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4 Fat-Torching Reasons to Workout in the Morning

  Mar 5th, 2013

Morning Workouts to Burn FatWhen it comes to muscle building and fat loss, people are always looking to analyze every little minutia. Such over-analyzing often turns out to be nothing more than an exercise in futility.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked questions about piddly little details from someone whose diet and training is nowhere near dialed in. Worrying about drop-sets, muscle confusion or fat loss supplements is useless if you’re not training and feeding your body for the results you’re after anyway.


Nevertheless, today I’m going to cover what is certainly a minor detail, but is one that can make a difference to your physique if your training and diet are already dialed in and you’re looking for an edge to further enhance your results.


With all of the other crap people worry about, I wonder why I don’t hear more people asking about whether or not the time of day they choose to train can make a difference in their results.


While the timing of your training isn’t going to be a deal breaker between getting ripped and not getting ripped, I’m a firm believer that training in the morning is the best way to shed body fat and transform the body in general.


So, if you’re looking to get the most for your efforts, I recommend setting your alarm a little earlier in the morning and heading to the gym.


Let me tell you why…


Testosterone Levels Are Elevated in the Morning

The fat-shedding and muscle gaining benefits testosterone provides are no mystery. These benefits are why overzealous men and women fall prey to the temptation to inject themselves with synthetic versions of testosterone in order to get jacked as fast as possible.


Many people don’t realize, however, that the body’s testosterone levels actually follow a cyrcadian clock, meaning that a person’s testosterone levels follow a predictable 24-hour cycle.


Morning Workouts for Fat Loss - Testosterone


You’ll notice in the chart above that the time of day when testosterone levels are at their maxim is from 4-8am. If any of you guys ever wondered why you wake up pitching a tent with the bed sheets, your heightened testosterone is to blame… or thank… I’ll let you decide which way you want to go with that one. 😉


Because your testosterone levels are naturally elevated during the morning hours, training during this window of time will give you a fat-shedding and muscle building advantage.


In case you’re wondering… I have had a good deal of personal success with training in the morning.


Now, there are obviously a number of factors at work here and I’ve made incredible improvements to my body after that time while training almost exclusively in the evenings.


Still, as time goes on I wonder if this may have been less of a coincidence than I first thought. Let’s look at another reason why training in the morning is so effective at transforming the body’s composition.


Morning Workouts, Low Glucose and Fat Loss

If you’ve read much of my work you’re already aware that I’m a huge proponent of timing conditioning workouts so that they’re performed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.


This is intentional. Training in a fasted state, before your first meal, provides the optimum fat-oxidation window because the glucose in your blood will be at its lowest point and your body will be forced to oxidize its fat reserves to fuel your workout.


Remember, glucose is much easier to breakdown and use for energy than fat (or muscle tissue). This is why it’s your body’s preferred energy source.


As long as your body has plenty of glucose at its disposal your fat losses are going to suffer.


The body isn’t as concerned with getting rid of its unsightly fat reserves as you are, so you have to employ a few tricks to get around its stubbornness. Training in the morning will leave your body no choice but to start digging into its stored energy reserves and will force your body to torch off unwanted body fat.


Morning Workouts Align Your Decisions for the Day

There’s something about a morning workout that aligns your decisions with your physique goals for the rest of day. Perhaps it’s the subconscious feeling of not wanting your efforts to go to waste.


I don’t know, but somehow a plate of chicken wings is always easier to decline after you’ve taken the effort to drag yourself out of bed for an a.m. training session.


Whatever it is, the difference a morning workout has on your decision making for the rest of the day is unmistakable. Working out in the morning is great way to get your mind right from the start of your day.


Morning Workouts Jolt Your Metabolism

An intense workout in the morning will not only provide fat-reducing benefits while you’re training but for hours afterward, as well, while your metabolism remains vamped up for hours afterward.


This is even more beneficial if you choose to fast for a few hours after your workout before eating your first meal of the day.


Combining your fasted-state with bottomed out glucose reserves and a heightened metabolism for a few hours after training is a great way to continue losing fat at breakneck speed during the hours that follow your morning workout, which is why I prescribe just such a plan of attack in ‘Round the Clock Fat Loss, my free fat-shedding system you’ll want to be sure to get your hands on (if you haven’t already).


For those of you meat-heads like me who’re concerned with building and maintaining muscle mass, fasting after training is obviously not a great idea as you’ll want to provide your muscles with the nourishment they need to build and recover as soon as possible after breaking them down.


Feeding your muscles immediately after tearing them down is absolutely essential if you don’t want to experience muscular atrophy.


Workout in the Morning - BCAA SupplementAn effective way to get the fat-shredding benefits morning workouts provide while not having to fret about losing muscle is to simply take 5 grams of BCAAs immediately before and after you train, especially if you’re going to train in a fasted state and remain fasted for any length of time after training.


The BCAAs will prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue that can occur after your body’s glucose and glycogen reserves have been depleted and are not immediately replenished.


This is because freshly consumed BCAAs are more easily broken down than muscle tissue proteins, so they will serve as a primary energy source that won’t lead to a spike in blood sugar (like carbs) while still protecting your muscle tissue from being broken down and used as energy.


Morning workouts aren’t for everyone, but the morning hours are prime time for training if you can fit it in with your schedule.


Your heightened testosterone levels, depleted glucose reserves and metabolic enhancement you’ll receive during the morning hours are benefits that will pay dividends on your physique that simply can’t be realized at any other time of day.


So, if you’re looking for an edge to enhance your results, try rolling out of bed an hour earlier.



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