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Get Ripped Without Dieting: There’s No Such Thing as a Diet to Get Ripped

  Feb 6th, 2013

Get Ripped Without DietingI was sitting down to eat lunch today when one of my not-so-thin co-workers made a sarcastic comment about my always eating grilled chicken and broccoli for lunch.


I quickly explained that I’m a health-conscious person who used to be obese, which was enough to quench any follow-up sarcasm. To this, he asked why on earth I still follow such a strict diet when I’m obviously now in such good shape.


I thought for a second before having an epiphany I should have had long before now. I realized that my healthy eating had nothing to do with what most people think of when hearing the word “diet”.


The word “diet” often carries with it a sense of being a temporary eating plan in order to induce a desired change on the body. But the way I eat isn’t temporary at all!


I explained to my co-worker that I don’t consider the way I eat a diet because it is just the way I prefer to eat. Although, I realize that most people would look at the foods I eat and consider them boring and out of the ordinary.


Get Ripped Without Dieting - My FoodsA typical day for me includes some combination of grilled chicken, sirloin steak, turkey, ham, eggs, white fish, salmon, apples, bananas, broccoli, rice, potatoes or salad topped with olive oil and apple cider vinegar for my dressing.


A couple of times a week I allow myself to eat ice cream, pizza, hot wings or some other junk food I wouldn’t normally eat. Most of the time, though, I tend to crave my usual, healthy foods over any junk food option.


Why You Can’t Diet to Get Ripped

Years ago, eating the foods I now eat every day would have been a massive change for me – one that I would have certainly considered a temporary diet – because there would’ve been no way I would have eaten like I do now and kept at it for longer than a few days, at most.


To put this in perspective, ten years ago I was also in the process of putting on sixty pounds of fat and all I cared to do was eat fast food, appetizers and pizza, while washing it down with as much beer as I could afford (or bum off my fraternity brothers).


Even if I would have attempted to diet in order to improve my body back then, there’s no way I would have ever been able to get ripped. Dieting is good for dropping ten or twenty pounds, but dramatic transformations on the order of magnitude of 50 plus pounds, while packing on slabs of new muscle, don’t happen as a result of temporary dieting.


This kind of transformation – the kind that I experienced – comes from a change in lifestyle; a change in lifestyle that results in permanently improved eating habits. In other words, it isn’t the result of a continued simple adherence to a list of foods that you can and can’t eat.


If you try to get ripped by following a strict set of rules, allowing you to eat nothing but lean meats and veggies day in and day out, it isn’t going to happen for you.


This can be an effective starting point, but you’re going to have to eventually figure out a more realistic means of eating to get ripped.


By the way, this doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition where you either follow a set of a hundred rules or don’t even bother trying. For instance, while I don’t necessarily diet, I still follow a few essential guidelines.


A Few Simple Rules Are In Order

So, you could say that I follow certain rules when making decisions on what to eat. These are the exact rules I detail in Ripped Out that will allow virtually any man or woman to get ripped who follows them.


I realize the mere mention of following rules is a huge turn-off for most people, but rules aren’t always a bad thing. They’re simply a way to govern your decision making that will keep you on track so you can achieve your short or long-term goals.


The problem comes when rules are taken too far.


Not to worry, all of the rules I follow can be broken down into two main concepts:


Get Ripped Without Dieting - Lazy1. Timing my carbohydrates


2. Eating adequate amounts of complete proteins each day


If you can’t integrate these rules into your lifestyle, you’re just being lazy. Or you simply don’t care enough to improve your physique, enhance your health and get ripped.


Diets are temporary endeavors that end quickly, lead to disappointment and rarely end in success.


Lifestyle choices, on the other hand, are the only sure-fire way to provide your body with the consistency required for the kind of dramatic physical improvements most people need to get ripped, along with a lifetime of health benefits to go with it.



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