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Nutrition Tracking: Run Your Nutrition, Don’t Let It Run You

  Apr 10th, 2013

Nutrition Tracking LogAsk the average person how many calories they’re consuming on a daily basis and you’re likely to be given a look of bewilderment.


If you want to end the conversation, just ask them to give their daily macronutrient totals.


Most people have absolutely zero idea how much they’re eating or what basic nutrients they’re feeding their bodies.


Let’s be honest.


Nutrition tracking is about as much fun as jabbing yourself in the eye with a dull pencil.


It sucks!


Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil for anyone who’s just starting out. You have to learn how and what to eat to induce change on your body and simply watching what you eat just isn’t going to cut it.


This is why every personal client of mine (and those using Ripped Out) will start their programs tracking their nutrition. I get that it’s inconvenient, but if you aren’t willing to learn how to feed your body for the results you desire you may as well get used to looking less than impressive.


Nutrition Tracking Should Be Temporary!

The good news… You don’t have to worry about nutrition tracking forever (at least not to the tee).


After several months of counting your calories and nutrients you’re going to get burnt out. Even if you’re getting solid results (as you should be) it’s just too much of a hassle to deal with for much longer than that.


Besides, the way you eat should ultimately become a lifestyle. It shouldn’t feel like your second job.


Renegade Inner Circle Card - Nutrition TrackingI recently joined the Renegade Inner Circle. It’s a community of thousands of men and women who take living strong, lean, fit and healthy seriously. 


The owner, Jason Ferruggia, provides weekly workouts, stretching & mobility drills and daily interaction in the forum answering various questions posted by the members.


If you want to have your training planned out for you on a weekly basis, while expanding your training and nutritional knowledge, I can’t recommend joining the Renegade Inner Circle highly enough.


Upon joining the Renegade Inner Circle I posted a quick intro of myself in the forum, along with a short blurb about my short and long-term goals. I received the following reply from one of the members who just so happens to also be a follower of this site:


“Try calculating roughly on your macros, there’s an app called ‘MyFitnessPal’ and its free.”


In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with this advice. Knowing where your macros fall is absolutely essential.


But tracking every piece of food throughout the day is completely unnecessary for me at this point. After more than a year of tracking my food I can now “eyeball” my foods and get my nutrition close enough.


I still keep a mental log of what I’m eating so I can make adjustments when necessary, but never again will I need to resort to weighing out my food and keeping a food log.


Nutrition is a Lifestyle Choice

The way I eat has become a lifestyle. I know the foods I want to eat, I know when I want to eat them and I have a good idea of how much of them I want to eat.


While nutrition tracking is 100% essential when getting started (and for the first several months after that), you’ll eventually gain a level of knowledge and experience where you can ditch the food log and digital food scale, for good.


Nutrition Tracking - Make It a LifestyleAs a general rule, after 6 months you should be much more comfortable estimating your nutritional needs. If you ever notice your physique getting out of hand, you’ll obviously want to go back to tracking your nutrition on a temporary basis (and re-examining your training plan) just to figure out what’s off.


Nutrition tracking should always be viewed as a temporary implement. It simply isn’t sustainable as a long-term solution.


Any diet that isn’t sustainable is temporary; any diet that is temporary will end in failure.


Track your nutrition, learn how to feed your body for the results you desire and make it part of your lifestyle.


Run your nutrition, don’t let it run you.



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