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What’s The Best Whey Protein Supplement?

  Jul 27th, 2013

Best Whey Protein SupplementYou probably know that I’m not a big proponent of supplements. Well, most supplements that is.


The masses tend to over-rely on them with the hopes that investing hundreds in supplements each month will somehow compensate for their poor training and nutritional regimen.


In addition, most supplements contain ingredients and chemicals that have been largely untested and ingesting them may be compromising your long-term health.


Not all supplements fit this description, though. In fact, there are a handful that I use on a daily basis because they are completely natural, safe and –most importantly – they enhance my life in one way or another.


It wasn’t always this way. At one point I was spending a couple hundred dollars on supplements every month and there was no continuity from month to month.


Every few weeks I’d head up to the supplement store and grab a few of the latest supplements that promised to make me leaner, bigger, stronger or all of the above. When I didn’t get the results I was promised, I’d move on to the next stack of supplements.


Thankfully, I eventually came to my senses and correctly concluded that my mediocre results were the consequence of an ineffective combination of training and nutrition. Read More

9 Tips to Help You Lose Fat Faster

  Jul 18th, 2013

Lose Fat Faster - Belly FatWant to lose fat faster? Of course you do. Who doesn’t?


Because I’ve been immersing myself in training and nutritional concepts for a number of years now, I am prone to making the mistake of thinking that much of the wisdom I’ve gained over the years is common knowledge.


In talking with others during the past several weeks I’ve been starkly reminded that this isn’t the case.


Truth be told, the average overweight and/or obese person has little clue of what they ought to be doing to take control of their situation beyond limiting calories and exercising.


Maintaining a caloric deficit is required to lose fat at an optimal pace, but there’s more to it than that, as there are a number of secondary principles that will help you lose your unwanted fat that much faster.


Many such tertiary fat loss strategies tend to fly under the radar, so I’d like to bring them to the forefront and provide you with 9 of my best tips to help you lose fat faster.


Depending on your experience and knowledge base, some of this may be review for you. Still, it never hurts to be reminded of what you need to do to improve your body as fast as possible and I’m confident there’s something in the list below that even you seasoned peeps can take away from it. Read More

What to Do When You’re Too Busy to Exercise and Eat Healthy

  Jul 16th, 2013

Too Busy to ExerciseDo you feel like you’re too busy to exercise, eat healthy and improve your physique? Join the club!


Seriously, hectic schedules are pretty much the norm these days. And, unfortunately, exercise and healthy eating tend to take a backseat to things of lesser long-term importance.


Oftentimes, though, fitness gets placed on the back-burner as a result of the ideal situation being unachievable and is then justified through the thinking that anything less than ideal would lead to failure.


This line of thinking is flawed. After all, any bit of exercise and healthy eating is infinitely better than none at all.


Also, many times there are incredibly effective means of achieving your goals by implementing methods of doing so that are more conducive to your lifestyle.


For example, I received an email this morning from a man who works for an airline as part of the cabin crew. His hectic work schedule and constant travel has led to a great deal of frustration and has caused him to begin doubting whether attaining a high level of fitness will ever be in the cards for him.


As many people struggle with similar concerns in this day and age, I thought it would be helpful to share his question, along with my response. If you struggle with feeling like you’re too busy to exercise and eat healthy, I believe you’ll find this to be extremely helpful. Read More

Attention Skinny Dudes: Eat Like This to Get Jacked

  Jun 21st, 2013

Eating to Go From Skinny to JackedMy youngest brother-in-law, Brendan, recently completed his junior year of high school. He’s athletic, but lacking in size and strength.


A few weeks back he asked if I could help him pack on as much size and strength as possible before the start of his senior year. At 17 years old and having never been properly trained and fed, his body is primed for growth.


I put him on the Ripped Out training plan, because it’s the perfect plan of attack for overloading the muscles and forcing them to grow. The nutrition instructions in Ripped Out, on the other hand, wouldn’t do him much good.


You see, Brendan has a body type that requires a very unique nutritional approach. The specific nutritional approach I’m referring to is unique in that it’s one that most of us can’t get away with.


Brendan’s physique is reminiscent of the one I was walking around with at his age. He is lean and has solid abdominal definition, but is barely pushing 160lbs at a height of around 6′.


When I talk about having a body type that lends itself to a specific nutritional approach it’s important that I clarify that this strategy does not apply to ALL skinny dudes. Skinny-fat individuals should NOT follow the advice in this article. Read More

The #1 Results Killer: Your Failure is Certain Unless You Rid Yourself of This Immediately

  Jun 20th, 2013

#1 Reason Why You Aren't Getting ResultsThere’s an epidemic that’s enslaved nearly every fitness enthusiast for the past 15 years, and the internet is the main culprit. Yes, the advent of the internet has proved to be beneficial in many ways.


If you have a question about virtually any subject, an answer or opinion is never more than a Google search away.


This is a great tool when looking for the expected lifespan of a cheetah (I have no idea why I chose that example, but it’s 12-14 years in the wild and up to 17 years in captivity, in case you were wondering).


The information online pertaining to muscle gain and fat loss, on the other hand, is mostly based on subjective conjecture and user experience and is not always so beneficial.


I’m not saying this necessarily makes the information wrong. However, it leaves room for much interpretation as to which training and nutritional strategies are best when successful trainers alike hold to varying philosophies regarding the best way to achieve similar goals.


This has led to the epidemic I alluded to in my opening sentence, which has been aptly coined as “paralysis by over-analysis”. Read More

What to Do When Trying to Gain Muscle and Carbs are Making You Fat

  Jun 14th, 2013

When Carbs Make You FatConventional wisdom tells us that if we want to build more muscle we need to eat more carbs.


It also tells us that we have to eat 6 meals every day to get and stay lean. I’ve already debunked that myth with authority, so there’s no need to continue pouring salt into that gaping wound.


These two prevailing philosophies aren’t exactly on par in terms of their deceptive prowess. Frequent eating enhancing the metabolism and accelerating fat loss is an outright lie.


Carbs, on the other hand, are indisputably anabolic and absolutely induce a muscle gaining response. The error with this advice doesn’t lie in the principle. The error appears when this advice is applied dogmatically as the only way to build muscle. Read More

Harnessing Willpower in the Fight to Control Your Diet

  May 28th, 2013

Control Your DietAs we were driving home from a visit to my parents’ house this past Saturday my wife mentioned how she has been struggling to eat healthy foods – and eat them in portions that will allow her to maintain the caloric deficit required for her to continue progressing toward her goals.


I gave her a rather generic, but oh-so-truthful response, that controlling the diet is a battle of the wills.


In the blue corner you have the crafty, brazen, battle-hardened, fearless warrior.


He is unrelenting and untiring, ready to pound at your conscience until you’re convinced that eating a buffalo chicken pizza and washing it down with a banana split is completely harmless.


In the red corner you have the image of a better you, your unlocked potential that can only be realized through consistent training and nutritional discipline. Read More

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