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The Diet Soda Dilemma: Fewer Calories, Similar Results

  Oct 27th, 2012

Diet Soda is Not HealthyFar too many well-intentioned individuals pound back the diet soda each week thinking they’re somehow doing a healthy service to their bodies by opting for the low-calorie (or zero calorie) version of their favorite sodas.


If this describes you, I have a poignant message that you need to hear: diet sodas are not healthy, they are not better for you than regular soda, and they are not helping you to lose any unwanted body fat.


If you don’t care about your health or your physical appearance, then go ahead and keep sucking back the diet soda. Heck, why not just go ahead and enjoy the “real” versions? At least they taste better.


But, if you’re someone that truly cares about your health and have fallen for the diet soda deception, it’s high time you hear the truth – and I’m going to give it you!


Soft drink companies have done a fantastic job of convincing us that their diet versions serve as the perfect alternative for enjoying the sweet taste of soda without all the calories that would make us fat.


I hate to see people committing themselves to an otherwise healthy diet and unknowingly ruining it with diet soda. Eating healthy and drinking diet soda is not only oxymoronic, but counter productive as well, as I’m about to prove to you.


What the Studies Say About Diet Soda

For those of you who choose to drink diet soda as the lesser of two fat amassing evils, recent findings by an 8-year study at The University of Texas paint a different picture. Here’s an excerpt from a report of the university study provided to WebMD:


“What didn’t surprise us was that total soft drink use was linked to overweight and obesity,” Fowler tells WebMD. “What was surprising was when we looked at people only drinking diet soft drinks, their risk of obesity was even higher.” 


Diet Soda Makes You Fat“There was a 41 percent increase in risk of being overweight for every can or bottle of diet soft drink a person consumes each day,” Fowler says.


In case you missed it, this lengthy study found that people who only drink diet sodas have a higher risk of obesity than those who drink regular soda. I bet you didn’t see that one coming!


At first glance it’s not obvious as to why this would be the case, but there are actually a combination of reasons behind it:


  1. Artificial sweeteners in diet sodas trigger the production of fat storing hormones in the body
  2. Diet soda consumption leads to a metabolic nightmare
  3. Diet soda drinkers are more likely to consume more food calories


Artificial Sweeteners and Hormonal Havoc

Even though diet sodas do contain significantly fewer calories than regular sodas, calories are only part of the fat loss equation. The metabolism also plays a huge role (we’ll get more into this in a moment).


Insulin is a hormone produced in the body that can cause all kinds of problems if it’s allowed to spiral out of control. Research has conclusively proven that consistently elevated insulin causes type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and several types of cancer.


Even though diet sodas don’t contain calorie-laden sugars, the artificial sweeteners they’re swapped with will still cause insulin levels to elevate by comparable orders of magnitude.


Elevated insulin halts fat loss and promotes the storage of additional body fat. Carbohydrates in our foods also cause insulin levels to spike, which is why carbohydrates shouldn’t be eaten all day long and need to be strategically timed in order to mitigate fat gains and promote fat loss (learn more about timing carbs here).


The insulin response that occurs when diet soda is consumed causes similar fat storing mechanisms to take place, even while you’re consuming fewer calories.


To make matters worse, most overweight individuals have “programmed” their bodies to over-produce insulin from years of making their blood sugar regularly hit magnanimous levels. So even a small amount of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and/or carbohydrates will cause a significant wave of insulin.


If you’re overweight, the only way to get your insulin under control so you can start dropping body fat is to limit your carbohydrate intake (not cutting it out completely), stop eating refined sugars, and avoid artificial sweeteners (like those found in diet soda).


Once you get your weight down and insulin response under control you’ll be able to start introducing more clean carbs into your diet without having to worry that they’ll cause you to get fat.


Diet Soda Murders the Metabolism

In addition to diet soda causing insulin to wreak havoc on your ability to lose fat, the chemicals they contain will also kill your metabolism. So, not only will diet soda directly cause you to gain body fat, but it will also put a stranglehold on your body’s natural mechanism for getting rid of its excess fat stores.


The metabolism is controlled by the liver. The liver serves our bodies by filtering out toxins like alcohol and chemicals in our foods that would kill us if they were allowed to continue to accumulate.


Most people today have metabolisms that are operating at a snail’s pace and have virtually no chance of dropping a significant amount of body fat without taking some steps to fix it first.


When your liver’s working in overdrive just to clear the myriad of chemicals you’re ingesting it isn’t able to efficiently oxidize body fat, period. This not only prevents you from getting rid of unwanted fat currently stored on your body, but also causes you to gain additional body fat. In other words, it’s a fat burning nightmare.


Diet sodas contain a number of chemicals that will drive your metabolism into the dirt and exponentially increase your risk of developing cancer and a host of other scary health problems. Keep it out of your body.


Diet Soda and Too Much FoodThe Food Calorie Dichotomy

I worked at Burger King for a couple of years and I’d imagine that anyone who’s spent some time serving others at any fast food joint has witnessed the scenario I did all too often: a man or woman ordering an extra large value meal – consisting of 1,300 calories in food – with a diet soda to wash it down.


As I’ve explained above, regardless of what they’ve been led to believe, this isn’t going to do anything in terms of keeping their weight under control or promoting their short or long-term health. Not to mention the fact that they’re filling their gut with greasy fast food.


Interestingly, though, it has been postulated that diet soda drinkers subconsciously feel at liberty to consume a greater number of food calories since they’re cutting out the calories that would be contained in a regular soda by opting for a diet soda instead.


I don’t intend to get all psychological, but if you know any diet soda drinkers, pay attention to their food consumption. The majority of those in my circle of exposure definitely spend more time contemplating which diet sodas they’ll be drinking than on the types and amounts of foods they’re feeding their bodies while drinking them.


Diet Soda: It Isn’t Worth It

Soft drink companies have done a great job (a great disservice, actually) of getting millions of people to believe that their diet drinks are the perfect option for the health-conscious individual.


To make matters worse, the FDA is fully aware of the overriding health risks associated with diet soda and the fact that they’ve chosen to look the other way and put the well being of millions of people at risk is beyond my comprehension.


However, the fact remains that we’re all responsible for the personal choices we make and the unfortunate truth is that most have no idea of the kind of damage diet soda is doing to their health and physical appearance.


I’ve written this article to expose the truth. I hope I’ve made it perfectly clear and that you’ll no longer fall for the lies we’ve been fed by the beverage industry, telling us that diet soda is a healthy, fat-mitigating alternative. It isn’t.


Diet soda, while limiting its calories, still leads to the same fat gains as full-calorie versions and compounds the fat accumulating problem with numerous additional health risks associated with the regular ingestion of artificial sweeteners.


Diet soda: fewer Calories with similar results and serious health risks. It’s not worth it.


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