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Need Motivation to Lose Weight, Build Muscle and Get Fit? Find What Motivates You and Exploit It to the Fullest

  Jun 18th, 2012

Motivation to Lose Weight and Get FitHow many times have you heard somebody talk with excitement about starting a new diet or workout program only to have given up on it in a matter of days? Too many to count, right?


You’ve probably even been that person a handful of times in your life. I certainly have.


Like most others, I’ve been guilty of letting excuses and obligations in my life get the better of me. However, I’ve also overcome those excuses, maintained a steadfast commitment to achieving my goals, and made significant improvements to my physical appearance.


This morning I was reflecting on the differences between the times I’ve failed to follow through on my commitments and the times when I remained committed and achieved all that I set out to accomplish.


After thinking through everything – and jotting down some notes – it became clear that there was one consistent theme that kept popping up… motivation.


Why Motivation is So Important

As I was looking at my notes it was painfully obvious that everything I had written down for reasons I had given up on reaching my goals were nothing but excuses:


  • The birth of my second daughter


  • My hectic work schedule


  • The death of a family member


  • Bad timing with the holiday season


  • Not having the support of friends or family


We are very good at justifying our actions, but in most cases (like those listed above), our justifications are nothing more than excuses.


I’m not saying that the things listed above aren’t important. Actually, a few of the excuses I listed above are quite important. That being said, none of them are valid reasons for putting something as important as my health and fitness on the back-burner.


The number and relative importance of the excuses available to me weren’t any different between the times I gave up on my commitments and those when I remained dedicated to reaching my goals.


The main differentiating factor was my level of motivation. As long as I remained focused on achieving my goals all those potential excuses became a non-factor.


When my work schedule was hectic, I shifted my training schedule to ensure that I wouldn’t miss a workout.


If family or friends had negative things to say about my commitment to improving my physique, or said that I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goals, like my man, Tim Tebow, I used their negativity to fuel my desire to prove them wrong:



It didn’t matter what life threw at me. I knew what I wanted to achieve, I was highly motivated, and nothing was going to stand in my way.


Find What Motivates You

My motivation almost always comes from the way I look and feel more than anything else. I want to be confident with my appearance, have a high level of energy, feel strong and be athletic.


For whatever reason, these are the things that motivate me.


However, they may not be the factors that motivate you. I have observed people deriving their motivation from a variety of sources:


  • Wanting to perform better in a sport


  • Desiring to be more attractive to the opposite sex


  • Competing in physique competitions


  • Needing to get down to a healthy weight


  • Simply wanting to look better with their shirt off


  • Wanting to look fit for a high school reunion or other special event


Whatever your reason(s), you need to determine what it is that motivates you and don’t forget it.


Not only should you not forget it, but you should take extra measures to ensure that you continually dwell on it!


If you are preparing for a physique competition, imagine yourself standing in front of the judges each morning when you wake up, when you’re deciding what to eat for each meal, and while you’re at the gym training.


If you need to drop a significant amount of weight, remember your war with the scale before you go out for pizza with your co-workers or when you’re tempted to skip a workout.


Want to look better in your swimsuit for a vacation or float trip? Think about the level of discomfort you would feel in your swimsuit if you had to don it with your current physique.


Whatever your reasons, think about why you’ve decided to make a commitment to your training and nutrition, and don’t lose sight of it until you’ve tasted success.


Then, find something else to keep you motivated to take your results to the next level.


Let Your Successes Motivate You

More than my fear of failure, or discomfort with my current situation, the small successes I achieve while working on transforming my physique are the motivational “x-factor” that serve as a powerful reminder that what I’m doing is working and keeps me on task.


Think about the times you’ve been following some specific program to help you improve your body by losing weight. You work your tail off all week dieting and killing it at the gym.


Then the moment of truth: time to step on the scale…


You look down to see that you’re carrying the same amount of weight now that you were 7 days ago. What could be more of a motivation killer than that?


Motivation to Keep Losing WeightOn the other hand, looking down and seeing that you’re 3 pounds lighter will provide you with an incredible sense of accomplishment, prove to you that what you’re doing is moving you closer to your goal weight, and motivate you to keep pushing on.


Without consistent, measurable results, the average person is going to see no reason to continue pushing themselves by training hard and monitoring their nutrition week after week.


Why should they? I wouldn’t!


This is precisely why I constructed my system for getting ripped in such a way that I could ensure that my clients would be able to see measurable results from all of their efforts every 7 days. Not only does this serve as a great selling point, but also helps guarantee the success of those that commit themselves to my program.


Few things will motivate an individual more than being able to measure their unwanted fat being purged from their body each and every week.


Stop Making Excuses

I hope that I’ve helped motivate you to stop making excuses and start taking action.


One of the great things about inducing positive improvements to the body is that we are completely in control of our destiny.


The day you finally realize that the things keeping you from transforming your body into one that you can be confident in are nothing more than excuses is the day that real progress can start to be made in your life.


Stop worrying about the infinite number of things that are beyond your control and start focusing on the things within your control, like diet and exercise, that will make a vast difference in your life.


The only thing keeping you from having the body you want is you!



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