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How Bad Do You Want to Change Your Body?

  Sep 8th, 2012

How Bad Do You Want to ChangeIf I hear one more person complaining about their weight after stuffing their face with fast food just hours earlier I’m bound to lose it!


Do people really not understand that they’re the ones to blame for their condition and that they also have the power to change it?


Either they really don’t want to improve their body as much as they lead on, or they’re delusional.


When a person is truly unhappy with their health and physical appearance, and they finally reach the point where their discontentment outweighs whatever pleasures or conveniences might accompany their complacency, that is when real change can finally occur.


Desire – The Litmus Test for Change

Desire is a litmus test. In a matter of seconds I can tell if a person I’m talking to about getting fit is even worth trying to help by asking a few simple questions and observing their mannerisms.


And because I’ve been where they are I know just what to look for!


I spent many months of my life allowing my weight and health to spin out of control. I’d say I was going to start working out and eating better, but it would only last for a day or two (at most) before slipping back into my old habits.


I can make a number of excuses as to what drove me to regress, but it all boiled down to the fact that I wanted to lay on the couch and stuff my belly full of pizza, wings and beer more than I desired to be trim, fit and healthy.


So when I ask somebody who asks for my help in getting fit if they’d be willing to workout four or five days a week and they begin to backpedal, chances are that person doesn’t have what it takes to significantly improve their physique.


They may be able to drop a few pounds and continue being unhappy with what they see in the mirror, but dramatic change is out of the question.


This doesn’t mean they won’t ever be in that place where real change can occur. Just that they aren’t there at that point in time.


When you’re worried about what it will take to change your life you aren’t truly ready for your life to be changed.


As a husband and soon to be father of three, I get that we can’t live our lives in the gym, and that time spent training each week is something worth considering. That’s not the point I’m trying to make here.


My point is that a person who genuinely wants to improve their situation will be worried more about doing whatever it takes to make it happen than they are about how it might inconvenience them in the short-term.


When I realized how sick and unhappy I’d become with my physique and decided to make a change, if you’d have asked me if five hours training each week was doable, I would have responded by saying I’ll commit an hour a day seven days a week if it meant getting rid of my gut and lack of muscle definition.


How Bad Do You Want to Change - Make Time for YouMake the Time for You

Most people have the time to exercise, even if they don’t realize it or care to admit it.


Take an honest look at the way you spend your day…


According The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 the average American spent 2.8 hours wasting away in front of the television per day!


To make matters worse, their brains are degrading about as fast as their body, but I’ll digress from that point and save it for another day. 😉


That’s nearly 20 hours a week the average American spends watching T.V.


Add this to the fact that many of those same people are sitting at a desk forty or more hours a week, stuffing their face with processed foods, refined sugars and fast food, and it’s no wonder we have the obesity epidemic we do today.


You Have the Power to Change

We’re bombarded with unhealthy messages every day, but we’re still responsible to take care of our own bodies.


Unhealthy habits can be severely addicting and painful to break away from.


The only way you’ll be able to successfully free yourself from your unhealthy vices is by coming to the point that you want to change your life badly enough that your desire to change outweighs your desire to continue in your unhealthy ways.


This isn’t to say that you won’t ever fall back into your old habits. But when you do it will be temporary and you’ll hate yourself for doing it.


This conviction will get you back on track and moving in the right direction.


I realize it may seem like I’m simplifying the complexities surrounding the struggles people have with weight loss or living unhealthy. Every person comes from a different background with different tendencies and reasons for living the way they do.


But it really doesn’t matter! You can improve your situation if you will only realize a few things…


Realize that you only have one body. Realize that dying of a heart attack in your forties or fifties is a real possibility if you don’t turn things around.


Realize that there are people like me who are here to help, encourage and support you, because I honestly care.


Realize that your health impacts every area of your life: the way you view yourself, the way others view you, your quality of life, your length of life, your finances, your sex life, and on down the line.


More than all of those things, though, realize that change is well within your grasp if you will only want it bad enough.


When you get to that point there will be no stopping you.



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