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Making and Keeping Your Fitness New Year Resolutions to Finally Transform Your Body and Get a Physique That You Can Be Proud Of

  Dec 31st, 2011

2012 Fitness New Year ResolutionsWith 2011 pretty much behind us, many people are making fitness new year resolutions and looking at 2012 as the year that they will finally resolve to shed their unwanted body fat, build muscle and get a body that they can be proud of.


Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are rarely followed through on (especially fitness related ones) and usually just end up giving us a feeling of failure or disappointment – sometimes as early as January 2nd!


If transforming your body is something that you are serious about, and are planning on resolving to make 2012 the year that you do something about it, there are a few steps that you will need to take if you are going to look back a year from now and see 2012 as the year you finally made dramatic improvements to your physical appearance.


Complete Change in Lifestyle

Let’s be honest… Building muscle and losing body fat takes real commitment and consistent hard work. While there are things that you can do to make the process simpler, the fact is that you have to dedicate yourself to combining proper nutrition with a training regimen that is consistent with your goals if you are going to have any kind of significant results to show for all of your efforts.


The place in which many people fail when making a resolution to lose weight or gain muscle mass is they fail to understand that achieving these goals requires serious lifestyle changes, which can include any or all of the following:


• Changing what you eat


• Monitoring how much you eat


• Restructuring your schedule to fit in your training each week


• Not letting those who are unsupportive kill your motivation and keep you from reaching your goals


There are certainly several other possible aspects of your life that you will need to modify, but these are some of the most common. As you can see, these changes impact 3 of the most important areas of life – food, time and relationships!


Taming Your Diet

In my experience, nutrition is the area which people have the most trouble committing to. Sure, they will follow a new diet plan for a couple of weeks, before ultimately giving up on it, but that will only lead to minimal results. In order to get dramatic results you will need to commit to eating for success for the long-haul.


Changing your diet with a long-term mindset is not only important for making significant improvements to your health and fitness for the coming year, but also for your entire life. After all, who wants to transform their body only to lose all of their results a few months later? I don’t think anyone in their right mind would say that losing the results they had worked so hard to get is something that would be acceptable to them.


So, when picking a nutrition plan to follow (or modifying your existing diet), you need to make sure that you are willing to commit to your new diet plan for a long time.


Whether you are counting calories, carb cycling, following a 60/40 carb to protein ratio or planning to follow some other diet to enable you to transform your body, if you want it to work for you, you will need to make sure it is something that you can follow as part of a lifestyle – not just a temporary diet.


Always remember, temporary diets get temporary results!


It is also important to keep in mind that following a structured diet plan will likely require you to prepare more meals (instead of just going through the drive-thru of your favorite fast food restaurant), make smarter choices when you do go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, limit your food portions and maybe even limit the number of happy hours you allow yourself to go to each month.


Eating for real transformation requires a full lifestyle change. If you are really serious about making 2012 the year you transform your physique, you will need to modify your lifestyle to make it consistent with the results that you hope to achieve.


Simply trying to watch what you eat just doesn’t work.


Shutting Out the Nay-Sayers

You would think that the family and friends of someone who is trying to take strides to improve their health and transform their body would be 100% supportive. Unfortunately, I have found that this isn’t always the case.


You see, as you change your life to be more health conscious, some people in your life will likely become uncomfortable with your new lifestyle. They will make subtle comments about how no results are worth not being able to eat what you want when you want, or other snide remarks about how you are crazy for being so serious about being fit and healthy.


Of course, those that make these kinds of comments will be the ones who have never been healthy and happy with their bodies and have no idea what that feels like anyway.


Others will treat your new lifestyle as a fad that you will soon grow out of. While still others may even flat out tell you how ridiculous your “obsession” with improving your body is.


Fielding these kinds of reactions and comments will be inevitable for most. Although, there are some people who are lucky enough to have friends that are 100% supportive of their goals, but this usually isn’t the case.


When friends or family speak negatively about what you are working so hard to achieve, you just have to ignore them, move on and keep your eye on the prize.


As with anything worth achieving in life, transforming your body will require persevering through challenges, ignoring the doubters, shutting out all negative influences and using every day to continue pressing on toward reaching your goals.


If you aren’t happy with your physique, there is no better time than right now to make the commitment to your health, your fitness and your life. Hopefully this article will give you the motivation you need to make sure that 2012 isn’t one more year in which you make little or no progress in transforming your body.


Change your lifestyle, commit to a life-long change in the way you feed your body, train frequently each and every week and shut out the nay-sayers. Do these things and you are all but guaranteed to succeed!


Happy New Year and here’s to keeping your fitness new year resolutions!



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