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The Best Way to Increase Your Metabolism

  Feb 14th, 2012

My Jeans Are Too TightWant to increase your metabolism?


Sure. We all do!


The “experts” in the fitness industry will give you dozens of tips for increasing your metabolism fast:


• Drink more water


• Eat smaller meals


• Eat more often


• Build greater amounts of muscle mass


• Get 8 hours of sleep each night


The list goes on and on…


I am not here to dispute whether these tips will actually boost the metabolism. What I am here to dispute is the level of impact these items actually have on the metabolism.


We can drive ourselves crazy trying to follow hundreds of instructions on how to shed fat most efficiently. The goal shouldn’t be to complicate matters, but to simplify them!


I am going to do that for you by telling you the only way to noticeably enhance your metabolism, without having to worry about following dozens of rules. But first, let’s touch on what the metabolism is and why it is important for fat loss.


What is the Metabolism?

The body’s metabolism (or metabolic rate) refers to its natural calorie burning ability. Every person has a unique metabolism that is based on several factors:


• Level of muscle mass


• Physical activity


• Gender


• Diet


A person’s metabolic rate does not include calories burned during physical activity. It only takes into account the number of calories that are burned for normal bodily functions apart from any significant outside stresses like exercise.


These functions include breathing, digestion of food, brain activity, cell production, recovery, fighting off pathogens and the building and sustaining of muscle mass.


Out of all the factors that can boost our metabolism, all are negligible when compared to the best method…


The Best Way to Increase Your Metabolism

The best way to improve your metabolism is to exercise each and every day. The act of exercise is an outside stress. So calories that are burned while performing any kind of physical activity are not part of a person’s metabolism.


However, physical activity does not only burn calories while it is being performed. It also results in the burning off of additional calories during the hours following a session of exercise.


Studies indicate the most notable metabolic impact occurs from intense weight training and cardiovascular workouts lasting for 20 or more minutes.


So exercising does not only enable you to burn off hundreds of calories while you are doing it, but actually puts the body in a position to naturally burn hundreds of additional calories for more than 30 hours following a session of intense exercise.


Every other method “the experts” will suggest to you for increasing your metabolism pales in comparison!


Instead of worrying about eating every couple of hours, drinking a certain amount of water every day or eating a set of specific foods, in order to enhance your metabolism… Focus on what will truly make a difference in your natural ability to burn fat – exercise with at least a moderate level of intensity for 30 minutes every day.


Muscle Mass and Metabolism

It is worth noting that the second most effective way to immediately improve your metabolism is by building additional muscle mass; also a factor that can only be improved by weight training – most specifically – strength training.


While exercise is the best way to quickly blast the metabolism, the effect exercise has on the metabolism is only temporary…


Building additional muscle mass is the only way to permanently increase your metabolism. Studies have shown that for every pound of muscle mass you have, it requires up to 50 calories every day to maintain it.


This means adding 10 pounds of muscle mass will enable you to burn as many as 500 additional calories every day, naturally.


This would equal 3,500 additional calories burned on a weekly basis and will have a significant impact on your ability to shed unwanted body fat over time.


The Bottom Line

More than anything else, metabolic enhancement is achieved through regular weight training and daily physical activity. If you want to noticeably improve your metabolism (both temporarily and permanently), you need to commit to regular weight training and cardiovascular exercise.


Stop worrying about following a set of complicated rules to increase your metabolism. Make physical activity a priority and your metabolism will receive all the boost it needs to maximize your ability to burn fat naturally.


Any other methods of metabolic enhancement will be unnoticeable by comparison!



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