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What to Do When Eating Organic and All-Natural All the Time Isn’t An Option

  Mar 14th, 2013

Eating All Natural and Organic FoodsUnless you’ve been living your life under a rock somewhere, you’re already privy to the benefits of eating natural, organic foods.


Our food today is ridden with chemicals like pesticides and synthetic hormones given to animals to help them “beef up” faster. While these implements may help our farmers and ranchers keep up with our demand for food and/or turn larger profits, it does come at an expense: our health.


These chemical agents being applied to our foods are poisons. These poisons have a plethora of negative side effects associated with them.


Here are just a few that should concern you:


  • Weakened immune system


  • Dragging metabolism


  • Lower testosterone


  • Increased estrogen


  • Slowed fat loss and muscle growth


  • Development of cancer


The list above is incomplete, as a number of other common disorders are believed to be linked to the poisons in our foods. These poisons turn our body more acidic, which compromises our immune system and sets us up for any number of disorders and illnesses.


If you’re even mildly concerned with your short-term and long-term health you’ll obviously want to eliminate as much of this crap from your diet as you can.


The only way to do this is to buy all natural and organic foods.


Some of you are lucky enough to live in a place with an abundance of health food stores. Here in St. Louis, MO we’re not all so lucky.


The closest place to buy organic foods en masse is a Whole Foods Market that’s about a thirty minute drive from my home. Needless to say, this trek is too far for me to make on a weekly basis.


I just don’t have two hours to spend driving and shopping for my food each week.


Fortunately, my local grocer does carry certain organic foods and the list of organic options they carry has been steadily growing. Also, during the warmer months, there’s a farmer’s market right up the street from my home.


Just because it isn’t feasible for me to eat a diet that’s completely organic doesn’t mean that I can’t take measures to minimize the amount of dangerous chemicals I’m ingesting.


If you feel the same way, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Find a Local Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are great, but not just because they carry a myriad of organic, chemical-free fruits and veggies.


You’ll also find that most of the time the foods they sell carry a smaller price tag than what you’d pay for their chemically treated counterparts sold at your local corporate grocer. So, by shopping at a farmer’s market you can eat clean and also save money doing it.


It doesn’t get much better than that!


Purchase Organic, Grass Fed Beef (And Do It In Bulk)

Eating All Natural and Organic Foods - Grass Fed Vs Grain Fed Beef


The most expensive items to buy organic are meat and poultry. When buying beef you want to make sure you’re not only eating beef that is free of hormones, but is also grass fed.


Wheat fed cows are usually ingesting chemicals used to protect the wheat and it will be passed to your body. In other words, grass fed cows are eating organic, so you can rest assured that you’ll also be eating organic when eating their meat.


In addition to sparing your body from harmful chemicals, eating grass fed beef has other benefits as well.


For instance, grass fed beef contains more Omega-3 fats, which are essential for heart health and also help to reduce inflammation. Grass fed beef is also high in CLA, a fatty acid that’s been shown to specifically target abdominal fat.


Be aware, though, that when buying grass fed beef from the store in small quantities you are going to be paying a relatively hefty sum. Actually, buying in bulk isn’t exactly cheap, either.


But it’s definitely the better of the two options.


One of the best places I know to purchase grass fed beef in bulk is You have to spend at least $100 and they have a 20lb order minimum, but their prices are more affordable than most other places.


Keep in mind that before you go buying 20+ pounds of meat you’re going to need somewhere to store it. A small deep freezer is probably in order.


Before moving on, there’s one other option that’s worth mentioning: eating bison. As far as I know, bison is always grass fed, hormone free and completely natural.


Buy Organic Versions of Your Favorite Foods

If you’re like me, there are a few foods that you tend to eat more than others.


So, if you’re going to have to do some picking and choosing as far as which organic foods you’ll be buying each week, a great strategy to use is to make sure to buy the organic versions of the foods you eat the most.


For instance, I eat at least one apple and one banana every day. So I make sure to buy organic apples and organic bananas on a regular basis.


If you know you’re one that likes to eat a lot of eggs, drink a couple glasses of milk each day, pound back the beef, or whatever, it will pay to go out of your way to buy these things organic whenever possible.


Before I wrap up, I want to quickly mention protein powder. It’s easy to overlook supplementation, but if you’re using a protein supplement on a daily basis you’ll want to eventually switch to an all-natural protein powder as well. I recommend this one.


If you shop for food on a set budget you may have to gradually work these things in because organic foods are almost always more pricey, unless you’re buying from a farmer’s market that carries more affordable prices.


Either way, buying organic for your favorite foods – or the ones you consume most frequently – is the best way to minimize your exposure to food poisons, enhance your ability to build muscle and shed fat, and increase your health to the greatest degree possible without going all out.



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