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An Easy Cardio Workout Option for Those Days When You Just Aren’t Feeling Motivated

  Apr 13th, 2012

Man Tired Laying in BedAs motivated as I usually am to continually work on building additional muscle, while maintaining a low level of body fat, I’m human like everyone else and there are some days when I just don’t feel like doing a fat loss cardio workout consisting of interval sprints, jumping rope, or even jogging on my treadmill.


I’m sure you know the kind of days I am talking about – the ones where it seems to take every ounce of energy just to peel yourself off the couch and get ready to head to the gym.


On days such as this, I’ve found that a great way to not let my lacking motivation prevent me from reaching my fat loss goals is to use a lower intensity cardio workout that’s still effective at shedding unwanted body fat, but is not so physically taxing on my body that I dread the very thought of doing it.


In other words, I don’t have to muster as much motivation, because I’m not preparing for the kind of high intensity cardio workout that’s going to require every ounce of my energy to get through.


My Cardio Secret Weapon

Even when my motivation seems to be in the cellar, I can usually find it within myself to walk at a brisk pace. But, truth be told, walking at a brisk pace is too low in terms of intensity to pack much of a fat burning punch.


The way I keep a relatively low level of intensity (by using nothing more than a brisk walking pace), while still being able to get in an effective fat loss cardio workout, is by setting my treadmill at a full 12% incline and walking at a 3.0-3.5 mph pace.


This may not sound like much of a workout, but trust me… After 5 or 10 minutes your heart will be pumping and the sweat will be building up on your brow.


My Experiment with This Low Intensity Cardio Technique

I would never recommend this to be used by anyone as their sole cardio option, as there are more effective cardiovascular training methods for ridding the body of unwanted body fat. Nevertheless, just to see if this method of doing cardio would lead to measurable short-term fat loss, I used it for 20-30 minutes for 6 consecutive days as my only method of cardio training.


The end result… I lost an eighth of an inch from my stomach circumference during those 6 days, proving this to be an acceptable fat loss cardio workout option.


I was of course following my normal nutrition plan for simultaneously building muscle and shedding fat, which is obviously going to be a significant factor in any person’s ability to shed fat on a weekly basis.


By the way, I’ve tried cutting fat with strict nutrition and weight training alone and it is extremely slow.


This is why 5 or more weekly cardio workouts, along with an effective fat loss nutrition plan, are absolutely essential for anyone looking to induce measurable fat loss on their body on a weekly basis.


Use Sufficient Intensity

When walking at a full incline it’s important that you maintain a speed that elevates your heart rate and enables you to break a good sweat within 5-10 minutes. If after 10 minutes of using this cardio method you haven’t started sweating, this is an indication that you need to increase your speed a couple of notches.


I typically walk at a speed of 3.4, but I am also a 6’1″ male with rather long legs. You’ll want to find a speed that allows you to do a quick walk, while not being so fast that you have to jog to keep up with.


Remember, even though this is a lower intensity cardio option, it shouldn’t be so easy that your body barely notices it!


Not Motivated? No Problem!

I hope the next time you’re struggling to summon the motivation to get in an intense cardio workout you’ll not let it get the better of you and keep you from getting in your cardio training for the day!


Instead, choose to tone it down a bit for the day by jumping on a treadmill, ramping up the incline, and setting it to a brisk speed for 20-30 minutes.


It won’t be nearly as physically taxing on your body and will still allow you to burn off measurable amounts of body fat on a weekly basis.


For an exact training and nutrition plan for shedding measurable amounts of fat each and every week, check out my book, Ripped Out.



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