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My Journey Back to Getting Ripped – Part Two

  May 13th, 2012

How to Get Ripped In 5 MonthsTwo months ago, I posted part 1 of my journey back to getting ripped, where I admitted to letting the hustle and bustle of life with 2 children get the better of me, leading to my taking a 9 month hiatus from minding what I was feeding my body.


My 9 month relapse left me 40 pounds fatter and disgusted with letting my physique get away from me after all of the work I put in to drop 60lbs and get ripped a few years back.


Well, after a total of 5 months I’ve dropped those 40 pounds of excess fat and added pounds of additional muscle mass to my body and am back to having a ripped physique.


I know you’ll want to have a look at my before and after pictures. Don’t worry. I will show you my transformation photos visually detailing my progress over the past 5 months in just a moment…


First, I want to explain how I was able to accomplish such an incredible transformation in a matter of 22 weeks so you can be inspired to achieve the same kind of results for yourself.


What I achieved didn’t involve hours at the gym every day or starving myself for weeks on end.


I spent about 5 hours per week doing a specific combination of weight training and cardio and made sure to follow a few nutritional guidelines while monitoring my calories and measuring my results.


In case you want to get your hands on the exact plan I’ve used these past 5 months, everything is laid out in perfect detail within my book, Ripped Out, for your personal use and enjoyment.


I wrote Ripped Out for no other reason than to show others how to do exactly what I’ve done over the past 5 months and it will enable you to get ripped if you just follow the instructions I provide in the book.


I promise I won’t try to pitch my book to you throughout the remainder of this posting. I just wanted you to know that the results I’m about to show you can be had by anyone with a desire to do so and a commitment to follow it through to completion.


Supplements, Supplements, Supplements

When people see my transformation photos I will undoubtedly receive emails asking about what supplements I use. I guess people can’t believe that anybody walking around with a lean and muscular physique could look that way without a cabinet full of supplements.


Let me save you the trouble of sending an email by telling you up front… The only supplements I regularly use are a daily multivitamin and the occasional whey protein shake for convenience. That is it!


I guess I should also disclose that I’ve been using a greens supplement for the past several weeks, but can’t say that I’ve noticed any difference in my muscle building or fat loss results above and beyond what I’m used to experiencing.


In case you’re wondering, I use the greens supplement to promote immune system strength and as an insurance policy in terms of providing my body with sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals for days when I don’t integrate enough vegetables into my diet.


In other words, I use the greens to promote overall health and well-being – not because they provide any fat loss or muscle building benefit. If they do, I have yet to notice them.


The “secret” to getting ripped lies with feeding the body for success with proper nutrition and using the right combination of weight training to build up your muscles and cardio training to consistently reduce body fat – not pumping the body with expensive, dangerous, and mostly useless supplements.


Having the Proper Perspective

The Big Picture of Physical ImprovementsMost people setting out to improve their physiques are doomed to failure from the start, because their perspective is all jacked up. They get this idea in their head that they can achieve results unrealistically fast, and when their results don’t live up to their expectations, they give up on their commitment to improving their body.


Programs like P90X that boast taglines such as, “Get Ripped in 90 Days”, are partly responsible. But most of the blame has to lie with the individuals thinking they can actually lose 100lbs of fat in 3 months time.


Unless you’re on The Biggest Loser, have 200+ pounds to lose, and have 4 hours per day to spend training, this kind of thinking has no basis in reality and needs to be purged from your mind right from the start!


The mindset you need to have is one that is long-term in nature and you must look at transforming your body as a lifestyle change – not just some temporary diet or workout plan. Diets and workout plans are temporary endeavors that lead to excessive expectations and almost always end in disappointment.


When deciding to get back on track 5 months ago, I honestly didn’t give a single thought to how long it would take me to get to where I am today.


I simply made a commitment to feed my body in a manner that would allow me to build muscle while reducing fat, dedicated about 5 hours per week to training, monitored my results on a regular basis and made nutritional modifications when they were required.


When I say that I made nutritional modifications when they were required, I mean it. I didn’t go starving myself in an attempt to burn fat faster.


All that would have done is slow my metabolism, make me unnecessarily hungry and compromise my ability to continue building muscle, which is not something anyone trying to get ripped should accept.


Regardless of how great or small my fat loss results were, as long as my body fat was being reduced on a weekly basis, I continued feeding my body the same way, being content with the fact that I was making progress and knowing that I’d eventually reach my goal of being ripped again.


My 5 Month Transformation Photos

When it comes to claims regarding the effectiveness of any muscle building or fat loss plan, nothing speaks louder than results. After all, if a system hasn’t worked for others how could you possibly expect it to work for you?


I know I promised not to pitch you my book again, but I have to take this opportunity to point out that, while I typically use powerful language when describing the effectiveness of the instructions I provide in Ripped Out, I also have proof of the powerful results to back it up.


In part 1 of my journey back to getting ripped, I showed my transformation photos from a few years ago when I first used my system to make drastic improvements to my physique.


Admittedly, I still have a small amount of body fat to lose to get back to where I was and will be sure to provide an update in the coming weeks after continuing to improve my physique until I’ve surpassed my previous benchmark.


Nevertheless, over the past 5 months I’ve proven yet again how potent the nutrition and training instructions in Ripped Out truly are by taking my body from a fat 220lbs to a lean, muscular and ripped 183lbs. Here are the photos of what is now my 2nd transformation from fat to ripped:


Craig Leonard - Get Ripped in 5 Months Transformation Photos


Notice how it isn’t just my body fat levels that are changing from photo to photo, but the size of my muscles also significantly increased while I was cutting fat. No other program I know of produces this kind of total body recomposition in such little time.


It took a lot of thought, research, tweaking and experimentation to develop a plan that will produce transformations like this, as getting these kinds of results requires a systematic method of feeding the body for simultaneously building muscle and shedding fat.


This kind of approach is absent from most other programs being peddled online or otherwise.


What I’ve Learned These Past 5 Months

If the past 5 months have taught me anything, it’s the importance of never again allowing my desire to become complacent in the way I’m feeding my body get the better of me.


I’ve also proven yet again that no matter what the composition of your body currently is, if you desire to make a change, it is within your means to make it happen with the right approach.


It isn’t easy to make a lifestyle change of any kind and it absolutely takes certain adjustments to follow a structured nutrition plan like the one I designed for getting ripped.


Without question, the biggest obstacle for people is nutrition. My clients rarely have a problem working out 5 hours per week, but following a structured diet is a completely different story!


I hate to say it, but I have to tell it like it is… More than half of your results will come from the way you’re feeding your body. You can hit the gym seven days a week, but if you aren’t feeding your body for success, you won’t be able to simultaneously build muscle, burn fat and get ripped.


Looking back, though, I can tell you that all the sacrifices I’ve made pale in comparison to how it feels to see the progress I’ve made and how great it feels to have a body that feels strong and fit that I can be completely confident with once again.


Don’t let your reservations about following a nutrition plan keep you from attaining the physique you’ve always wanted. I promise you that nothing tastes as good as ripped feels!


Click here to read part 3 of my journey to getting ripped where I share how I dropped another 4% body fat with updated transformation photos.



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