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Eating to Get Ripped Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods

  Jul 18th, 2012

Eating to Get Ripped - Joey ChestnutEating to get ripped comes a lot harder than training to get ripped.


It’s admittedly not that hard to devote a few hours a week to lifting weights and doing cardio. Not nearly as hard as counting calories, making sure to only eat certain foods and passing on opportunities to eat pizza, cake or any other of our favorite junk foods.


It’s a challenge to consistently structure our meals so they’ll be inducing the fat loss and/or muscle building changes we need to develop our ideal physique.


It was just a few short years ago I found myself transitioning from eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, to being more conscious about how I was feeding my body and thinking about the potential consequence of eating certain foods while trying to develop a more fit and attractive ripped physique.


Today people often praise me for my dedication and commitment to following a healthy nutrition plan. It certainly feels good to receive these kinds of compliments, but it isn’t that difficult to do once you make healthy eating and exercise a part of your lifestyle.


After the first month or so of following a structured diet it became a part of my daily routine and I really didn’t even think much about it any more.


The hardest part of eating to get ripped is the first few weeks!


Every time you see a food you know you shouldn’t eat you have to all but slap yourself to keep from succumbing to the temptation to scarf it down.


Again, I’m not immune to these kinds of temptations. As someone who went from weighing 240lbs and eating everything in sight, to a lean and ripped 178lbs, I know very well of the struggles people deal with for the first several weeks after committing to eating in a manner that will enable them to improve their physique.


Because I recognize the temptations the average person has to endure when getting started with following a training and nutrition regimen, I try to take this into consideration when working with every one of my clients.


Eating to Get Ripped – Ripped Out Style

Since releasing Ripped Out, I’ve received a decent amount of feedback regarding the aspects people like about the program (and those they don’t like).


When telling others about my system for getting ripped I try to focus on the elements that make it unique and better than the other options they have, like P90X.


Several clients have messaged me to tell me how great one particular feature of my program is. It’s a feature I typically didn’t focus too much on before, but after getting so much positive feedback, I’ll be sure to give it more attention in the future.


So, what feature am I talking about?


The ability to get ripped while eating whatever foods you want.


While I do provide specific instructions on how to portion your foods and structure your meals so they’ll enable you to simultaneously build muscle and shed fat, as long as you adhere to these guidelines, you’re free to eat whatever foods you choose.


Hamburgers, pizza, ice cream, cereal (I love me some cereal), cake, pastas, etc.


As I explain in the book, there are certain foods that you’ll want to eat with discretion (refined sugars and fried foods), but they can still be enjoyed on occasion without noticeably impacting your weekly results.


Eating to Get Ripped - Keep it SimpleThe Ideal Nutrition to Get Ripped

A big reason why my program serves as an easier transition for most beginners is that it makes eating to get ripped fairly simple.


There are obviously certain constraints that must exist to transform your physique, but not being tied down to a specific list of foods is a big plus.


As long as you follow the instructions I provide in Ripped Out, you can get ripped and lean while eating just about any foods you choose – even processed foods. I know because I did it myself a few years back.


That being said, this is obviously not the ideal situation from a health standpoint, as processed foods have been linked to cancer and a myriad of other health problems.


Also, processed foods introduce toxins into the body, causing the liver to operate at reduced efficiency, ultimately slowing your ability to shed fat. They have also been shown to reduce testosterone production and increase estrogen levels.


From the most pragmatic standpoint, regularly integrating processed foods into your diet while eating to get ripped carries with it the negative side effect of having to eat fewer calories to get the same results.


Again, this isn’t to say that you can’t get ripped while regularly eating processed foods, because you can.


But it is to say that the ideal nutrition to get ripped will include mostly natural fruits and veggies, along with protein sources that are free from growth hormone and antibiotic treatments.


I fully understand that this ideal scenario is usually too big of a jump for those beginning their journey of living a healthy lifestyle and it can be intimidating to the point of preventing them from making any progress towards improving their physical appearance.


If this describes you, don’t let the extreme, ideal situation keep you from taking steps to improve your health and physical appearance. Start today by taking a baby step in the right direction and get my book.


Let Me Help You

I honestly don’t “hard sell” my book (or other products) to my followers very often (even if I know it can help them), because I hate being sold to myself, and so I don’t like to do it to others.


However, I know that I have a quality product that’s impacting the lives of others by showing them how to transform their bodies, and know it has the ability to improve the lives of countless others.


It really isn’t fair for me to hold back sharing a quality solution for getting fit with those who need it out of fear that I might offend or put off a few others.


If you’re ready to get started on the path of transforming your body, I would love more than anything to show you how to do it, while not giving up your favorite foods.


And to work with you every step of the way until you get the body you want.


Click Here to start your transformation journey.



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