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Is Getting Ripped Really an Attainable Goal for You?

  Dec 8th, 2012

Can You Really Get RippedA little over a half-decade ago, I was a fat and soft two hundred and forty pounds.


If you’d have asked me at that time if getting ripped was an attainable goal for me, I probably would’ve laughed at you (while taking down another slice of pepperoni pizza).


Fortunately, around that time I came to grips with the damage my unhealthy habits were causing my body – and my self confidence – and I made the decision to start taking strides towards living a healthy lifestyle.


I didn’t know how far I planned to take my fat loss. I just knew I had way more body fat than I wanted and needed to do something about it!


As time went on, and I continued chiseling the excess fat off my body, I began to see something I hadn’t seen for years: muscle definition.


My abs were still hidden under layers of stomach fat, but my chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders were starting to show some separation and I could actually determine where one muscle ended and the next one began.


It was at that point that I knew how far my fat loss journey would take me, or at least how far I wanted it to take me anyway.


I wouldn’t be satisfied until I had an extreme, ripped level of muscle definition and a rippled set of six pack abs to go with it.


The goal of getting ripped consumed me for the next several months until I finally attained it, leaving behind little semblance of the formerly fat version of myself.


My life was transformed. My energy levels and self confidence were sky high and I knew I had to share what I had done with others.


In an ironic turn of events, it was now others who would laugh at me when I’d tell them that I could show them how to get ripped.


I’d here excuses like:


  • “I’m way too fat to think about getting ripped”


  • “It would take me years to build enough muscle to be ripped”


  • “I’m too busy to workout for 2 hours a day”


  • “Starving myself isn’t something I care to do”


 These were the same excuses I would have made just a handful of months earlier. Because I’d recently been there, I could certainly sympathize with these excuses (and others like them). But, because I’d recently been there, and overcome everything that was holding me back, I also knew the kind of dramatic change the people making using these excuses were truly capable of.


Almost Anyone Can Get Ripped

Getting Ripped - 300 StyleThis may come as a shock, but I say this with utmost seriousness: getting ripped, and getting six pack abs, is a goal that is attainable for anyone.


Both men and women, regardless of their current body type, can build an impressive physique with the kind of muscle definition that would land them on the cast of 300.


Unlike other bodybuilding goals, getting ripped doesn’t require spending years packing on muscle mass.


Truth be told, most people actually already have a level of muscle mass that is completely sufficient for them to achieve the ripped look.


Even if they are lacking in the muscle mass department, they can pack on the muscle they need to be ripped in a matter of months.


Before you start thinking I’m “off the reservation”, allow me to explain why building a ripped physique is so universally attainable.


It’s All About Body Fat, Baby

Ripped Rob GronkowskiAs I mentioned above, getting ripped doesn’t require extreme amounts of muscle mass.


Sure, developing the kind of body you’d see on an NFL tight end requires packing on slabs of muscle. But developing an impressive level of muscle definition, also known as getting ripped, does not.


By the way, I hope Gronk’s forearm heals soon because my hope of winning my fantasy league is hinging in the balance. 😉


When it comes to getting ripped, the amount of muscle mass one has is relatively unimportant.


The determining factor of whether a person is ripped or not lies in the amount of body fat they have, first and foremost.


This principle also holds true when talking about abdominal definition and building a set of rock hard six pack abs.


Everyone has six pack abs. Yes, you heard me right! Everyone has a set of sexy six pack abs. But very few have their body fat levels low enough for anyone to take notice.


The reason one person’s abs show through for all to admire, while another is scared stiff at the thought of shedding their shirt, is because the former has very little body fat.


In case I haven’t been perfectly clear, this principle of body fat being directly proportional to a person’s muscular definition applies to every muscle group on the body. The less fat you’re holding on your body, the more definition your muscles will have, period.


Yes, having larger, better developed muscles will make them show through easier (and make your physique that much more impressive). But even if you have below average amounts of muscle mass, getting ripped is well within your grasp if you’re willing to do what it takes to lean out your physique.


The Secret “Get Ripped Formula”

I suppose you’re expecting me to now drop in with the secret formula for getting ripped. Spoiler alert: I’ve already given it to you!


You need to cut away the fat that’s hiding your muscle definition until every curve and indentation is finally visible. That’s the secret to getting ripped.


Of course, knowing what it takes to get ripped and knowing how to do it are completely different.


Working out at your leisure and simply counting calories like the average person at your gym just isn’t going to cut it.


Doing the things the average person does will get you the kind of body the average person has, which isn’t very flattering by anyone’s standards.


Let the Fear of Being Average Drive You to Get RippedIn order to get your body fat to low enough levels that your muscles will show through in high definition, you have to understand how to time your carbohydrates, train for maximum fat loss and muscular development, avoid over training, reduce the risk of escalating your cortisol levels, measure your results, and manipulate your diet to ensure that you continue cutting body fat when your body resists it.


Counting calories and exercising as you see fit will allow you to lose weight, but it will only get you to about 15% body fat, if you’re lucky!


This is where most people hit a plateau and never make any additional progress. This halting in fat loss doesn’t stem from a loss in motivation.


It’s that they aren’t implementing the right strategies to promote further fat loss as their bodies become relatively lean and begin resisting further reductions in fatty tissue.


This is too bad, because the most incredible improvements are realized after getting below 15% body fat.


The difference between 20% and 15% body fat is not even comparable to the improvement in definition you’ll see when going from 15% to 10%.


Getting ripped isn’t an easy task by any stretch of the imagination and I don’t intend to give that impression. It takes dedication, commitment and forcing yourself to workout, even on those days when it’s the last thing you care to think about doing.


My experience has shown that only a small percentage are truly willing to do what it takes to attain the ideal ripped physique.


Add to this the fact that getting ripped requires a very specific set of training and nutrition strategies and you start to get an idea of why so few are walking around with the ripped body they desire.


I can’t instill in you the willpower necessary to attain a ripped physique. That one’s on you.


But, I can give you a proven blueprint that will show you exactly how to train and eat to develop the kind of lean and ripped body that will make heads turn.


It doesn’t matter if you’re sixteen or sixty. Getting ripped is within your grasp if you want it badly enough to adhere to a few simple rules that will empower you to continuously shed unwanted body fat until all that’s left is a chiseled version of your formerly less-than-impressive physique.


Click here to learn everything you’ll ever need to know to transform your body, improve your life and get ripped.



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