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Thinking About Purchasing an Online Bodybuilding Program? Read This First!

  Aug 3rd, 2011

I am a follower of, or subscriber to, several different fitness and bodybuilding blogs. As such, when a prominent figure in the online bodybuilding community comes out with a new program, I am sure to hear about it (probably before it is even released) as the various blog owners that I follow begin gearing up to promote the “latest and greatest” program to hit the market.


Over the years I have noticed a few things pertaining to online bodybuilding programs that don’t sit well with me:


All of the prominent blog owners seem to work together promoting each other’s programs


Those promoting bodybuilding programs have rarely actually used the program they are promoting


Many of the programs are being produced by obvious steroid users claiming that the secrets exposed in their programs are the key to their success


Almost all of the authors are supplement-sponsored and will require you to use a certain range of supplements as part of their program – even if they are completely unnecessary


The programs are usually regurgitated crap in a pretty package that only serve as a means of getting you to buy their product – and eventually buy their supplements


The Online Bodybuilding Powers

When a new bodybuilding program is getting ready to be released I will receive emails from 5 or 6 blog owners of blogs that I subscribe to telling me all about how awesome this new program is and why I absolutely have to have it. I often notice, however, that they never give mention of their personal experiences using the program.


The ugly truth is that they are simply recommending me a program that they have never used (and never intend to use) with the sole intention of selling me a product that will earn them a commission. And they all return the favor to each other. I find it ironic that the select few quality bodybuilding programs that I have purchased online have never been promoted by any of these “internet giants”.


I certainly don’t mind being recommended a quality product by someone who can vouch for its effectiveness, but I find it quite telling when I am being offered the same product by 5 or more people, and none of them even deemed the product worthy of trying out for a few weeks.


While I still enjoy the engaging content written on many of the blogs that are run by these individuals, I will continue to be skeptical when they recommend me a product that they have not personally used and experienced for themselves.


Bodybuilder on Steroids

The Steroid Deception

Many sales pages for bodybuilding programs implement the same technique that is used within the majority of supplement ads found in bodybuilding magazines. They feature a picture of some ripped out guy that is an obvious steroid user claiming that he uses the supplement being advertised.


I am not here to debate whether or not those individuals actually use those supplements or not. I am here to tell you that their unnaturally muscular physiques are not attributable to their taking of any mix of over the counter supplements, but is the result of anabolic steroid use – period!.


So, why does this matter when you are considering buying a bodybuilding program?


First, their eye-catching photo of their muscular physique is not a result of the actual program – even if that is the intended subliminal message.


Second, how can you really trust a program that has been designed by someone who cheats by using synthetic steroids, which would produce an impressively muscular physique, regardless of which program they were following?


You want to buy a program that has been designed, and used, by someone who is not a steroid user, but an “average Joe” who has gotten the results you are looking for using the exact same program they are selling. Unless you are a steroid user, but then you have bigger problems to worry about.


This deception of bodybuilding programs being written and sold by pro bodybuilding steroid users is rampant online today. In fact, just this morning I received two emails about a well-known pro bodybuilder releasing his latest bodybuilding program. The sales page for this program is very impressive with a picture of this guy jacked out of his mind. I have no doubt that many will take the bait and purchase the program thinking that will get them similar results – not a chance!


Misinformation such as this is part of what has driven me to start working on a new book in which I will explain the exact methods that I used to get the ripped body that you see above. Because I am an average guy, with average genetics, who doesn’t use steroids, you can trust my instructions to help you transform your body wholeheartedly.


I hope to have my program available by the first of the year. If you want to make sure that you are one of the first to purchase my book (at a discounted price), be sure to subscribe to this site as my subscribers will be given access to my book before anyone else and will be given a significant discount as my way of saying thank you for supporting


On to the issue of supplements…


Supplement Stack

Supplement Sponsored Authors

Another disturbing common factor that I see among those selling bodybuilding programs online is that of supplement pushing. I might be the first person that you have ever heard say this, but supplements are not necessary for dramatic physical transformations. Certain supplements may have a minor impact on your results, but my experience has been that most supplements are not worth the cost.


You need to be aware that most online programs will include recommendations for you to purchase various supplements, or stacks of supplements, in order for you to see satisfactory results. If the program is worth anything, this will be an outright lie.


The body that I have built is the result of training and nutrition alone. Any supplements that I use are taken with the understanding that they may have a minor impact on my results, but that the results they may provide are negligible when compared to the proper combination of training and nutrition.


With a little research I actually discovered that the authors of several of the programs that I purchased were actually sponsored by one or more supplement companies. In some of the cases the author would disclose their affiliation with a supplement company, but in other instances it was not as easy to discern.


The problem with purchasing a program from a supplement sponsored bodybuilder is that it is impossible to determine if their program is worth purchasing, or if they are simply trying to bait you in as a way to make you a customer for purchasing their supplements month after month.


As a rule of thumb, I would say that you should stay away from purchasing any bodybuilding or fitness program that is authored by someone who is supplement sponsored.


Finding a Quality Online Bodybuilding Program Isn’t Easy

The presence of dozens of online bodybuilding superpowers working together, combined with the deceptions of steroid use and supplement pushing, can make finding a quality online bodybuilding program all but impossible. While there are a select few programs that I could recommend to you, I have decided to write my own bodybuilding program for getting ripped – one that I stand behind and that you can trust in 100%.


Instead of wasting your money on some ineffective program that only exists to suck the money out of your wallet, I hope that you will consider purchasing my bodybuilding program for getting ripped, once it is available (it’s now available – get it here). Lifetime email support is included with your purchase and I can assure you that I will do everything within my power to ensure that you get an impressive physique that you can be proud of.


I hope to have my book ready for release in December of 2011. Be sure to subscribe to to take advantage of being the first to have access to my program at a highly discounted price.


If nothing else, I sincerely hope that this posting has at least opened your eyes to the misleading tactics employed by many authors of online bodybuilding programs as a means of extracting money from your wallet in order to pad theirs – without even providing you with a quality program that will get you the results you so desperately desire.


Do you have an experience with purchasing an online bodybuilding program or fitness program that you would like to share? Please join the discussion by leaving your comment or question in the comment box below.



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