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Muscle Building for Women: Why Women Should Embrace Bodybuilding and the Muscle Building Results It Can Provide

  Apr 27th, 2011

Muscle Building For WomenIn many ways muscle building for women is not much different than muscle building for men in terms of the nutrition and training techniques required to stimulate muscle growth.


When compared to men, there are certain differences in the physiological makeup of women that cause their muscle hypertrophy results to be considerably slower, with the most notable difference being the levels of testosterone produced in men and women.


Testosterone is a hormone that is produced naturally by the body that aids in muscle growth, fat burning and immune system response.


Because females produce a much smaller amount of testosterone, muscle building for women will typically occur at a much slower pace than that of men.


This may seem like bad news for women looking to gain muscle mass. However, for most women, the types of muscle gains they will get are exactly what they are looking for.


Let me explain what I mean…


The majority of ladies turn to muscle building for women as a way to tone and tighten their bodies – which is exactly what building muscle will do for them!


As I alluded to above, the physiological makeup of women is such that they will not naturally pack on large amounts of muscle mass.


It is for this reason that, when women consistently weight train with high intensity, they will ultimately end up with a toned body instead of looking unattractively muscular and masculine.


As a man, I am personally happy that natural muscle building for women produces the tight and muscular physique that it does, instead of resulting in the type of results you see on the steroid-using women participating in the major female bodybuilding championships on television.


Muscle Building for Women to Get Toned

Muscle building for women is the perfect way for females to tone their bodies, boost their self-esteem, feel stronger and look sexier.


The best weight training for transforming the bodies of men and women is exactly the same. While the end result will look different, muscle building for women is accomplished with consistent and intense weight training combined with a nutrition plan that is aligned with their personal fitness goals.


Learn how to build the ideal female physique.



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