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3 Tips for Increasing Your Male Muscle Growth to Get a Strong and Muscular Physique

  Apr 12th, 2011
Muscle GrowthMale muscle growth occurs naturally as males grow during adolescence and into adulthood. However, most young men are less than satisfied with the amount of male muscle growth that they experience and turn to weight training to build muscle mass faster.

Muscle building requires resistance training to break down your muscle fibers along with muscle building nutrition that your body will use to rebuild your muscles and add new muscle mass in the process. For a detailed look at feeding your body for maximizing muscle growth, you will want to check out this posting:

Gain Muscle Size

Male Muscle Growth Training

Training for muscle growth requires consistently stressing your muscles beyond their current capacity. The best way to accomplish this is through weight training.

Here are some of the best training techniques to provide maximum muscle stimulation for fast male muscle growth:

1. Lifting to Full Muscle Failure

2. Consistently Increasing Resistance

3. Fascial Stretching

Lifting to Full Muscle Failure

Lifting to muscle failure is essential for quickly gaining muscle mass. Lifting to failure ensures that you are leaving nothing on the table and that your muscles are worked as far and as hard as they can possibly be trained during every set of every lift throughout your workout.

If you are not lifting to failure, you are depriving yourself from getting the most out of your workouts and are severely limiting your male muscle growth potential. In fact, I have witnessed individuals increase their max bench press weights by 20% in 4 weeks just by performing each 3-5 rep set to failure.

Lifting to full muscle failure is a very easy male muscle growth technique to implement. Although, it may require a spotter for certain lifts in order to ensure your safety.

Lifting to failure is reached by performing each set of your lifts for as many full reps as you can perform, followed by as many partial reps as you can perform, until you can no longer move the weight from its starting position.

For example, if you are performing the bench press lift, you will start by pushing out as many full reps as you can. Once you can no longer complete a full rep, you will push the bar away from your chest as far as possible, as many times as possible, until you can no longer move the bar off of your chest.

Consistently Increasing Resistance

Fast muscle growth requires consistently exerting greater and greater stress on your muscles. This will ensure that you are continually giving your muscles a reason to grow larger and larger through muscle hypertrophy. If you are always lifting the same amount of weight for the same number of reps your male muscle growth gains will be minimal.

One of the best ways to make sure that your muscles are constantly growing is to periodically increase the resistance of your lifts. This will induce greater stress on your muscles and leads to noticeable strength increases and muscle gains.

Even if you aren’t sure you can handle any more weight, if you have been using the same weight on a lift for a couple of weeks, add more weight and pump out as many reps as you can. Most of the time you will be pleasantly surprised that you can do more reps than you expected.

Even if you can’t do as many reps as you would like, keep lifting this increased weight and your body will be forced to grow. Before long you will be ripping out more reps at this new weight and will need to increase your resistance again as your male muscle growth continues.

Fascial Stretching for Male Muscle Growth

Fascial stretching is a little known male muscle growth technique that forces your muscle fibers to expand, preparing them for fuller and faster growth.

After completing the last set of a given lift, you will immediately stretch the muscle group that was just worked for 20-30 seconds. This will provide an extreme stretch and expanding of your muscle fibers, which enables them to grow larger in a shorter amount of time, maximizing your male muscle growth results.


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