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Lower Ab Workouts for Women

  Jun 17th, 2011

Lower Ab Workouts For WomenLower ab workouts for women is a popular topic because the lower stomach region is one of the most common areas for women to store fat and is also, unfortunately, one of the last places for fat to fall off.


I am going to list a few of the most effective lower ab workouts for women, but it is important that you understand that performing ab exercises is a very small factor in determining your level of stomach fat when compared to your diet.


Having lean and sexy abdominals requires lowering your body fat levels to the point where your ab muscles are no longer hidden under layers of stomach fat.


While performing various abdominal exercises will help to develop your ab muscles, following a fat loss nutrition plan and consistently performing fat loss cardio workouts, is the most effective way to burn stomach fat, flatten your belly and get sexy abs.


Here are two links to help you get started with eating for fat loss and getting the best fat burning cardio results:


Carb Cycling for Weight Loss


Best Cardio for Weight Loss


My Recommended Lower Ab Workouts for Women

The best ab exercise for developing the lower abdominals, that should be included with all lower ab workouts for women, is actually the abdominal crunch.


The crunch exercise is not typically known as a lower abdominal exercise, but by performing them in a slightly different way, you can use crunches to work your entire abdominal region.


Performing crunches to work your entire abdominal area is done by completing the normal crunch movement with your hands across your chest, except you will also raise your feet off of the floor until your elbows meet your knees, at which point, you will hold at this peak position for about one second before allowing your back and feet to return to the floor.


The raising of your knees incorporates your lower abdominals along with your mid and upper abdominals – all in one single movement!


Straight Leg Raises

The only other exercise I recommend for complete lower ab workouts for women is straight leg raises.

Straight leg raises are performed by laying on your back while resting on your elbows and upper buttocks. While keeping your legs as straight as possible, you will then lift your feet as high off of the floor as you can and hold them at their peak position for about one second.


With abdominal crunches or straight leg raises, you want to perform as many reps as possible until you cannot perform another full rep which will complete your set.


For the best results, I recommend doing 3 sets of each of these ab exercises just before starting your cardio workout. Most cardio exercises will involve your abs as stabilizing muscles and exhausting your abs before your cardio workouts will help to get the most abdominal fat burning results from your cardio workouts.


This posting is dedicated to lower ab workouts for women, but these exercises can certainly be used by men to fully develop their abdominals as well.


As I mentioned earlier, getting six pack abs is only possible by lowering your body fat until your abs are finally visible. If you do not have visible abs, you will need to concentrate on burning fat by combining an effective fat burning diet plan with consistent cardio exercise.


Here are the 2 links I shared above to help get you started with combining an effective diet and cardio routine to compliment these lower ab workouts for women:


Carb Cycling for Weight Loss


Best Cardio for Weight Loss



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