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Fit and Strong for Life: Ditching Meaningless Weight Loss Goals, Having a Long-Term Perspective, and Keeping Your Results for Good

  Apr 20th, 2012

Fit and FreeAs I was writing my book, Ripped Out, it occurred to me that far too many people view losing fat and building muscle as a temporary endeavor they will only commit themselves to for a finite period of time – usually for several weeks – or maybe a few months at most.


Unfortunately, most muscle building and fat loss programs encourage this line of thinking as they are structured to be nothing more than a temporary solution for quickly getting results. However, programs such as these are never a sustainable, life-long solution for getting fit, being healthy, and maintaining a body that you can be confident with.


I never view my health and physical appearance as anything more than a life-long, permanent commitment, which is how everyone should view them. Therefore, it logically follows that if a program is not structured so it can be followed for life, then it isn’t worth following at all!


I made sure to point this out in my book so everyone who trusts me to help them transform their bodies are acutely aware that exercise and nutrition should never be viewed as a temporary endeavor. Here is a short excerpt from Ripped Out in which I briefly explain the importance of having the proper perspective when it comes to our health, fitness and physical appearance:


“I hope that you don’t see this program as just some temporary plan to lose some body fat, build a few pounds of muscle and then revert back to your old habits.


Being fit and healthy needs to be a lifestyle choice that is engrained into your being and should never be compromised. Few things are as important as your health and quality of life. Making a commitment to training and nutrition is something that will improve these, and many other, areas of your life.


If you look at this program as a temporary endeavor, you may get incredible short-term results, but what good is that if you aren’t going to keep them?


To realize the full life-long potential of this program you need to understand that looking good and being healthy needs to be a part of your life – like eating, sleeping and breathing.


My goal was to structure this program so it can be used as a guide for simultaneously building muscle and shedding fat in order to get incredible short term results, while keeping in mind that everyone needs a permanent plan for maintaining a strong, fit and healthy lifestyle.”


My honest desire is for each and every person who purchases my book (or visits to take this advice of viewing their health and fitness as a life-long commitment and stop the endless cycle of losing a few pounds and putting them back on again.


Stop Falling Off the Fitness Wagon

How many people set goals to lose 10, 20 or 50 pounds only to give up on their goal a few days in and ultimately make little or no progress towards their goal of looking better and being healthy?


Setting short-term fitness goals are a good idea, but they should never be viewed as the end goal, as this does nothing but set you up for serious disappointment!


People that set these kinds of goals usually have no clue how to go about shedding pounds of unwanted body fat – or how long it will take to do it. They watch The Biggest Loser and think they can expect to lose 5 or 10 pounds in a week, which is completely unrealistic (unless you are carrying around a couple hundred pounds of excess body fat).


When they only lose 2 pounds after their first week, they are hit with a feeling of disappointment and despair that only serves to kill their motivation.


On the other hand, if building muscle, shedding fat, and getting fit is a lifestyle they are completely committed to, it won’t matter how much weight they will have lost after the first week.


If they only lose 3lbs, so what?


Instead of being disappointed because they didn’t lose 10lbs in their first week of exercising and eating better, they can view those 3lbs as being 3lbs of fat they will never get back.


They will also have the proper perspective and realize that as long as they remain committed to a healthy lifestyle, they will continually lose fat each week and eventually get down to a healthy weight – with a body they can be proud of.


Make Your Health and Physical Appearance a Priority

Thinking you have to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks, or 25lbs in 8 weeks is always the wrong way to go about transforming your body!


Rather, you need to understand that your health, fitness and physical appearance are all important enough to deserve having a special place of priority in your life. Not just while you are working towards a specific fat loss or muscle building goal, but each and every day you are alive.


Having this kind of perspective takes away the pressures of feeling like you need to achieve a personal goal by some arbitrary time-bound deadline and places the emphasis where it needs to be – on living each day with your health being a priority.


Once you stop stressing about your health, and start living for it, that is the day your life and your body will start to be transformed for good!



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