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Going Beyond Ripped to Getting Jacked

  Aug 21st, 2012

Get Jacked and RippedIf you read my last posting, which detailed how I achieved my goal of getting below 10% body fat, you’re already aware of my newest project.


However, I didn’t take the time to delve too deeply into my new goal, so let me break it down for you now.


I’ve always been intentional about maintaining an emphasis on the ripped look. Having well-developed muscles with low levels of body fat is the healthiest and most physically attractive physique a person can have, in my opinion.


Now that I’ve mastered the art of getting ripped I’m turning my attention towards enhancing the ripped look by building pounds of additional lean muscle mass and adding some size to my ripped physique.


For those of you who think I’m crazy for wanting to build larger muscles…


I get that most men and women would be completely satisfied having the physique I’ve built for myself over the past several months. And let me be the first to say there’s nothing wrong with that.


I too am very happy with the improvements I’ve made on my body over the last 8 months and have been blessed by many encouraging comments and emails along the way.


Getting Back to My Roots

When I started lifting weights over fifteen years ago I did it because I wanted to be big and muscular.


I’m certainly much bigger and more muscular since that time, but weighing in at a slender and solid 177lbs isn’t exactly what I had in mind.


I wanted to be larger and stronger than anyone else I knew that wasn’t using steroids.


Years later, after taking some time off from exercise, neglecting my diet, and getting fat (on 2 separate occasions), I’ve had to take a detour from my original goal to focus on getting healthy and having a lean physique that I could be happy with once again.


After spending the past 8 months cutting fat and slowly adding new muscle, it’s time to get back to why I started lifting in the first place: to get jacked!


While my goal today wouldn’t be defined by getting larger and stronger than anyone else I know, I do want to add size to my frame by packing on pounds of additional muscle mass.


By the way, when I talk about getting jacked I don’t mean simply getting big. I want to build size and strength while still having a low level of body fat.


It is my personal philosophy that regardless of how much muscle a person has they need to always take the necessary effort to keep their body fat in check if they want to be ripped, healthy, and look and feel their best!


Unfortunately, putting on a little additional fat is expected when adding mass unless you want it to take years to make a noticeable difference in your levels of lean mass. This is because adding muscle as fast as possible requires a caloric excess, which inevitably leads to a certain amount of fat being stored on the body.


Getting Jacked - Fat MuscleThat being said, gaining the twenty or thirty pounds of fat that’s typical with most bulking programs will not be acceptable and I won’t be allowing that to happen.


John McCallum says it well in his book, The Complete Keys to Progress:


“There is no value in fat. If you think it makes you look better, you’re only kidding yourself. It’s a blanket of blubber that impedes your comfort and efficiency, shortens your life, boosts you over the melting point on hot days, and hides the muscles you’re working so hard to develop. Getting fat just to make your muscles look bigger makes about as much sense as wearing extra sweaters so people will think you’ve got a big chest.”


The strategy I’m going to employ as a means of avoiding gaining too much unsightly fat is one that will consist of adding muscle in phases.


I’ll spend some time bulking up until I notice my definition starting to smooth out. At that point I’ll spend a short amount of time (2-4 weeks) cutting off the excess fat before going back to adding mass again.


My Plan for Getting Jacked

I’ve spent the past few months thinking about and researching what my approach will be for adding lean mass and have been meticulous regarding how I’m going to make it happen. After all, if I’m going to do it, I might as well do it right!


Actually, I hashed out my initial plans a little over a month ago, which inspired my 9 steps for building muscle without fat article. My plan has evolved slightly since then, but the concepts are basically the same.


So, in short, I’ve refined that original outline and have now constructed a more detailed plan for adding lean muscle to my ripped base.


I expect to begin putting my plan to work after Labor Day Weekend and will be sharing the results of my experimentation on this site during the coming months.


What I absolutely love about transforming my body is that I am in complete control and nobody can keep me from achieving my physique goals except myself!


If I want to lose fat, I simply commit myself to training 4 or 5 days per week and follow a few important nutritional guidelines.


Gaining lean muscle mass will be no different, even if the training system and nutritional guidelines I originally implement have to be modified slightly throughout the process.


Either way, I’m anxious to see how it works out and look forward to sharing my journey towards achieving my latest goal of getting jacked with you. Stay tuned…



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