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How to Get Six Pack Abs: The Lies That Are Keeping You from Getting a Sexy Six Pack and What You Can Do About It

  Mar 16th, 2012

man and woman with six pack absPerhaps more than any other bodybuilding or fitness goal, people desire to get a flat and toned midsection with popping six pack abs. If so many people want to get six pack abs so badly, why do so few ever achieve their dreams of having a toned and sexy stomach that they can be proud of?


I am going to tell you!


6 Pack Abs Lies

A few years ago I finally figured out the secret to getting six pack abs, and when I did, it actually made me angry! Angry at all of the money I wasted on gadgets and programs that promised to finally enable me to get the ripped abs I so desperately wanted.


I was also angry at all of those guys (and gals) spreading flat out lies online and in fitness magazines regarding what it takes to get six pack abs.


I fell for the lies, and after buying dozens of magazines and programs with the hopes that they would give me the solution for getting six pack abs, they left me with nothing but a lighter wallet and months of my life wasted.


Unfortunately, the majority of those writing online and in magazines are only concerned with getting you to buy a product, supplement or service to make them wealthy – not to help you transform your physique and get a body that you can be proud of.


Most of them have also never been overweight and have no idea about the kind of struggles the average person has to deal with when trying to build muscle, lose fat or get 6 pack abs.


I have been overweight and I don’t have amazing genetics. I understand the situations and circumstances of the “average Joes and Janes” that want to improve their physique and I want to help them to get the same kind of life-changing results that I have.


The Truth About Getting Six Pack Abs

The truth is that getting six pack abs does not happen by doing thousands of sit-ups or crunches. Sure, working out your abdominals will help to build your ab muscles to be a little larger and fuller, but that usually isn’t necessary for getting a six pack.


There really is only one element that separates those who have six pack abs from those that don’t – and that element is body fat.


If you don’t have a six pack, it is only because your abs are covered by layers of excess body fat preventing your abdominal muscles from being visible.


Do you want six pack abs?


Start getting rid of the fat that is preventing your ab muscles from showing through and you will eventually have the sexy six pack abs that you have always wanted!


Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that their latest system or product will finally show you how to get ripped abs by doing any number of exercises – they won’t! When you stop killing yourself with ab exercises and start focusing on the real task at hand (burning excess body fat), only then will you begin making significant progress towards getting six pack abs.


My Free Book That Will Show You How to Get Six Pack Abs

Because of all of the misinformation online regarding how to get six pack abs, I have actually written a 30 page book that is dedicated to helping others rid themselves of the excess body fat that is plaguing their midsections. You can grab your copy for free simply by subscribing to


Stop falling for the lies of those who are only interested in “stealing” your money. I hope that you will instead consider trusting me to help you through my free book, Ripped Abs Now.


As someone who used to be 50lbs overweight, I know how incredibly life-changing losing fat and getting fit can be. That is why I created with the sole purpose of helping others achieve the same kind of life-changing transformation that I have.


If you honestly want to get six pack abs, I am here to tell you that you absolutely can make it happen. You just need the right information and the dedication to continue shedding fat until you ultimately reach your goal of having ripped abs!


Do you have a story regarding getting six pack abs that you would like to share? Feel free to join the discussion by using the comment box below.


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