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How Controlled Insulin Bodybuilding Nutrition Can Help You Build Lean Muscle Mass While Preventing Gains in Body Fat

  Aug 25th, 2011
Controlled insulin bodybuilding nutrition uses your body’s natural insulin response to “feed” your muscles with the nutrients they need to recover and grow.

The best part is that controlled insulin bodybuilding allows you to provide your muscles with the nutrition they need to grow at the most opportune times while minimizing rapid rises in blood sugar at times when it will only lead to gains in body fat.

Blood Sugar and Insulin

Sugar is the most easily used form of immediate energy in the body. When carbohydrates are consumed they are immediately converted into sugar as they are digested.

When your body senses a rise in blood sugar, it releases insulin which forces the sugar in your blood to be moved to the areas of your body where it is needed most. If there isn’t an immediate need for this sugar energy, the sugar will go unused and will end up being stored in your body’s fat cells.

This is a nightmare for any bodybuilder who is working hard to build muscle while maintaining low levels of body fat to have a ripped look.

Simple and Complex Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates get their name from the fact that they are carbohydrates which are easily digested by your body. Because simple carbs are easily digested, they are quickly converted into sugar and will cause your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly.

On the other hand, complex carbohydrates are digested much more slowly and lead to a much smaller increase in blood sugar that lasts over a much longer time period.

Controlled Insulin Bodybuilding Nutrition – The Right Way

Controlled insulin bodybuilding nutrition can by used to build muscle and burn fat by providing your body with a rush of useable energy for your muscles both during and after your workouts while maintaining relatively small amounts of sugar in your blood during all other times throughout the day.

To do this you will simply consume mostly simple carbohydrates with your pre-workout meal (30-90 minutes before you weight train) and also for your post-workout meal consumed within one hour after completing your training session.

For all other meals throughout the day, the carbohydrates you consume should be mostly complex carbohydrates. As long as you do not gorge yourself on complex carbs your blood sugar levels will remain at a reasonable level and will not lead to gains in body fat.*

Consuming carbohydrates in this manner will give your muscles the energy and nutrition they need to recover and grow during and after your workouts while preventing the rapid rises in blood sugar during times of inactivity that will only make you fat.

What About Protein

You will of course want to feed your body with adequate amounts of protein so that your body will have all of the nutrition required for optimum muscle growth. Protein also helps to counter-act extreme spikes in blood sugar which minimizes the amount of fat that will ultimately be stored on your body.

In my experience, I have found that the best meal plan consists of 5 meals per day that are made up of the following ratios:

Carbohydrates Per Meal = (Bodyweight (in lbs) * 1.50) / 5

Protein Per Meal = (Bodyweight (in lbs) * 1.0) / 5

So, a 200lb man would consume 60 grams of carbs and 40 grams of protein per meal.

Your post workout meal should be eaten within 1 hour of finishing your training session and should consist of the values calculated above with a 25% increase. To find these values, you simply multiply the 60 grams of carbs and 40 grams of protein each by 1.25.

Controlled Insulin Bodybuilding Works

These instructions on controlled insulin bodybuilding will be a very powerful tool for you to build muscle, burn fat and get ripped. I hope you put what you have learned to use to start getting fast lean muscle gains – naturally!

Do you have any experiences with following a controlled insulin diet that you would like to share? Please feel free to enter your comments or questions below.


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