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How to Blast Through the Fat Loss Plateaus Preventing You From Getting Ripped

  Nov 17th, 2012

Overcoming Fat Loss Plateaus - Ripped Sylvester StalloneHow many people do you know that have lost 20, 50 or even 100 pounds of fat? I can think of several just in my small circle of family and friends.


Now, how many people do you know who’ve not only dropped a considerable amount of fat, but have also developed a ripped physique in the process? One or two, maybe. But most people couldn’t point to a single person that fits this criteria.


Why do you think so many individuals have it in them to make dramatic improvements to their physique, but never quite make it to achieving their ideal body? Is it because they don’t want to be lean and ripped?


This may be the case for a small percentage. That being said, if these individuals were given the choice of getting ripped or maintaining their skinnier yet still unimpressive physique, nine out of ten would opt for getting ripped.


This begs the question of why so many never get over the hurdle to developing a ripped physique? There isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question, but it usually boils down to the fact that they hit a fat loss plateau and have absolutely zero clue how to overcome it.


So most men and women falsely believe they’ve reached their genetic potential and convince themselves that furthering their results to a noticeable degree is all but impossible.


Or worse, they start throwing their money away on expensive supplements only to have little or nothing to show for it months later, except hundreds less in their bank account.


The Dreaded Slowing of Fat Loss Results

The truth is, the leaner you get, the slower your fat reductions will occur and the more disciplined you’ll need to be in order to continue cutting fat.


Unless they’ve hired a quality trainer and nutritionist, those who’re several pounds lighter have typically gotten there on their own by implementing some form of simple calorie counting strategy. Calorie counting works well for those with 20%+ body fat, but not so well as a standalone fat loss nutritional implement after a person’s body fat recedes to a level of 15% or so.


This is unfortunate because body fat losses after getting to a level of 15% or so tend to yield the most impressive changes to the body in terms of overall appearance, muscle definition and abdominal muscle visibility (see my latest transformation pics for proof). I mean, who doesn’t want a ripped six pack?


But most people experience a plateau in fat loss at around 15% body fat that seems almost impossible to bust and they never make it to the point of having rippled abs.


They try eating less, only to feel like they’re starving themselves and still see little improvement. And when that doesn’t work, they start working out for 2 hours a day, leading to burnout at best and over training at worst.


Dropping fat after you’re already relatively lean isn’t going to happen for most using calorie counting alone. I know because this scenario happened to me years ago when I started my own fat loss journey and it absolutely sucked!


I wanted more than anything to get ripped and I just couldn’t get my belly fat to go away no matter what I tried.


There are a small percentage of genetic freaks out there who walk around at 10% body fat, while eating whatever they want, but if that described you I can safely assume you wouldn’t still be reading this. 🙂


For the rest of us poor saps, we have to be more diligent and disciplined in our approach. If you want the full comprehensive version, I’ve written an exact, detailed approach for eating and training to get ripped in my book, Ripped Out.


If you aren’t ready to grab a copy of my book, let me give you the quick and dirty version to help you get started.


Skip Breakfast and Get RippedFast in the Morning

I have to quickly give a disclaimer: fasting is not something I recommend in Ripped Out. My personal experience with fasting is that it can compromise muscle growth if not implemented correctly and I prefer to err on the side of caution.


And since the majority of those purchasing my book are in need of adding muscle, as well as cutting fat, fasting isn’t a strategy I prescribe.


However, my concern in this article is to help those who are in need of blasting through a fat loss plateau to get their body fat to low enough levels so that whatever muscle they have will begin to show through with ease.


In case the heading above isn’t clear enough, all this strategy entails is skipping breakfast. Simple enough, right?


Skipping breakfast is an incredibly easy way to cut out hundreds of calories from your daily diet and enable you to burn fat naturally during the first few hours after starting your day. And, if you can swing a quick 15-30 minute cardio workout in the morning, the metabolic boost it provides will enhance the fat burning benefit of fasting in the morning that much more.


All you do is wait 3-5 hours after waking up to eat your first meal. Most people are so busy in the mornings that they don’t even notice being hungry and enjoy not having to prepare a meal along with everything else they have to take care of before heading out the door.


If you’re one of the rare individuals that feels hungry in the morning, have yourself a cup of coffee. It will help to mitigate your hunger until it’s time to eat your first meal.


Time Your Carbs

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you’ve been following me for any length of time. The obesity rate in America today (35% of adults and 17% of children as of 2010) is largely due to the over-eating of carbohydrates.

 Nick Pineault's Healthy or Not

Processed foods, refined sugars and all the other junk we put in our bodies certainly doesn’t help. To make matters worse, most people too nutritionally ignorant to even realize how much damage they’re doing to their bodies each day.


My friend and nutrition expert, Nick Pineault, has actually written an eye-opening guide that exposes all of the so-called health foods people take down as the cancer-causing, sickness inducing agents they really are. His book is called Healthy or Not and it’s a must-read for anyone concerned with eating for optimal health (click here to check it out).


Back to the topic of carbs…


Despite what others may say, eating carbs is important.


If you want a fast way to lose muscle mass, weaken your immune system and flush away your energy levels, cutting out all carbs from your diet is the way to make it happen.


It’s not the inclusion of carbs in our diet that causes us to get fat. It’s eating them in excess and eating them at times not surrounding physical activity, when the glucose they’re converted to will go unused and end up mostly being stored on our bodies in the form of fat.


Enjoy a nice baked potato, a side of rice or your favorite fruit. Just make sure to do so within a 2-3 hour window before and/or after you workout and don’t overdo it.


For more nutritional tips, check out my 6 nutritional rules for living lean and healthy.


Minimize Your Stress

These days, our hormones are all out of whack. Our bodies have too little testosterone and too much estrogen (this goes for both men and women).


Our hormonal profiles being jacked up makes it that much harder to build muscle and shed unwanted body fat. There’s actually another less known hormone that wreaks havoc on our ability to shed fat: cortisol.


Cortisol is the hormone that will cause a greater fat storing response than any other, so it obviously behooves us to take the necessary precautions to keep our cortisol levels in check.


The best way, apart from intense physical activity, to keep your cortisol levels from causing your body to hoard its fat reserves is to minimize stress. High amounts of stress will cause your cortisol production to go through the roof and your ability to shed fat will suffer.


In our fast-paced society it’s impossible to completely eliminate stress, but here are a few things I’ve found to be effective means of  minimizing the amount of stress I allow to creep into my life:

Reduce Stress to Overcome Fat Loss Plateaus


  • Don’t watch the news or other programs laden with negativity


  • Get 7-8 hours of continuous sleep each night


  • Limit caffeine consumption to a cup or two of coffee per day


  • Stop working at least two hours before going to bed


  • Spend some time in prayer/meditation each day


  • Stop worrying about what others think or do


  • Don’t argue with others about trivial matters (in person or online)


  • Take a nap


  • Focus on adding value to the lives of others


  • Read a book (not one that will get you worked up)


There are entire books written around the topic of stress relief, but the general rule is this: if you notice something causing you stress, find a way to cut it out.


This will not only keep your cortisol levels down, but will enhance your quality of life as well. Trust me.


Single Digit Body Fat Percentage is Possible

So there’s the quick and dirty breakdown of the steps you need to take in order blast through those fat loss plateaus that are all but inevitable as you become leaner and get closer to achieving your ideal ripped physique.


Okay, it wasn’t so quick. But I hope you’ve found it helpful, nonetheless.


If you’re interested in obtaining a complete guide for building muscle and shedding fat until you’re completely lean and ripped, I hope you’ll consider checking out my book, Ripped Out. It will explain exactly what you need to do – in every last detail – to make it happen.



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