of my 6 rules for living lean and healthy).


The one complaint I have pertains to the restrictions on which foods are acceptable to eat for the meals consumed at times before training. I felt like I was eating trees of broccoli every week and the amount of salad I was ingesting became overwhelming.


It seemed like the low carb side options allowed for these meals was extremely limited, which caused my eating to become redundant and boring.


The after training, over-eating window is much more satisfying. You’re encouraged to eat liberal food portions with a much larger variety of allowable foods: meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, rice, berries, sweet potatoes, and quinoa, to name a few.


Other than having to eat a lot of food at once this was a part of The Renegade Diet I found to be much more conducive to the average person’s schedule consisting of a busy day at work followed by some time to unwind with a large dinner at night.


Before I move on I want to explain what is probably the most frustrating part of following The Renegade Diet – my late afternoon hunger.


I don’t usually get to train until around 6:30pm. Following the RD protocol, after fasting in the morning I typically eat two meals before my training session, with my last pre-training meal being consumed at around 3:30.


Every day at 5:30pm or so I am really hungry! I’m talking ravenous.


I think my training time is a little later than what Jason had in mind in his book, but that is the best I could do with my schedule. Sometimes I go ahead and eat a piece of fruit to quench my hunger before training, but most of the time I just deal with it.


But I also know that I’m more disciplined than most when it comes to dealing with my hunger and I’m not sure how easy it would be for those with a schedule similar to mine to stick with it.


Just be aware that there will likely be a certain level of hunger you’ll be dealing with if you train in the late afternoon or evening hours.


The Renegade Diet Supplement Recommendations

The chapter in The Renegade Diet that turned me off more than any other was the chapter dedicated to supplements. Actually, this was the only chapter I found to be unsettling.


Renegade Diet Review - Too Many SupplementsJason recommends six different supplements, ranging from grass fed whey protein powder to trans-dermal magnesium oil. The turnoff wasn’t the fact that supplements were recommended. I pretty much expected that.


The turnoff was the fact that if I wanted to give Jason’s recommendations an honest run, and use all of the supplements he recommends, it would have cost me over two hundred dollars a month!


I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money to me. Especially for products that I’ve tried in the past with little or no difference to my results.


I decided to settle on substituting an Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein for the grass fed whey protein, using a vitamin D supplement and BCAAs. I ignored the rest.


My results were still good and my opinion is that the nutritional aspects of The Renegade Diet are the real bread and butter anyway.


The supplements may provide a small acceleration to your results, but I have my doubts whether it’s anything more than negligible.


If you decide to try The Renegade Diet, I leave it up to you to decide which supplements you’ll incorporate. But I wanted to give you a heads up on what to expect.


The Renegade Diet is Not a Training Program

Other than a brief couple of pages at the end of the book, Jason is mostly silent on the topic of training. This isn’t to say that the information he does provide isn’t solid. Just that it isn’t an all-encompassing training plan for building muscle and/or shedding fat.


Unless you’re a personal trainer or a seasoned vet in the “iron game” you’re likely going to have to look elsewhere for a training regimen that compliments your goals.


That being said, The Renegade Diet does deliver on everything related to nutrition and has my blessing as a product I can be 100% confident in recommending to anyone needing a nutritional guide for losing fat or building muscle.


While I don’t agree with every one of Jason’s philosophies, I still have to say that his book is unique, cutting edge and is effective at achieving its purpose of giving men and women a viable means of losing fat, building muscle and living healthy.


Whether you decide to give it a try or not, I hope you’ve found my review to be helpful in making your decision.


Again, my intention isn’t to sell you on anything – that’s Jason’s job. My purpose in writing this is to give you an honest assessment of my experience using The Renegade Diet so you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for you.


If you do decide to give it a try, I would greatly appreciate if you would buy through any of the affiliate links on this page (or this one) as a means of supporting me and all the hard work I put in on a weekly basis helping others avoid buying crap they don’t need and giving them expert advice and motivation for living fit, strong, healthy and ripped.


If you have any questions about The Renegade Diet please feel free to drop me a comment below.



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