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Attention Skinny Dudes: Eat Like This to Get Jacked

  Jun 21st, 2013

Eating to Go From Skinny to JackedMy youngest brother-in-law, Brendan, recently completed his junior year of high school. He’s athletic, but lacking in size and strength.


A few weeks back he asked if I could help him pack on as much size and strength as possible before the start of his senior year. At 17 years old and having never been properly trained and fed, his body is primed for growth.


I put him on the Ripped Out training plan, because it’s the perfect plan of attack for overloading the muscles and forcing them to grow. The nutrition instructions in Ripped Out, on the other hand, wouldn’t do him much good.


You see, Brendan has a body type that requires a very unique nutritional approach. The specific nutritional approach I’m referring to is unique in that it’s one that most of us can’t get away with.


Brendan’s physique is reminiscent of the one I was walking around with at his age. He is lean and has solid abdominal definition, but is barely pushing 160lbs at a height of around 6′.


When I talk about having a body type that lends itself to a specific nutritional approach it’s important that I clarify that this strategy does not apply to ALL skinny dudes. Skinny-fat individuals should NOT follow the advice in this article.


Skinny-fat types do need to work on gaining size and strength, first and foremost. But following the nutritional wisdom I’m about to lay on you will add 10 times more fat on your body than muscle. You’ll have to be a little more careful with how much you’re eating and what that food is made of.


If you fit the skinny-fat description, I’ve still got you covered. Go here and take action.


Again, this advice is strictly for those who are skinny and lean – and stay that way without trying.

This describes my brother-in-law to a tee.


When visiting my in-laws, it isn’t uncommon to see Brendan live on nothing but cereal, doughnuts, milk and fast food for days on end. Yet fat seems unable to attach itself to his paltry frame. It must be nice!


I suppose I can’t be too bitter. This is how my body was at that same age.


And, if I had a time machine, I’d be sure to go back and give myself this article so it wouldn’t have taken me so long to come to my senses.


So what’s the right eating strategy for skinny dudes who want to get jacked and can also scarf down 4,000 calories per day and not put on an ounce of mass?


It’s a complex scientific approach that goes by the term: eat more!

Brendan, and anyone in his situation, needs to be pounding the food. His body is extremely efficient at using the calories he’s ingesting. Still, everyone has a threshold into caloric excess and he needs to live consistently in that zone.


A day or two in caloric excess at a time isn’t going to cut it. 5,000+ calories should be the norm on any given day for Brendan and anyone like him.


I must say, Brendan must be doing a fairly good job of this. I saw him last weekend and he looked like he had probably put on about 5lbs of muscle and his arms were noticeably larger.


Still, I know how tough it can be at times to remain consistent with training and eating that much food day after day, especially as a teenager. So, I sent him the following text message this morning to encourage him to keep at it:


“Those arms are looking bigger. Keep hitting it hard and eating heavy. I want a good before and after picture at the end of the summer!”


Brendan has lifted on and off for much of his teenaged years. The argument can certainly be made that there were some holes in his training plan, but filling these holes wouldn’t have done much in the way of furthering his muscle growth unless he was consistently eating in a way that would have supported it anyway (and he wasn’t).


I remember back in high school I’d complain about not being larger than I was, despite training hard and often, and people would tell me that I needed to eat more. I’d always feel like hauling off and smacking them because I felt like I was already eating like a horse.


Truth is, I was the one who needed to be slapped, because they were right!

I was trying hard to eat more and I just couldn’t get it through my thick skull that it still wasn’t enough. My body needed more.


I came to the conclusion, albeit a faulty one, that my genetics precluded the possibility that I could actually gain any considerable amount of muscle mass. This logically led to my deciding that supplements were the solution to my mass gaining woes.


But relying on supplements left me even more frustrated. Not to mention my obsession with supplements burned up a good portion of the paychecks I’d receive every two weeks from my job at Burger King.


Then it clicked…


Eating to Go From Skinny to Jacked - Drink a Gallon of Milk Every DayPerhaps the biggest size gains I’ve achieved in my life occurred during my freshman year of college when I finally came to the realization that I needed to eat big to get big. I continued eating like I did in high school, but I also added drinking a gallon of whole milk just about every day (usually during a 2-4 hour period after training).


That added another 2,400 calories to my daily intake. I actually advised Brendan to the exact same thing a couple weeks back and it’s excellent advice for all of you lean and skinny cats out there who want to get jacked.


I put on 20lbs during that first year of college – and the majority of it was muscle.


In addition to eating heavy, I was training hard five days per week with my boy Colin. We pushed each other to degrees I hadn’t experienced before and it showed.


I wish I would have kept after it, but my classes became a whole lot tougher my sophomore year and weight training wound up taking a backseat to studying. Okay, okay. There was a little partying sprinkled in there, too.


Unfortunately, I kept eating heartily. And instead of continuing to supplement my diet with milk calories, beer became my “supplement” of choice, which isn’t quite as nutritious (who knew?).


I ate heavy, I drank heavy and I stopped training. That, my friend, is the formula for adding 60lbs of fat in just a few short years, which is exactly what happened to me. But that’s a story for another day.


Fortunately, guys like Brendan needn’t concern themselves with getting fat. They have muscle to build and their bodies are primed for doing it if they would only train hard, apply progressive overload, and pound the food on the regular (like everyday, son).


They don’t even really have to worry about their macros. Getting at least one gram of complete protein for every pound of body weight they have is sufficient. Beyond that, the only concern is calories.


It’s best if those calories come from clean sources and not from processed foods like the doughnuts and fast food Brendan takes down like it’s nobody’s business. But trying to eat 5,000 calories from clean sources isn’t easy and it will take time before your digestive capacity is anywhere near able to handle that.


So, if you need to eat a Big Mac or two to get in your calories, that’s what you’ve got to do. Just don’t live on that crap. It’ll poison your body and send you to an early grave.


What good is building 20lbs of muscle if you aren’t around much longer to enjoy it?


With a little creativity it really isn’t that hard to eat 5,000 calories and have most of it be clean. Drink a gallon of whole milk. Use a weight gainer supplement (most are not exactly clean, but much better than the alternative).


Or Click here to read an article I wrote a while back that contains my Get Jacked Shake recipe. This shake will give you 2,200 calories of straight deliciousness you can take down in 10-15 minutes, no problem.


The time for excuses is over.

If you’re skinny, training 4+ days per week, battling your training log, and you aren’t growing, it’s because you aren’t eating enough. Period.


Start combining your intense training with caloric excess. Do whatever it takes to force your body to grow. I made excuses as a scrawny teenager, because I didn’t know any better. After reading this you no longer have that option.


Before I wrap up, I must reiterate that the advice in this article is only for the lean, skinny, ectomorphic types. If you don’t fit this description, following this advice is going to make you fat.


I’m telling you straight up that your metabolism and insulin sensitivity – or lack thereof – won’t be able to handle this kind of excessive food intake.


Sure, you’ll probably add 10lbs of mass in a month. But eight of it will be fat. This is no bueno! Comprende?


On the other hand, if you’re a skinny dude wanting to grow, this article was written just for you. So put it to use. And after you add pounds of shredded muscle to your frame be sure to drop me a note to let me know about it.



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